Cancer male and Cancer woman

  • I am a cancer woman dating a cancer male. I wanted to read about the cancer male and see if he was wishy washy and wanted to know more about his character. Ironically enough, I am a cancer female too. My boyfriend is a cancer. We've been together for about a year now (long distance when he is away at school but together when he is home for the holidays and summer). We recently decided we wanted to get married and have kids, move in together and planned our entire lives together. We had such a strong spiritual connection/emotional/physical. It was like he was my soul mate. My best friend and my lover. He and I had so much in common as far as interests and what books/movies/tv shows we watched/read. He was so sweet and great at professing his love to me daily when we were in person and on the phone and through text. He was the best boyfriend ever and now all of a sudden he is about to come home from school for the summer and three weeks prior he starts acting funny. So I just assume something is wrong. I know he doesnt want to come back to see his parents, etc. And that he's overwhelemed and such with finals, etc. but then I call him and he calls back and tells me 'i just can't' and hangs up the phone on me. He doesnt call me for three days later. He tells me he broke his phone, trashed his room and went for a run afterwards. That he was upset and doesnt have much faith in our relationship anymore because of the distance and where we are at in life. When I asked him if he was still in love with me. He said yes that he is and that's why this is so hard for him. He sincerely meant it and is acting all tragic and severe and trying his hardes to get rid of me all of a sudden. We met the other day for the first time after our conversation on the phone and I kissed him and we had a good time but he didnt want to make any commitments or promises and wanted to be together but didnt want to be together exclusively but at the same time I dont think he wants me to see other people. We've been faithful to each other for so long and I'm so concerned why he is doing this to me. I know he is still attracted to me very much physically and we are friends and have fun together and have so much in common so I'm not sure why he is pushing me away. I know I am older than him but I know that I am out of his league and prettier and have more life experience. The hardest part is that I was his first real girlfriend/first real love and the first person he had **** with. I know he still loves me but he can't even look me in the eye and then we start kissing and he wants to go all the way. And I'm like no you don't deserve it. And then he gets all sulky and pouts and acts like everything is fine but that he doesnt want anything to do with me again and then he holds my hand and I tell him I love him and he tells me he loves me. Then we kiss passionately and he acts cold again through emails and trys to not see me and sees me and keeps doing this. I dont know what to do. I dont know how to get through to him. I love him and I know he is the one I am supposed to be with but he has such a lack of life experience that he's not sure if the grass is greener on the other side. I am not a typical woman. I dont nag him. I am sweet to him and I give him so much physically, emotionally and want the same from him and I was so used to receiving it that now it's hard for me to understand why he is acting this way. I feel like he is trying so hard to get rid of me because he thinks it will be easier for us both since he has one more year of school left and he wants to pursue his career. I feel like he is intentionally pushing me away even though he loves me because he thinks it's the practical thing to do. Well, it's not. Sometimes you only have a few chances at love and he's the second person I've ever loved and I made the mistake he made the first time around not thinking I was ready. I dont want that to happen to us. I dont know how to get through to him. It's like I'd been waiting my whole life to find someone that could make me feel completely at there was no more wondering who was better around the corner. I have experience and I know and then I met him and now he w/ his lack of experience is acting so hard to be egotistical and macho and trying to get rid of all the x's and o's and protect himself from submitting to my love. This is so messed up. I feel like he is treating me like garbage and always calling things off and trying to avoid me purposely because he doesnt want me around to make him feel confused and he can't look me in the eyes because he loves me and he knows he messed up. But he doesnt want to loose his independence. How do I get through to him when words aren't working?

  • girl it probably has something to do with your strong personality>>your a leader and you most likely have been doing a lot of the initiation in your situation>> my advice is play the rules on him (old school style) If you want to know if a man wants you- you got to back off>> let him initiate the contact (make him chase you!) Don't call him first or hardly at all >>get real busy- way to busy to make him the center of your attention>>if he is serious about you ( remember thats what you want) he will show you he not willing to let you go that easy>>he will chase down just for a second of your time>> Plus men love to chase (like dogs like to chase cats) that is a part of there game try not to take all the fun out of the relationship for them by being available all the time>>>It just boring for men>>> Us women are different if a man don't make him self available he isn't that interested. It just looks desperate when a women chases a man and that is a complete turn off to guys>>>we women have so much to lose in relationships; our freedom (children), our body(pregnancy), our status in society (locked in the house being a maid)>>Men don't sacrifice those things if anything they get a boost from marriage in so many ways they become more trustworthy just because they are married>>>I know it is hard but try it>>>you will benefit from it in general>>with this man or another man before the relationship or during marriage you still need the rules to keep the romance alive>>>>>good luck!

  • I am a Cancer and so is my boyfriend. We are both headstrong individuals that enjoy the same things and i tell him all the time "Are you sure we arent the same person" because we really do think alike. But, you have to remember that Cancers are the sign of the crab and that at the first sign of provocation, will retreat into our moody shells and wont come out. This guy sounds like he might have some issues with anger and with women so maybe you should cool things off for a while. My boyfriend went through two anger management courses before we got together because he was dealing with some serious internal issues and it did him a world of goo, according to others. Peace be with you both and good luck.

  • good, not goo

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