Psychic Insight on Love Interest

  • Hello all. I was wondering if I could please get a reading on if this guy that I am currently seeing is compatible with me/ and or if the relationship could possibly blossom into something serious. I just got out of a relationship with a Taurus, and it was a nightmare, and this guy is a Taurus, so Im wondering if it would be the same story as the last one. My bday is 6/19/88 born at 2:50 a.m. in El Cajon,CA. His birthday is 5/4/87, unknown birth time, in Terre Haute, IN. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 🙂

  • This relationship works best as a friendship. The emotional channels between the two of you are often clogged with static and missed connections. You can expect communication problems to abound here. In fact you two sometimes do better by not talking at all, abiding by each other in silence. A setup like this could well suit you when you get together, as both of you hold your privacy very dear. The inability to connect more meaningfully has an unfortunate side effect however - you both tend to leave a string of unfinished business behind you. Irritating elements are rife in this relationship, especially in romance. Your friend is much too prosaic about physical matters to satisfy your need for sensitivity and privacy. Furthermore, he will show little interest in providing the kind of sympathy and gentle understanding that you require, regarding it not just as a nuisance but as a type of soft coddling of which he doesn't really approve. A love affair or marriage is thus likely to prove problematic between you.

    Friendship can succeed if you each grant the other the maximum amount of freedom. But the question then becomes - is there anything binding you two together, anything to make a relationship possible or desirable at all? Your chances of survival are best if a shared pursuit can be found, one that is practical and down-to-earth yet that doesn't require daily attention (unlike, say, gardening or caring for pets). Often an interest in art, movies, music or sports may fit the bill well. If a common basis for sharing can't be found, then the friendship will almost certainly fail. Compromise, open honest communication, and empathy must be part of any type of relationship here.

  • Thank you very much captain, you were very correct in all this. Amazing! Peace Love and Light 🙂

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