Top 4 fortunes of Rooster zodiac sign in 2011

  • First, let's see which year is the Rooster year. If you were born in the following years that your zodiac sign is Rooster: 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 and 2017year.

    Weak wealth fortune

    Encountering the conflicting the Rabbit year, the Rooster zodiac sign's wealth fortune in 2011year is unpleasant. There is a possibility of suffering unexpected personal financial losses. They'd better keep expenditures within the limits of income.

    In addition, only make more efforts than ever they can gain the wealth, and they need to pay 100% attention when signing the contract, otherwise, there will be a loss of money. Due to the weak wealth fortune, the Rooster people are not suitable to make investment and gambling.

    Floating career fortune

    Many big changes and increasing work pressure are the two major reasons that make the Rooster zodiac sign's career fortune unlucky. However, their boss blames and suspects their ability instead of understanding their work.

    2011 is a year which is full of disputes, their emotion and work efficiency will be affected by their colleagues or the problems aroused from interpersonal relationship. Moreover, this year is not a suitable year to change work and establish a business.

    Control over their up and down mood, make more communications with friends and go outside to have a break are the important issues that the Rooster people need to do.

    Prosperous love fortune

    There are many unexpected opposite sex around you this year, but most of the opposite sex friends are not intend to start love relationship with you. If you guys have partner already, you need to maintain your present love relationship carefully and cherish the destiny that ties you two together.

    Due to the Rooster people's instable sentiment, it is easy to arouse contradictions and conflicts. So, how to solve these problems? The understanding of each other is surely the first important issue to do.

    For the single people, they need to look before choose the lover, if there is any difficulties in choice, to ask the advice from the elder people is a better way.

    Undesirable health fortune

    The health fortune for the Rooster people this year is not so desirable. There is a possibility of hands and feet get injured. So this year is not suitable to do some dangerous behaviors. They need to pay special attention to the safety and traffic regulation when driving car since the Rooster zodiac sign is easiest to hurt by the metal. Please be more careful than ever.

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