Help needed, confused by a Cancer man

  • Hello to all, please, need your urgent help as I am totally new to the games the Cancer men play. We keep seeing eachother for a couple of months, always very nice and sensitive, but haven-t kissed me yet. But as soon as I get home, he sends a text msg telling how sorry he was not kissing me. then the texting grew hotter and hotter, and we-ve been having virtual texting sex for the last month or so> we says he cannot wait to see me and do all the things we-ve described. we scheduled to meet TOMORROW, and suddendly on Saturday all communication stopped. He is not texting neither replying to my texts, I have no idea what to think and if we are going to see each other tomorrow or no?'Was he just playing me, teasing over the phone and now has no interest in actually meeting me in person? I am totallz confused, please help me with some advice on how to handle this situation. I am not a little girl, I am 40, he is 43 so it's not like we are kids...

  • OMG....I have had a interesting experience with the Cancer man (you can look at my prior post). Mine did something similar with all of this hot and heavy talking via text. BUT, when it was time and we were face to face.......IT WAS A FLOP. I really wonder if this is a defense mechanism for them because they are insecure.

  • Hi, thanks, did something changed, did he get back to you?

  • He was not consistent in his communication. In the beginning he would call, text etc. (even told me he has not felt the way he felt for me about anyone in a long time) and wanted a relationship with me....then it dwindled with his lack of contact. Im 39 and really dont/didnt have time for the emotional rollercoaster or game playing so, I told him its just best we go our separate ways and no contact....In essence, I think he wanted a relationship but he really wasnt ready or just didnt want one with me.

  • I feel so humiliated that I fell for his shit, I am normally very cautious about any written communication that involves emotions or s** and I let go this time 100%. Now I will be sitting alone in the hotel room I've booked for us feeling like a total stupid I am....

  • Take it as a lesson learned and its good that you know this now about him so, you wont waste anymore time.

    I really think that this is how some cancer men operate.

    Hang in there!!

  • So guys, we did hooked up and it was the greates **** I've ever had> full of passion and emotionsČ incredible, deep emotions. He told me how amazing it is to him an how good I feel...he held me tight and we weren't talking much, just sharing emotions. Then he left home.. he.keeps texting me every day sending kisses, sometimes refers to how amazing it was, but never actually wants to discuss/analyse what happened and, what is more important, he is not showing any signs that he would like us to continue seeing each other...What does this mean? Is he thinking over what happened (as I really know that something strangely good happened there)? Will he raise the topic once he is ready to discuss our next steps? Or was it just that his phantasy was fullfilled and he doesn't need me anymore?But then why the kissess each day? Please help...should I wait until he is ready or is this it: a one-night-stand?

  • dawn and vince u are both wrong gtw 1335

  • all i wanna ask you is, what is ur rush? why do u race? what is ur ultimate goal? do you know the story of the race between hare n tortoise? which one r u right now? why did the hare loose?


  • So you would recommend patience? As a Gemini, I am all BUT patient and of course analythical to the bone 🙂 I just would love to discuss what happened (in a good way, not putting a label on it), but he seems to be more content in ignoring it and just continuing with nice "kiss" texts but without any sign he would like to see me again...usually having sex with someone for me is a start of a deeper relationship but here it's like we've gone one step back instead of front. So I'm all open for suggestions how to understand this Cancer's behaviour better. Thanks!

  • Cancer men respond better when one is patient. Rushing on them is like cornering them, trapping them, demanding what they cant even give to themselves.

    So if u want him as urs i strongly suggest u transform into the tortoise. U need to also ask urself, where am i headed in such a hurry? What happened between me n the guys i was with in past when i was rushing racing? Can it possibly have anything to do with it went awry?

    I too was the hare, disrespetcting him, rushing racing n it was more of winning, upping on whom i dunno. i sidestepped his wishes wants desires n needs. it was all me me me. All in my head what I wanted for him n me. Not what he would like want n wished for.

    i barrelled him over and i lost. Just like the hare disregarding all n everything to win. When i lost he vanished into thin air. Some years later i found him again and by then i had learnt that being the hare n racing will only make me loose on some great rewards n a great wonderful guy. I desided this time i would b the tortoise, considerate, patient, slow follow his lead. I can honestly tell you, ive won many small victories that keeps my hope afloat. my faith restored n things between him n me are better than ever. ive come further with the tortoise approach than the years b4 as a hare. In my experience, cancer men dont like being rushed. Not at all.

    again u need to ask urself, why the world am i rushing racing toward? have i lost the goal i had set on for the sheer need to have it only my way?


  • GeminiRocknRolla, I definitely agree 100% with CWB here. I'm Pisces (impatient enough!) but both my moon and ascending are also Gemini, so I can feel sort of where you're coming from. But CWB said it, patience is key. Cancer will come around eventually, and things will be better.

  • thanks to both of you, will try to brace myself 🙂 Keep fingers crossed!

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