healing hands

  • hello Capatain,

    I am interested in knowing how my healing hands can help.

    you have pointed out that i have healing hands. can i use this to help the public in a spiritual manner? or was that in refrence of a skill i inhereted from nursing school? can you guide me with this "superpower"

    thank you Captain for always helping me out

    sweetoty 😃

  • You have always had this physical ability. You can apply it through massage or laying hands on someone to pass them your healing energy. You could do it as a profession or just by giving someone a loving hug or neck rub.

  • Wow...

    Okay Captain thank you very much.

    If you have any further advice ro give me I would really appreciate it.

    Love and hugs,

    sweetoty 🙂

  • Sweetoty, you have a subconscious resonance with an ancient line of wizards, sorceresses, enchanters and healers, some of whom misused their abilities, so you may fear using or disown your power. But if you use your deep sensitivity to guide you, you can intuitively feel where to direct or channel life energy to someone who needs it. You and your 'patient' can both experience something very special as this happens. Because you are here to become a healing influence, you sometimes may have to learn about healing through your own physical issues, energy illnesses, and compulsive eating disorders (to do with control and insecurity). Repressing your power and emotions (such as anger) can appear primarily in physical symptoms in the abdomen, lower back, and around the base of the spine. If your energy is blocked, you may experience problems in your ovaries and lower back, which can result in genital infections, diverticulosis, and problems with the lower intestinal tract. Your reproductive area is very sensitive and sometimes overstimulated. When you view your body as a channel of energy, this awareness provides the key to healing yourself and others. A balanced grounded diet and active, powerful aerobic exercise will open channels to new strength and confidence.

  • The Captain,

    Im grateful for your guidance Captain.

    Thank you for your time. I will pray and meditate on this. All this comes at no surprise, I've been waiting for this massage. Thank you 😃

  • Hi Captain! if your not to busy,,,

    i do get a alot of lower back pain, problems with my ovaries and uterus. i get so tense very easily and often resulting in neck/shoulder pains.

    i was reading articles on how to release suppressed anger. they recommend ameditation and writing down my thought.

    is there any other further advice you can grant me? i want to be a well balanced so i can offer my assistance in healing others.

    my eating habits are healthy eating but my im stricked with my calorie count. I do have a good, healthy BMI. but im known to be high cautious with all the unhealthy foods. but again i have a halthy BMI.

    thank you Captain=)

  • Yes, writing letters to those you feel angry towards really works, even if you burn the letter without sending it. If the people you are still angry at are not around, read the letter aloud to the air. You need to release all that pent-up emotion and energy, which is why active exercise is so important for you. Even just using something around the home as a makeshift punching bag will help you get rid of all that anger and frustration. Scream and shout if you want. The negative energy that you don't release stays in your body and makes you ill. Exercise can improve your life dramatically, even if you tend to avoid it at first. But you will thrive on it once you get in shape as it will provide a release for all those withheld emotions, allowing blocked creative energies to flow and relieving pressure in the reproductive area, which is the centre for your creativity. Something like active dance or martial arts (strength and movement) are ideal for you. When you are fit and healthy, you will also feel better about yourself in general and more confident and happy. The calories won't be a problem if you shift those energy blocks in your body to allow the fat to melt and flow away and out.

    A major issue for you in relationships, Sweetoty, is trapped, unexpressed emotion, especially anger, which you tend to hold in or explain away, acting aloof or shy instead of passionate. You may hold in your anger because of concern about others' opinions or because you fear the power of your own emotions. But you can learn total control of yourself. If you store energy that needs to be discharged, it will continue to block all your creative and healing power. Releasing the blockages will also increase the flow of money and general abundance. An easy and free energy flow is so vital for your complete well-being.

  • Captain,

    Well.... How can I disagree with any of this! I love to work out. Although I did stop sometime ago.

    Now just getting back on the grove it's funny that I'm sitting here at my son's martial art gym getting ready to take this work out class called plyometrix for the 3 time 😃

    Lol when Im upset I do take the time to be patient on explaining why and what got me upset. LOL!! So I should be as pationate as an Italian. Makes sence..just let it OUT!!!!

    Thank you Captain as always.=) 😃


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