What does this Virgo man want?

  • Hi guys - I'm new here.

    I'm a Leo (August 6, 66) and I met a VIRGO man (September 10, 66). We hit it off. There's tons of chemistry.... we already "did the deed" and he still calls and texts me.

    Here's the thing. I have no experience with this type. He has been married 3x (so have I) so I don't think he'll have a problem with commitment down the road.... but this is new. He is on the road until early Summer only home for a day or two each week. I'm trying to assess the best approach with him. He does text every couple of days... but then once we've seen each other in person (and it's always a great time with lots of snuggling and affection) he will pull back - or so it seems - and go a couple of days with no contact. I do not contact him first. Then, slowly he will start up with texting, flirting, asking about my day.... and then once we've gotten our rapport established he will call and say hello and 'check in'.

    It's too early to tell much, but do you think he just wants a booty call or do you think he's looking to date?

    Any tips or thoughts here?


    p.s. here's something to really help you guys. It's his planetary alignment.

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Time unknown

    Sun Virgo 17.30

    Moon Cancer 19.52

    Mercury Virgo 17.50

    Venus Virgo 2.05

    Mars Leo 10.11

    Jupiter Cancer 27.13

    Saturn Pisces 26.57 R

    Uranus Virgo 19.52

    Neptune Scorpio 19.51

    Pluto Virgo 18.15

    Lilith Pisces 18.02

    Asc node Taurus 17.58

  • " do you think he just wants a booty call"

    Yes. This is the perfect arrangement for him but it will prove taxing for you.

  • I am a Cancer girl and have trouble with a Virgo man. I hope that someone can help me. I have read a lot of your comments here and they all describe him in a way.

    We were dating for 6 months now but it was a long distance relationship. I saw him every 3 weeks and stayed with him for the same amount of time. At the beginning he was so in love with me, crazy about me, he was a sure thing! Later he was bothered by my constant attention (SMS, email). He has a very responsible job and says that he cannot talk to em constantly. I understood that and didn't nag him anymore. Later we talked less and less, he hated using Skype, Facebook... One day we had a conversation and he said that he doesn't know if we can go on with this relationship because he doesn't know what he wants, he wants a career, I don't live in his country. So I got really scared that he will leave me and I did everything that I got an internship at his job for one month. I didn't see him for 1,5 months (the longest) and he was always writing me, being sweet to me, telling me how much he loves and misses me. When I came to the airport, he was cold. I was confused. Afterwards we went home, had "fun" and after that I sensed that something is wrong and I asked him what. He replied if I really want to have this conversation now?! I understood what is going on. Long story short, he left me! Just like that, out of the blue. I stayed with him in his flat for 1 month because I had a job contract. At the beginning he was sure it is over, later he said he needs time and he still loves me and doesn't know what he wants! By the way, I was his first girlfriend. he says that he is not a relationship person. We were acting like that we are together, we had the best time of our lives. The last day he took me to the airport, kissed me very friendly and left. He said it is too hard for him. After a couple of hours, I arrived home and he just cut me off. Like I never existed, no text, email... Over!

    He said he needs some time to think. My question is, should I leave him alone completely (no SMS; emails) or send an email saying "how are you?"? I am afraid that he said he needs some time to think that I would not worry so much. He can't see me cry, he cries if I cry.

    I feel a real strong bond with this person and just can't convince myself that I will never see him again or never be with him again. The strangest thing is that if you look at us, I am quite attractive and he is not and I am the one who was dumped. But I love him and I find him cute. I cope with his fussiness, constant complaining, I turn it in a fun way. I also helped him change a bit and gain a lot of confidence in him self and his EO is not sky high and I am devastated and lost.

    I am also worried because I have read a lot that Virgo men have 2 sides, there is no third option. Either they want you and they would do everything for you, or they don't and they threat you like you were never even in his life. This is my greatest fear.

    Should I wait for his move or send a nice SMS or something to let him know I am thinking of him?

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