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  • Hello Mags,

    How's it going with the Tarot? Still feeling a draw to it myself, though I am still refusing to buy anything while Mercury is retrograde 🙂

    Also watching a lot of Psychic TV. I'm sure I am picking up on something there, consciously or otherwise. Maybe the act of immersing in the spiritual energies is beneficial for developing my (our) own gifts.

  • Hi Marc

    Still practising with the cards i havent done the animal ones though alot s been going on my car broke down today i could have done with that like a hole in the head oh well i went to buy pizzas for tea maybe i should have stayed home and cooked that ll teach me When does this retrogade end? Who are your favourite famous psychics ?

  • Mercury goes direct on the 23rd, I won't tell you when it goes retrograde again lol.

    I can't even think of any famous psychics. I have an aversion to "famous" psychics. I immediately want to ask, why is this psychic famous? If it's because he or she has used their gifts to help others? To heal others? Then great, fame deserved. But if they have used their gift in pursuit of fame then, I don't have the time of day for them.

    I feel like that about a lot of famous people in general actually.

  • I love watching John Edward---I'm reading his book--AFTER LIFE. There is another man I love but his name escapes me--but he is awesome--but very extra humble and softspoken--I can see his face clear as day---he is so gentle--probably why his name is elusive--plus only just started my second cup of Joe. I get tingles when Edwards connects---in fact if someone is speaking to me---or I am speaking and suddenly get goose bumps I call that divine truth---I though it was just me but years ago my spiritual advisor validated that as universal. I love Edward because we have a similiar psychic medium method---very visual---we both hear things but mostly see images or large words visually if they are important. I love the way he totaly uses his psychic connection without letting his head give advice. There are times on these threads I could easily just "give advice" but try to keep that very seperate. I can always tell when a psychic is talking from her own head--advising like a counselour--which is fine but they should be honest and advise their client of this. On occasion I do advise human to human here but usually I will say that it's advice versus a Spirit reading. There is good in everything if you turn it around and make it work for you---this forum with all it's voices and varieties has taught me a lot---it validates who I am---teaches me who I do not want to be and inspires me to higher things when I see it in others. You are right to feel repelled by ego based "helping hands". Because they filter out the voice that may have them look silly. A true psychic reading will often be filled with odd things but if the psychic trusts those weird images--words often make very relevent sense to the receiver. True psychic connections usually give at least one solid detail that can't be a guess. That's a gift. Also, a good reading is meant to heal. Spirits and angels and guides are helping you grow and heal and have no other agenda but to protect your journey. Often people want answers to questions that are distractions from their real issues---and that's why many posts get unanswered.. Although I have seen here that if they persist someone will tell them what they want to hear! This place is a great study in human nature. I am both in awe of the endurance of the human spirit and as well disapointed in the ignorance at times. Such is life!

  • Bravo! Love your words of wisdom Blue Moon! Hello All! Yeah it's best to follow your heart, when I'm reading something "True" I get a tingle in my heart and now my Heart starts to beat at a certain rhythm. Organizations who are just about money really turn me off, I know everybody has to eat though at the same time. I always loved John Edward's too, just seemed very honest, I think I know the other guys name was it Victor? He lived in California short with black hair? Seemed short to me anyway and he even had a show once. I went to see John Edwards live once and it was a gazillion people there, impossible to get a reading but like he says whom ever needed it most, got it.

    I want my answers to come from within now, going to do more heart expanding meditations today method from Arch Angel Gabriel. 🙂

  • Now that I think about it, there is a psychic medium on TV over here in the UK, Derek Acorah (not sure of the spelling), but he always struck me as being completely truthful. And the way he is constantly thanking his spirit guide Sam, it's obvious Derek speaks from the heart.

    Interestingly enough, the show he used to be a part of - Most Haunted - has lost all its authenticity in my eyes since he left. I feel the entire show has lost the reverence and respect it once had for the spiritual world. It's now driven purely by financial, entertainment purposes.

  • I think he was on the Travel Channel here in the US yes, loved that show and sometimes he would get possessed by the entities, very cool guy! He was Blonde, loved him.

  • Yes, he does allow himself to be possessed on occasion. Also reminded of another famous psychic over here in the UK, Sally Morgan. Another one who speaks from the heart and has love and compassion by the bucket loads.

    She's full of life and energy, a pleasure to watch her work.

  • Do you mean Derek Oglive? I think he is brilliant. There has been a lot of talk here about whether he is true or if it is all a fix but since I started being able to do what he does I seriously have a lot of respect for the man.

    My psychic abilities are nowhere near as advanced as yours Blmoon but I never ever do any reading or spirit searching unless I am asked to or given permission to. I think it is rude to invade another's private sphere without being invited in. And so I have it blocked off most of the time. And hardly anyone in my direct environment even knows I can read their energy just by looking at them. Maybe they can do it too.

    Mags I will be thinking of you guys in the morning remember when one door shuts another one opens so who knows what is coming your way, wasn't your animal spread all about change?

    I am just sitting here waiting for my parquet floor to dry to see if it looks any different after a good clean.

    x to you all, great idea Mags

  • You can put polish on it too to shine it up, mop and glo or one of those. Okay when you meditate Breath out whatever you don't want and let it drop to the Earth from your Root Chakra and Inhale the "CHRIST LIGHT" down into your heart chakra and envision what you do want in your life and say Thank You, new one I learned today very powerful! Have a good Evening.

  • My favourites are , Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell , i know of Derek Acorah Marc i have to agree about most haunted its the same old thing every week , i wish they would set cameras up everywhere to see what they pick up instead of Yvette asking for a sign then screaming her head off when she gets one , my favourite paranormal show is ghost adventures they pick up some great stuff.

    . Ive read a few psychic books as well James Van Praag ,Alison Dubois, Scott tRussel Hill (hes an aussie) and the one i loved the most was Doris Stokes book called voices in my ear i couldnt put it down for the life of me . I read Slyvia Browns book as well what do you guys think of her? I found it hard to get into .

  • Hey Sheelagh i mopped mine yesterday when i had all that free time on my hands cleaned up the whole house as best as i could and there is still heaps that needs doing like i said to you yesterday there are so many things that i havent gotten to, yet im at it all day , im feeling the same way this house will never seem clean to me you dont think its the fact that the house is old do you ? It seems that the more i clean it still looks as if nothings been done .

    Wheres Kim and Aggie when you need them lol.

  • hello everyone, just thought i would pop in, i'm up very late tonight:( well late for me...its 11:45 pm vancouver time and i think for most of you its morning or afternoon..

    Namaste to all


  • Morning here, 9am going to take my 2 year old out for a walk in the lovely sunshine and then off to the DIY store and dumpster, the DIY store has a creative competition for kids where they can win prizes so I promised them I would pick up a couple of the pictures or whatever they are (I think actually they are pre-cut houses they have to colour in and put together), they love doing that. And yes to find some stuff for the floor, we got it done when we moved in (the wooden floor was already here), I arranged for a polished finish but hubby met the guy and agreed to a wax for it instead so the floor has looked like crap ever since and to get it done we have to move everything out no idea when to do that. What a topic of conversation. Parquet floors. On a psychic forum. Maybe our floor is the reason for all the bad energy and we need to get it polished to get all the bad energy off it. There we go that legitimates this rubbish I am babbling.

    better go and feed the ducks and get some fresh air and sunshine in to my bones.

    Hugs to you all


  • Hey shee , you are up late i accepted your invitation its all up and running now . Hope you end up having a good nights sleep

    Cant wait to catch up with you .

    Love and light Mags 🙂

  • Hi Sheelagh,

    The weather is so dreary over here today im glad that you guys are getting some sunshine i have vinyl floors we call it it lino and i hate it it has a pattern on it that makes it look like there are stains on its dreadful choice we made . Our diy store has activity for kids as well they do all sorts from painting pictures on tiles to making windchimes out of different things its really cool what they do and the kids love it .

    Enjoy feeding the ducks

    love and light Mags 🙂

  • Marc, I know exactly what you mean about Derek Acorah and Sally Morgan, they are such a joy to watch, like you say they speak from the heart, and love the way Derek always thank spirit, he shows so much respect 🙂

    Paddi, I haven't heard of the Derek you mentioned, this is the pic of Derek Acorah here in uk, he sounds intersting too, it's a shame that the good hearted gifted ones are judged in the same light as the tricksters eh!

  • Guys do you remember that show Derek Acorah had ? was it the ghost bus or something like that and Sam from eastenders was with him .they used to go to haunted locations and then they would drive around and be drawn to a house and Derek would go and give the person who lived in there a reading? I dont think it lasted long.

  • Oh I hadnot heard of this Derek I will check him out, the other obe is big here in The Netherlands though he is from Scotland.

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