Captain can you help me interpret a 9 card spread ? or do a new reading for me?

  • Please. I having been dreaming of opening my own business with the help of my sister and bff. This is nothing new to me. I owned my own business before and even worked three jobs at one time. I have always been driven to strive for more out of life and get ahead. But at this point I want to do something that I love ... I am being faced with obstacles at every turn, Please help me. I did a 9 card spread last week and am wondering if you would intrepret it for me or simply do a new reading for me in that respect. I will list the spread in case you want to help with the interpretation. Thank you for your time I know that you are busy but I am so unhappy right now I need help.

    Past: 2 cups reversed, hangman and King of Pentacles

    Present: Page of cups reversed, Ace of Pentacles and 5 Pentacles

    Future: Ten of Cups, Page of swords and 3 of cups reversed

  • I don't read the tarot cards but there are others here who can.

  • But if you are faced with so many obstacles, it may be a sign that you need to find a new way of getting what you want. Reconsider going it alone or altering the way you intend to run the business, maybe even its direction or focus. You say you want to do something that you love - is your heart really in what you have chosen or is it other people's dream?

  • TheCaptain,

    Thanks for your words of wisdom. It is something that I love but I have a common practice of trying to do everything for everybody. I won't be able to do it alone due to having a fulltime job that due to the economy and insurance reasons I am not able to leave unless this new business is lucrative. Thanks again

  • What are the obstacles you have encountered?

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