The Heart Transforms the Stories of Our Life

  • a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

    Beloved ones, as this Love pours in, it washes the world and makes everything new again. It expands your hearts, and your hearts remember the beauty, the purity and the outreach of Love that you are. Each heart realigns to this pulse of Creation -- of giving, of living in joy and moving in honor, where every step upon your path is a step taken in reverence, and where we are One in the glory of Love continually.

    We have come to a time where the greatest gifts of Love are now being delivered to you, beloved ones, directly, continually, and bringing with them everything that the true heart of God I Am desires in the moment. With every breath you have the choice to allow your heart to be your focus -- to live your life from the center of the great explosion of Love, to become a force for giving, for Love’s blessings and benevolence and most of all, for remembering the truth of who you are.

    Each moment now this pulse of Love brings forth the world in pristine purity, and your hearts, of course, are the full expression of all the glorious Good I Am and the Love that is your being.

    Every moment you have the choice to allow your hearts to be your identity, to stand in this Love and to be Love’s outreach – that every experience reveals itself to be the highest Will of Love. All the judgments of the little mind that have labeled lives for eons as good and bad, as difficult and traumatic, can at last step aside.

    From the limitless perspective of Love, you are able to see and feel the truth that every step in this dance of life has been the perfecting of this realization that you are the heart of Love. From your heart in deep surrender, the stories of your lives may come and stand before the power and beauty of Love and be brought back into the center, revealing their purpose for Love.

    Beloved ones, the gift I bring you is freedom, through your blessed hearts, from every wrong, from every trauma, from every experience of life in duality, that you might be at last the heart of God, loving all to freedom.

    I promise you, beloved ones, that in these moments of transformation, time after time the pulse of Love comes and reveals the perfection of the dance of God. In the next breath, the little mind comes and takes back the story of pain and strife and calls them once again your own. As you continue the cycle of lifetimes of learning, believing you are less than the perfect heart of God, each day, every moment you take back the identity of being limited, beleaguered and only human.

    Yet now, as Love floods the world and the vibration of life can no longer be resisted, your hearts are showing you the truth that in this moment in Love you are free. In this moment Love will show you every actor in every drama of your lives lived in the world through the annals of time. Every one will shine as the perfect movement of only Love when recognized by the heart of Love you are.

    As the cycles of your lives continue and you reach for Me again and again, you find yourselves surfacing, coming out of the illusion, recognizing the freedom of Love, allowing every perception of “not Love” to fall away – that only Love can be that which you experience as you live.

    Then, once again, you may get caught by the intrigue of the little mind, the ego and fall for its repetitive stories of who you are. You dive into the illusion again. I Am here, this day, this moment, continually, to tell you that you are ready to be free if you will only choose it. It is no longer necessary to work out a personality, to understand the stories that the little mind has told you.

    All that is needed now is for your heart to reveal what truly has transpired, what stands before you as every human being, and what the energy is that has been used to create the drama. Every bit of it, beloved ones, is Love. While life on Earth has been entertaining and has certainly kept you occupied, you are living in the time of the rising sun of Love and all illusion of the night time, all perception of darkness – when held before your heart – gives way to the light of day, to the Light of God you are.

    It is so easy, dearest ones, to cling to the ego’s story, to keep returning to all the heart ache and the trauma you have experienced. But every time you do this, you let go of your heart and dive beneath the surface into the deep ocean of duality and swim a while with the currents of separation from Me.

    For a time, long time in the way of reckoning by the world, the pull of the sub-creation of separation and duality has been very strong. Your connection to your heart has been difficult to hold onto. So you have sunk into the current of duality again, the belief n other than Love.

    But I promise you that now Love takes precedence and the magnetic power of Love is stronger than the world. One moment of alignment with your heart, beloved ones, and you are lifted easily back into the resonance of Oneness, the truth that only Love is Real.

    When you view the world and every bit of your experience through your heart and not your mind, you will be astounded at what you see. And beloved ones, the freedom will rock you to your roots when you recognize that you can release every story of being hurt, every view of something outside of you having power over you. All of the illusion of separation can be gone the moment you accept the truth of your heart and allow your heart to show you what is Real.

    Every actor in a play is just this, an actor, playing a part upon the stage for entertainment and for learning. Each of you has come into the world actively, taking on so many roles and each of them very different so that the purposes of Love could be served. When you recognize that every actor is equal in a play, that each of you is a stream of Love, the heart of God illuminated, extended to the world as a message of Love and peace…then you will recognize that those dramas that you have taken in so deeply and have claimed them as the pain that defines your identity, the actors were just the same as you are. The heart of Love reveals them as perfect, as God, as simply the movement of consciousness and Love.

    Can you now allow your heart to reveal to you the blessing of every life experience that you’ve had or that you feel? …all the currents that live within you that define how you see yourself, that define your experiences of who you are and how you love? Each and every one will be illuminated by your heart, revealing to you the dance of Love in which every part is perfectly played for the greatest Good of All.

    Through the mind with all its judgments it is impossible to see this – that there is only Love, even here on the stage of the world, and that the movement of this Light and this color through the heart’s projector creates the world before you and brings it to Me. It is given to you as the gift of the greatest magnitude, the ability to be of service to Love.

    Out of all the things that you can be as a heart of God eternal, the greatest and most powerful experience in the All of God is the gift of being able to give – to give with heart and all your being, to give without any limitations, to become the living outreach of this pure and perfect Love, to extend the heart of God ever further with greater purpose, touching every aspect of the whole of God I Am.

    And so dear ones, your hearts will tell you that out of all the gifts of the entire cosmos, the gift of coming into this world to give Love is the greatest honor and is actively sought by all in order to feel the magnificence of the directive of Creation – to be a part of this explosion of My heart into manifestation as energy and Love, to be the heart of God extending to another. This indescribable and perfect Love in all its power and its glory, one moment of truly giving, giving Love with deep connection to another being who can accept it so the connection is made…is the greatest joy available in the universe.

    There is no greater platform for giving than the world. As each person on Earth makes connection with his/her heart and allows the hearts to show them the truth of who they are -- and more than this…the truth of every being and each perception, every experience of life and the deep truth of who they are -- when this experience is fully embraced and pure Love given and accepted, the orgasmic burst of joy is beyond all description and the heart of God which contains the movement of Creation knows itself and knows itself complete.

    So I ask you to bring before your heart every story, every experience of the life or lives you’ve lived, the ways you have been hurt, the perception of separation that you have and that you’ve clung to, and let every one become the recipient of your giving and every one revealed by your heart.

    As you deeply understand what the “reversal” means and what the play of duality has been about when you have been unconscious, you will recognize all the ways you’ve identified with your ego and felt yourself put upon or damaged by the world. You will feel how deeply into the reversal this is…that life would be about yourself and what’s been “done” to you.

    When your heart is open and Love is living through you and the rest of life comes pouring forth to show you what your heart sees, you will recognize at last the truth that the source of your experience ever comes from deep within you, connected to the fount of Creation that I Am. When this Love is flowing, nothing can impede it. It is always moving outwards in giving.

    Therefore, it is perfect in its alignment to Love and the “reversal” falls away because only one thing is Real then … the beauty and the power and the movement of Love, reaching forth through your hearts to every stream of life, bringing you completion and awareness of the circle of Love.

    When you are looking at the world through the little mind that sees duality, you are continually recreating the story of being cut off from Love, of being somehow a separate individual. Yet, now the power of the endless flow of Love that is the natural course of life, of Creation, is coming forth so strongly that it will be difficult to resist it and harder and harder to hold onto the stories of being hurt and cut off from Love.

    So I Am asking you to let it go, to release the story of the ego dream and even more than this, to allow your heart to transform those stories into the truth of Love. This is what has always been. It is time to be aware of the ways you keep taking back your stories, often in the name of being free, often in the name of Love.

    Yet when you let go of what you think you have been, you are free to discover who you really are. Oh, beloved ones, you will be astounded by your beauty and amazed by what your heart reveals. You will find that even the greatest villains in the stories of your life on Earth, when placed before your heart, are only looking for Love, and you have the power to deliver it.

    Since time isn’t real, right now is perfect for pouring forth this endless Love to those you’ve seen as being against you and see what their heart reveals. Make the deepest heart commitment to allow your heart to show you everything, including the heart’s truth about what you’ve lived and who you think you are. And then, come and celebrate your joyous freedom as you celebrate the heart of God you are.

    Circle of Light have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including to any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information. © 2011 Circle of Light

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