Need help... Aries woman & Libra man

  • I have been seeing/dating a Libra man (9/30/53) for the past three weeks. We get along really well and have great communication. We both are looking for a long term relationship, have a lot in common and enjoy the same things. After my experience with a Cancer man recently, this has been a breath of fresh air. This Libra man is very caring, giving, affectionate and honest man. He is someone I feel I could trust. We talk about everything. We have shared with each other some experiences about our past relationships.

    His most recent long term relationship seems to have never really ended. They were together seven years. She is 20 years younger than him. She decided a year and half ago that she wanted to move away and pursue a new career. Her father had past away and she reconnected with her mom after not being really close. She moved to be closer to her mom also. Libra man and woman still saw each other once a month up until October of last year when she informed Libra man she met someone else in the new town she lived in. She and Libra man would talk everyday during the week, but when it came time for the weekend she told Libra man she would not be able to communicate with him as she was spending the weekend with her "new" man. Libra man finally told her he couldn't deal with the new guy and goodbye. Ex told Libra man she was engaged to new man in her life and wanted to have children with him. She always told Libra man she didn't want children. Now she had met a man closer to her age, only known him for a few months and is going to get married. Libra man had asked her to marry him many times before this and she turned him down.

    Well, last week she sent Libra man a text and said she had heard he was dating a new gal (me) who mutual friends of theirs said I was very sweet, nice and cute. She said that Libra man was probably right about her new man. He wasn't the one for her. He wandered what she meant by that comment. I told him to write her back and ask. She said they were having problems, but he was happy Libra man had met someone. Anyways, she contacted Libra man yesterday and told him she was moving out and needed Libra man's help. The new guy was very jealous and violent. New man had a felony against him for assault. Ex wanted to know if Libra man could come help. Guess what... he went there today with other friends got her moved out of the house and now she is home with Libra man for a couple of days because new man doesn't know where Libra man lives.

    I told Libra man he had to do what he had to do and I was taking myself out of this picture. He asked me please not to as he really likes me. I asked him if he still loved her and he said I love her and she will always have a special place in my heart. He said he didn't know if he was still in love with her. I told him he needs to go figure it out with her. I am so confused.... he called me four times today to give me play by play of what was going on with the move of getting her out of the violet situation. The last voicemail I received said... we are back in town, going to grocery store, going to make her dinner and a couple of drinks. She is going to take a bubble bath and to to bed. She is a mess. I have never seen her like this and she is blaming herself. He told me he really likes me alot and thank you for being there for him. He said stop screening your calls and I will call you later. My feeling is he no longer needs to call me. I haven't returned his call. I didn't need the play by play version of what was going on with them. Just that he was safe and didn't run in with ex's new man.

    What the heck is going on? I mean I know what is going on, but now what???

    I have done the right thing by backing away and I relly don't want to be hurt. I really did like him.

    Thanks for anyone's insight.... greatly apprceciated!

  • One more thing he is a Libra 9/30/53 and I am aries 4/8/59. I have no idea what ex's birthdate is nor her new boyfriend/fiance.

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