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  • I am reading a book on how to do Tarot readings (I have a few of them actually) and I was wondering how to interpret "The Moon" in terms of time. What exactly does the number 9 signify as far as the amount of time goes (days, months, years)?

  • Well, it's late and I was about to sign off then I saw your question. I will be back in couple of days after the holidays. But a reading usually takes about an hour. Well, a ten card spread does.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi,


    I have a little time. So, the Moon

    In a divinatory reading it indicates an excitement of the unconscious. We begin to find our selves more intuitive, more more psychic, We begin to experience strange emotions, dreams, fears even hallucinations.

    If the card appeared the right way up- The person will allow this to happen. But if reversed it shows struggles against the experience. Which may lead to anxiety.

    I really don't fully understand your question about the number nine and the moon, its 18.

    Peace and Unity

  • hah i found one interesting card too that i wanted to asked, the moon appears in the ten position of celtic cross and then another reading to the 6 position. does this mean i am still wandering and confused? and now there is a relation of time? huh well nice hints.....

    i hope i can get answer with mine too.

  • Justicegirl,


    I'm trying.

    The tenth position is the out come. Do you accept the new experience or not? The sixth position is the future. Are you having dreams and premonitions. Are you accepting that? Or not?

    Did you do the reading where the Moon was in the 6th position and than another reading and it moved to the 10th position. that would make sense.

    Or was it the other way around? Which means your still gonna have to deal with it whether you accept it or not.

    Do you understand?

    I have a feeling your going to let me know.

    I hope I'm not confusing you. I'm trying to explain.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi Silversailor,

    I have to admit, tarot isn't my thing really but is it possible the moon signifies days?

    If you consider the moon phases, in terms of twenty eight days, then if memory serves me right, number 9 would be the ninth day from the day of the next new moon.

    Please someone clarify if this is wrong. It used to work for me and so i follow my own intuitive guidance. It might not necessarily be right for whoever the reading is for.

    All the books say you should state the requested time scale before doing any reading, then you will have a more accurate assessment. It depends on the question posed by the questioner for the sitter. I think. 🙂

    Verdana 🙂

  • SekhmetGoddess thank you.

    moon is very confusing so i don't bother too much but since there is a deep meaning so now i am troubled because it appeared twice of my reading. i dreamed terribly when i sleep yes everynight different things hard to understand.

    silversailorm90 i am sorry for interrupting. hope you won't mind.

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