Urgent help needed with a Cancer man!

  • Hello to all, please, need your urgent help as I am totally new to the games the Cancer men play. We keep seeing eachother for a couple of months, always very nice and sensitive, but haven-t kissed me yet. But as soon as I get home, he sends a text msg telling how sorry he was not kissing me. then the texting grew hotter and hotter, and we-ve been having virtual texting **** for the last month or so> we says he cannot wait to see me and do all the things we-ve described. we scheduled to meet TOMORROW, and suddendly on Saturday all communication stopped. He is not texting neither replying to my texts, I have no idea what to think and if we are going to see each other tomorrow or no?'Was he just playing me, teasing over the phone and now has no interest in actually meeting me in person? I am totallz confused, please help me with some advice on how to handle this situation. I am not a little girl, I am 40, he is 43 so it's not like we are kids...

  • Is he dating other people? Because I sense he is..

  • I agree with Daangala

  • I don't know to be honest, he always claims he is so busy that he doesn't have time for a private life...

  • geeze dat sounds like my ex!!! moody cancers ended up with his secretary while i was pg with our son.... not me an cancer men again dey always seem very nice an polite and boyish and he was always busy busy with work etc ...yeh right having an affair in the office!!

  • oooh, so sorry to hear. I feel so stupid and humiliated, can only imagine how you must feel back then...

  • Hey Caribchic

    I am terribly sorry to hear about your relationship issues with you ex Cancer. Cancer's can be very moody and selfish. I wish I knew why but I don't. I have to constantly keep my moods and lust in check or it can get out of control. We are the romantics of the zodiac so it is easy for us to

    be unfaithful if we don't keep ourselves in check. Many women easly fall under the spell of a Cancer man but they must be cautious because if he is not a mature man, he may play you.

  • Hey Cancerman276

    Yes uve hit the nail right on the spot. I'm a Libra lady and Cancer men just dont do it for me anymore cause i was with him for 15 years, and he was incredibly moody jus couldn be spontaneous like everything had to be in place and if it wasnt in order like his whole world went out of orbit,,, too reclusive and moody and "busy" for sociable me.... Sorry. and yes he wasnt mature but TG he did the honourable thing when i got the divorce an told his cheating a** to leave. Geminirocknrolla im not expert but i dont think air and water signs are a good match .....

  • So guys, we did hooked up and it was the greates sex I've ever had> full of passion and emotionsČ incredible, deep emotions. He told me how amazing it is to him an how good I feel...he held me tight and we weren't talking much, just sharing emotions. Then he left home.. he.keeps texting me every day sending kisses, sometimes refers to how amazing it was, but never actually wants to discuss/analyse what happened and, what is more important, he is not showing any signs that he would like us to continue seeing each other...What does this mean? Is he thinking over what happened (as I really know that something strangely good happened there)? Will he raise the topic once he is ready to discuss our next steps? Or was it just that his phantasy was fullfilled and he doesn't need me anymore?But then why the kissess each day? Please help...should I wait until he is ready or is this it: a one-night-stand?

  • Hi GeminiRocknRolla,

    the thing with some cancer men is theyre def passionate in bed and can be great lovers but unfortunately for us this can sometimes be truly addictive!!! And as cancerman said if he's not mature you could be letting yourself in for a whole world of mind games. I can't say that all cancer men are like this because there are a few who are just wonderful, it all comes down to the man, the environment he's in and his upbringing. But the best thing to do is keep busy and let hm come to you!! Maybe if you want to emai or text him tht you njoyed your time with him and that you're thinking of him but leave it at that, please please please don't blow up his phone wif millions of texts or load up his inbox with emails give him space to process it all...u need to focus on u, I know it sounds easy when it truly isn't.....u dnt want to scare him away!! Give him time be oz if it's meant to be he will find you.

  • Thanks a lot,AquaLady, will leave him be for the upcomming holidays. We will see each other next week anyway, I am comming to his town, just texted him saying I-m there next week and he came up with a date proposal. At the surface, all seems OK, but it-s like there is no deeper connection between us after the night, neither any deeper feeling in his texts....but I still am 100% sure that the connection did happen..so I don-t know why he is refusing to talk about it. I remeber him saying that evening that I am dangerous...who knows what he meant by this....? Anyhow, not bombarding his inbox neither phone with messages, that's anyhow not my style 🙂 But all advice you have for me is highly appreciated 🙂

  • Hey GeminiRocknrolla:

    Please guard your heart with this guy. I hate to be negative but I must be honest and say he may be thinking of you as a "s-e-x buddy". If you are looking for more than s-e-x YOU MUST TELL HIM! Women almost always feel a "connection" with cancer men because we are passionate men, but it can be a facade. BE CAREFUL!!!

  • GeminiRocknrolla,

    It doesn’t feel right to me either. Have you been dating/seeing each other for awhile or just talking, which then led to a physical encounter? If there isn’t an emotional attachment then it would leave it open for a perpetual one-night-stand. Dirty talk isn’t emotional so don’t confuse physical intimacy with emotional intimacy. I’ve been in long terms with all 3 water Suns, my current is a Cancer Sun. Water men are s-e-n-s-u-a-l, so anything relating to the physical senses provides some gratification, but it doesn’t mean there is an emotional attachment to the source of those feelings. Men are better at separating the two than women are. So you do have to be up front about what you want, otherwise you could end up pretty hurt.

  • AquaBubbles how are you?

    How are things going with your Cancer man?

  • Hi guys, thanks, you are right of course, I'll tell him next week that I'm not interested in beeing his s-e-x buddy, no need to prolongue the pain more than necessary....I just hope that I will not break down in front of him....keep fingers crossed and I'll update you...

  • Hey Cancerman276. I am well. How are you doing?

    Things are great with my Cancer, although he’s about 2,000 miles away right now working on a project. I was feeling lonely and was actually a little on edge because I had soaked up too much negativity around me. I had to work on purging it. Then he called and we spent the whole night just talking on IM. He’s my anchor and I miss him, but he’ll be home soon.

    What’s happening in your life?

    Good Luck GeminiRocknrolla.

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