Gemini woman in love with Libra Man

  • So i've been in a relationship with this man now 4yrs 1month and 22days...we love each other so much that we've moved to Ga in a 1 bedroom apartment. Although @ 1st i was unsure of the situation taking place i did anyway just to show how truly in love i was, on top of that b4 i moved here i had left 2 of my jobs not to mention family and friends etc and i guess myself as well. But from losing all of this i thought that i would gain it bck and more as well but unfortunately i haven't. Truthfully i haven't been happy lately not happy living dwn here, being unemployed not working/ bringing in an income and most of all my relationship with my boyfriend. Even tho we have our own problems and differences i realized that we've had little problems long before this, his problems are that he works to much as well as lack of communication/pride and @ times he can be vey selfish and to himself. I understand him working 2 jobs extra hard to pay bills and try to support the both of us but lately its become a problem bc he stresses extremely to much and its taking a toll on the relationship, i know he needs help from me that's why im trying so hard to find work but the way with the economy and budget cuts where i live is so bad its kinda hard. So i also try other methods of helping by trying to conversate and talk to him more often, clean/cook for him and so forth, but i feel like w/e i do is never good enough for him and its starting to make me feel discouraged of myself...lately we've been arguing a lot just abt every other day, bash each other feelings and etc...sometimes it gets to the point where we dnt talk for days/weeks, can't stand the presence of each other or even sleep in the same bed. We try to talk things out and fix the problems but it only goes but so far, its to the point that i've threatened to leave him numerous times and while i really dnt he acts like he doesn't care and he wants me to, but the way i love this man i can't but sometimes i think its really what he wants ...bc i feel as tho he wants me to end it so that way he won't feel guilty of doing so, im to the point where i don't wanna care anymore and leave but i knw i can' tired of hurting/crying late @ nite, feeling very unappreciated lately like im not wanted here no more. I just feel like i sacrificed so much to make things work and revolve around this relationship that i missed out on fulfilling myself/life to concentrate more of making him happy and the relationship work but i can't do it anymore....WHAT SHOULD I DO?? PLZ CAN ANYONE GIVE ME ANY HELPFUL ADVICE PLZ B AS HONEST AS U CAN, I NEED IT THANKS!!!

  • Take a deep breath!

    Your boyfriend is probably under a lot of stress at the moment to support you both and is probably too tired to pay a lot of attention to your emotional needs. Perhaps ease off the crying for attention and give it a rest. He's working hard, he loves you, he needs your support. He is probably well aware of the sacrifices you've made to be with him....

    I know times are hard financially but isn't there any job that you can do to help with finances...even part time? waitressing or stacking supermarket shelves?? Perhaps if you could help financially, however small, it would not only help financially but you would have a distraction away from the flat (relieving any boredom), it would lessen the stress on your boyfriend's shoulders thus enabling him to turn his attentions once more on you and you'll both be a lot happier.

    As a fellow gemini I know how demanding we can be - we like attention from our loved ones 24/7 ... but we do need to exercise a bit of patience at times! LOL

    I honestly feel that your relationship still has potential...don't give up just yet!I

  • I am a Gemini woman married to a Libra man. It usually is a really good match, but in your case something has gone wrong and I think I might be able to help. First of all, all Gemini's are great communicators and Libra's really suck at it, in fact they despise it. Libra men are very laid back and like to just go with the flow. When my husband is withdrawn and unapproachable I will ask him, "What are you thinking about? Is anything wrong?" His responce is always the same, "Nothing, I was just thinking about hunting season and how far away it is", or some other generic answer. So here I have been sitting thinking something is really wrong because he is so quiet and to himself and the whole time I'm not even a factor in his thoughts. Gemini's can build things up in their own heads and make mountains out of mole hills.

    Look here's the deal, the combination of Gemini women and Libra men is a good one. You have got to get out of your own way and stop over analyzing everything. Libra men like things simple, stressless, and most of all, non-confrontational. However, if you keep picking at the scab of a problem before it heals, Libra men will come right back at you and you both will get lost in problems that are not really all that important.

    Stop all this negative thinking and focus on the positive in your life. You sound a little resentful about the move you made. But that was your decision and you can always go back. If you really love this man, set him free and he will always return. By settling him free I mean stop being so verbal and making him face issues every other day. You have to remember he is getting used to this new move also and it's hard for Libra men when change comes into their lives. Maybe the reason you feel like he wants you to leave is because he knows how unsettled you are and he feels that you should go back because he doesn't want you to be untrue to yourself.

    My bottom line advise is, give it another try, lighten up, make the time you have together fun and stop focusing on the negatives.

  • I thank rnrchick and Myviewpoint very much, for their helpful advice and insights on my problems. I am very much so going to take this information in and work @ it for the better, i do want this to work. So again ladies thanks so very much for the helpful advice probably the best I've had thus far truly lol...may God bless you and always be with you!

  • I am a Libra and I know we dislike conflict or any other distasteful things in life, we basically live in our own minds and tune out any unpleasantness. I understand that you have given up so much to be in this relationship and you are doing your best to find a job, so I would suggest that even though you are not contributing finacially at the moment, and he is working his butt off to take care of the both of you, you can contribute emotionally, and try to support him and spoil him a little, (we love that), and If he doesn't want to talk it is most likely that he is just working things out in his head, and needs that space to do. There are ways other than talking to show how much you love and support him, since we are a very mental type of personality we respond better to actions than words. Give it a shot, and I bet in time you will become a much closer couple. Although not all Libras are identical, we have a very similar mindset, I know this since I am a true Libra in every sense. Good Luck..

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