Help with one card reading please

  • Hi everyone! I had someone do a one card reading for me I asked what someones feels were towards me and they pulled out 7 of pentacles for the RW deck. They explained it to me as him having deep and sincere feelings towards me and that one of us may be trying to rush this relationship into a deeper commitment faster than the other is ready. Also, how there is the potential for a deep and lasting friendship that may or may not be romantic. I was wondering if anyone else out here has a more in depth explaination to my situtation. Thank you

  • One card is not enough in my opinion. ... what were the surrounding cards and the outcome card?

    The 7 Of Pent is not very promising as far as romantic feelings go. It's a very passive card. Not to mention it's slow moving and solid ( Earth/Pent) As far a friendship goes, it would suggest there needs to be some work done.

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