Aries woman missing her aries man

  • I'm wondering if anyone can please help. I'm an aries girl and my bf is also an aries. He was born 4-9-1981 and I 3-27-1986. We've recently broke up because he's trying to figure out what he wants to do with himself (career wise). I've just been very heartbroken and confused because we just talked a few days ago and decided we were going to get back together and he wasn't going to go away (into the national guard). The next night he tells me he doesn't know what he wants. I'm wondering if it's another woman, or maybe i should just really move on, or what. I really am not sure if i really want to move on,because i feel he still doesn't know what he wants, so i'm just waiting here and he isnt talking to me...

  • saf - sorry to break it to you, but you already now. His love has changed for you and yes he is moving on. Just like you will. take care


  • I just don't know why he can't tell me that instead of ignore me. He tells me one thing then compleatly changed his mind the next minute. 😞 Thanks for your time

  • Why been Arian, do we need to know why.. its such a heartache a right pain, but we do.

    Arian male let him go he will anyway, if he wants to Rome back he will.

    You have to do yourself that is best run and do what you want,

  • Well said scully21 🙂

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