Gemini female in love with cancer man

  • Ahaaaaaaah! Leo came to her senses, AFTER causing the drama! ::eyeroll:: They just LOVE to do that. Now we're left with our Cancers all depressed about it. He needs to realise it's a good thing she's no longer in his life- because he would've never met you! So I say do what to can to feel fab- go to the gym, get your nails done, get dressed up, go out with the girls... Two things will happen- You'll feel better about yourself, therefore you'll be able to look at yourself and him more objectively so you'll be able to see if you want to move forward with him. And he'll see what a fabulous girl he's got and be thankful to have found someone to see him as a priority. Our Cancers I read have a 'Fatal Attraction' to Fire Signs, because they are so confident like they wish they were- and winning them over took alot of effort, so they see them as a prize. It may be a little harder in his mind, because he still can see her as suitable partner- she's never done anything REALLY bad to him-which is probably why he was considering seeing her. Cancer's can be just oh so understanding. So it's a little harder for him just to write her off. Now with my Cancer, it's now a little different with his Leo ex (I'm gonna tell you this, because this forum is anonymous). After my Cancer and I were intimate, I found out he'd given me a common STD which shows symptoms only half the time- so he, nor I- knew we had it. Turns out he got it from his Leo ex months ago and she never told him. Now I don't think, unless he's a stupid retard that I wouldn't want to date anyways, he would go back to her. BUT now my Cancer's in his shell again- which I'm okay with, it gives ME time to regroup. Now do as I said, do things to make YOU feel beatiful and fabulous like us Gemini's are. Which should be easier now, because I'm sure you feel the tides turning as do I.

  • OK, I am going to throw something out there and please let me know if I am slowly losing my marbles. I think my cancer is seeing another, maybe older woman or that he is maybe involved with a guy. He has been very sweet to me lately, but the past 2 days he has been receiving phone calls where he asks the other person. "why don't you want to speak to me"? This is done in a coy joking manor. He has been taking these calls outside. I tried to listen, but I am not sure whether this is a male or an older female..I don't think its the ex..the pattern has changed and there are a lot less texting/ sms's going on. Waht do you think?

  • Oh, yes...he has been with me the whole weekend, that's why I am thinking in the extreme..

  • Ask straight out, who's that on the phone??!

    He may be entirely innocent....but it sounds to me that your gut instinct isn't letting you rest as there is still something niggling.

    Don't accuse him outright. Just ask who it was, wait for an answer, say "oh,right! How are they? Or what's up?" or something like that, adding that there's no need to take the call outside! If he is vague or continues the calls is then time to either (a) hit the recall/redial button or answer the phone yourself when it next rings! OR (b) trust him & forget the calls altogether. Do what you think is your instinct...

  • Yes us Geminis are beautiful and Fabulous just like KarmaCutie said. I know first hand how to deal with a Cancer man because i have been with mine for 8 years and counting. He is not going anywhere because the leo probably does'nt satisfy him in the bedroom like you do. Plus we have a friendship and a Relationship so he real easy to talk to and most of the time we get along perfectly. I would just let all that leo stuff ride out, act as if you really don't care.

  • Hi, I am a Gemini, May 31, happy birthday to you. I lived with a Cancer man for seven years, it turned out he was sleeping around with whatever came along the whole time while I waited at home for him to return from work or his friends. In fact he went on a business trip on time and came back from his home country with his new baby bride to be, talk about WTF, after seven years of living together and running his business, making it very, very profitable I might add, he dumped me with no questions asked. Beware Gemini, we are tooooooo forgiving and tooooooo easy to find the good in all, especially the object of our affection. I wish you all the luck and I do soooooo hope he does not turn out to be the same type of rake, and cad my Cancer turned out to be.

  • Hi, Am I missing something. He confesses to you that he would take her back (at least he's honest). Sounds to me like it is more of a friendship. You know, who cares what the mom or the brother or the sister or the aunt thinks. This is not healthy for you. You are the one involved and living w/him. My advice is to depart WAYS. Good Luck.

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