Clutter and negative energy

  • Ibelieve, I am SO loving all your tips, they are great, thank you šŸ™‚ I've been out and got myself armed with "new" cleaning products now šŸ™‚ I even bought extra pots of bicarb soda, I've sprinkled all my rugs with it, left in on overnight then hoovered next morning to get rid of dog odour! ....and can I speak of an "old Husbands tip" Dad always cleaned the windows with a solution of vinegar and tiny drop of dish washer liquid in water, then rubbed it all off with newspaper....our windows use to gleam, but sadly when I got my own home I hated using the newspaper....all that

  • HealingWays,

    Blessings indeed, doubly so, congrats.

    Reading your sons comments to you is remarkable. I hope I can have the same affect on my neighbors here. We have a couple that can use some work and frankly I didn't think I had it in me but you have given me reason to try, for that I thank you.

    The tips and hints and comments here are awesome I'm absorbing as many as I can. Take good care everyone.

  • Hi RC

    Thank you, I can't express enough how blessed I feel lately, I have come to so many deeper understandings, you know the ones that just feel so right! .....

    If truth be known about the whole story about my neighbors that started 7yrs ago in May, they moved in 2 weeks before I moved in the house next door to her, during that summer I felt like a prisoner in this home, I couldn't go and sit in my garden in nice weather, they would be out there drinking taking drugs, had lots of very obviously young underage teenagers joining in with it....I was devastated!!, until moving to this house I had always had decent neighbors wherever I lived, I always used to say how fortunate I was to have peaceable people next door to me no matter where I particular day I sat at kitchen table with the door open to get some fresh air, it was so hot, my dog was laying outside asleep in the shade of the fencing, over came a lit cigarette end and landed on the dog, I just jumped up and knocked it off him, I said in a calm manner to the "would you please not throw them over my side as one has landed on the dog".....I was so angry but knew I had to speak carefully to them, to put it mildly I knew I wouldn't be safe otherwise!.....but to my shock, just the fact I had said anything had her in a drunken rage and came hammering at my door, I could not let her think I was afraid so I had to open it....the abuse I received was absolutely appalling, she called me a racist and to go back to where I came from???? she is of mixed race, to which I have no problem with whatsoever, I had friends who are black, colour means nothing to me, I love people for who they are, not their colour!.....well the comment devastated me, but I told myself to calm down and do not retaliate, she was drunk and full of drugs and didn't know what she was saying....but what happened next really did make me nearly pass out with fear, she was jeering and threatening me, said she was going to knock me back into my house and beat me up, saying "I will get away with it, when I tell them your a racist"....I felt sick!!..... next second she was at my throat, but thank goodness the young girl who had come round with her, who had stood there feeling very embarrassed at what her friend was doing and saying to me finally dragged her off and took her back to her home.....well, I can tell you that was the most horrific thing that has ever happened to me.....I had to beg and plead with my family not to report this, but something deep down inside me knew that would not solve anything..... that was not the last of "upsets" I had with them but none as bad as that one, it took her 2 yrs to come round and apologise, but what she said really intrigued me, she said the way I handled it made her think long and hard about things.....who knows, that could have been the start of her wanting to make herself better??....maybe she was just used to creating very bad things for people and expecting the same response by them getting police involved??? a vicious circle she was used to maybe.....

    So, the reason for telling of that long winded story (sorry folks) is why I see what happened last sunday with them doing my garden such a wonderful miracle and blessing.....never underestimate the power of your loving thoughts you send out to people....they can literally create miraculous turnarounds!! ......:)

    It was very hard for me to do at first to send this loving energy "through the walls" to them as I still felt very "raw" in what had happened, but I did it, and on top of doing all the other things I was learning about i.e Reiki, crystals, I placed a rose quartz I programmed to send love to them on the floor near the wall that joins our two homes....

    So I have every faith RC that you will create harmony in your new home!!.....many blessings to you!!


  • Wow whata lovely story!

  • HealingWays,

    What a wonderful story and it definitly gives me pause for thought. How many times we send out bad/negative energy in responce to outside influences that for the most part have nothingto do with us. Like the individual who drives down my street twice a day with the boom box so loud in his car that it vibrates the house. So almost twice a day everyday and I don't even know this individual.

    Now to think that my negative thoughts could be adding to unpleasentness in this persons life who I do not know causes me pain.

    It's great to send out loving thoughts and I do it al the time but...I never thought about the otherside of the equation. NOW I will.

    Thank you.

    Also, thanks for the tips.


  • Thanks Paddi :)...

    And thanks to you too Ibelieve, It is vital for us to try and remember our thoughts and feelings of anger and upset just literally spiral out there in waves and affects all, I remember reading about this once and the author gave an illustration on it, he said "what do we all do when we get cut up when driving and it shakes you up?...we show our anger by honking the horn waving our fist, maybe use a few profanities....but by the time we have finished all these actions it has changed our very own energy! we might have felt pretty good just before it happened, maybe we were thinking "I will make a lovely dinner for the family tonight, they deserve it"....but this event could change the whole way you respond now, you are irritated and feel angry, these feelings then go back home with you and you tell of the event....the waves of ill ease then spread in waves over the family.....and on and on it can go!.....

    So, he said, "why not learn to not react in the way it doen't affect "your" energy, instead of ranting,send loving energies their way!!.....stop the anger in it's tracks! why let someone who maybe be having feel the same anger spiraling at him!....don't let him spoil your day!!....

    and I for know this one is hard to do at but I am getting better at trying to remember this when I've been cut up in the car, and after all, they've drove off and don't give a hoot about you, so let him go on his merry way with you sending your loving energies with him, and you will have the comfort of knowing....HE CAN'T SPOIL MY DAY!!....I'M GOING HOME TO COOK MY FAMILY A LOVELY MEAL!!......and who knows, your loving energies will eventually catch up with the looney driver and he will think twice about his driving to care enough for others on the road!......


  • Yes, yes, yes!!!

    Spread the love!

    I know when I take the time to be present and loving in my driving experience, which means first off that I leave with extra time so I will not be late (getting or being in a hurry causes most of the strain) anyway, when I do this, I often stop short of a stop light to let someone on a side road out and allow others space to turn into my lane (when they have their turn signal on I am replying to their question, "may I" with a "yes you may" ) and by the time I get to where I am going I feel refresh and alive and calm.

    I often imagine those same people I did the favor to, granting favors to others during their day as well. Snowball effect.

    Every little bit helps.

  • One of the things i do is ask Father to deal with it because i can not and in anger i will usually do or say something i regret then i ask for his will not mine . I ask for his will to be done in their life and for the courage for me not to respond to it and i let it go .

    If i am still having thoughts of it i look at my past actions and how i have done ,even like pulling out in front of someone i did not see it was not intentional or on purpose and i need to remember that maybe they did not see me or something else might of been going own with them .

  • I'm with you on that Ibelieve, it sure feels good to be as courteous as possible doesn't it, and the thought that they too does the same really is the snowball affect.....:)

    Tooter thats also good idea to get the help that way....good one! I too also look back at the times I made mistakes cos we all do at times, and like you say they are not intentional, but I think we all come across certain ones, you know the "mr/mrs nasty who think the road only belongs to them, you can just tell those sort can't you, and it's at such times I really have to focus on still sending love there way :)....can be hard, but if I let it get to me how they are acting and being pushy only ends up maybe spoiling my day and then all the ones that I see in that day will feel the "ripples" of negativity from me.....and I hate the thought of causing that.

  • That was awesome chickadee. Ibelieve and Paddi you both have good points too. You took the words right out of my mouth, it's all a ripple effect whether it be positive or negative is up to us. Sometimes that is hard to believe but we have to try. I'm going to do my best to alter for the better the energy of this building. I really think I have pinpointed my upstairs neighbor as the trigger. So if I can affect them in a positive way we will all benefit by it. Here hoping......

  • Paddifluff, apologies for not having read your post earlier. Apologies because I could have shared my own experience of clutter and helped but I couldn't. (Haven't been on tarot for quite a while, just dealing with a lot of things.)

    I haven't read any of the responses so if I am repeating what everyone else has said then please ignore my reply.

    There is definitely a connection between clutter and negative energy and this connection is two-fold. I talk from experience. I am an organised and neat person but had accumulated a lot of clutter since the past six-seven years. Very unlike me. I would lug around all of that from home to home and even across cities. My excuse was it is too much to deal with at the present, why open a Pandora's Box and deal with having to make so many decisions about what's to be kept or not? Needless to say, I had suppressed a lot of emotional issues that I thought I was letting go but was just sweeping under the carpet on the same pretext.

    So I collected and collected. Until recently a month back I came to an emotional breaking point with respect to my attitude to my family. You must be knowing I am undergoing the Spiritual Bootcamp with Captain. As a result I am engaging in opening up a number of issues and heal my emotional wounds of the past. At exactly the time I opened my very messy relationship with my elder sister to analysis, communication and acceptance this knowledge about clutter was communicated to me. First my sister herself spoke to me saying she was amazed to see me collecting so much since I was never that kind of a person. She pointed out that it is a storehouse of negative unused energy that needs to be released. She also pointed out that it signifies my own emotional issues I am not facing and suppressing. There was absolute truth in her words. Captain had also pointed the connection between our physical spaces and our emotional space a while back hence my sisters words rang very true to me. I promised myself I would clean it up.

    But for days I did not. And a weight remained on my heart. It was more than a chore that needed to be done, much more. I was very relieved at having accepted my differences with my sister and opening up our channels of communication. I was facing our issues as an adult and helping her grow too and I was loving how much at peace with myself I was feeling. But I refused to touch the clutter. And that sense of a stone on my heart remained.

    Then one day I just rolled up my sleeves and delved deep into the clutter headlong. Firstly I was amazed to find it wasn't any work at all. I was making decisions to keep or throw with the bat of an eye-lid and I was amazed how unsentimental I was about throwing most of it. Yes I threw 90% of that stored clutter that I had kept with the excuse of 'I will need it someday' or 'Its got so-n-so sentimental attachment'. Everything went into garbage.

    Immediately I felt released. I felt free, clean, rooted and at peace. This was a sort of a calm which was much more than a chore completed. Ever since I have opened up other cartons, arranged things neatly around the house and kept it that way. None of it feels like a chore anymore and the feeling of rooted-ness and peace continues. I have never had a bigger sense of NOW then I have felt after having cleaned my clutter.

    This gave me more strength to deal with other areas of my life as well that I have been meaning to open up to introspection. I would say the physical space was a reflection of my emotional space and at the same time it was hindering my emotional progress too. Take it whichever you wish it helped immensely and maybe you should really de-clutter your house if you think its time.

    I also read a number of articles on the internet around that same time between the relationship of clutter and emotional space. Clutter also affects your chakras negatively and vice-versa so I have read. There is a lot of interesting articles on the net in connection to this. This knowledge has helped me immensely and I sincerely hope my sharing will help you in some way.

  • Hi Saggi thank you so much for your reply, I have seen your posts on the bootcamp. I have done some decluttering but it is very difficult to keep motivated. We have an upcoming move though which is stimulating e because there is no way I am carrying this rubbish with me. I have not touched the boxes containing old letters and diaries. I know I have to. My excuse to now has been that it will be nice for my girls when I am gone to have something of mine. However with my mother in law reaching higher ages and seeing the amount of rubbish she ahs which we are going to inherit as my husband is her only child, I think to myself that the girls would probably prefer a nice piece of jewelry. So it all has to go...someday soon...I know it is a weight but I am not ready to deal with it yet. There is a lot of sorrrow in those boxes, teenage diary moans etc. So thank you for your motivating post. And you should read the thread, there are more than me who have been really getting the clutter out and noticing the change, plenty of tips too.


  • šŸ™‚

  • Paddi,

    I have been cleaning out my e-mail tips and either deleting or organizing into a easy to use document and then deleting. It's going well and I also finished the hardcopy tax files today, YEA!!

    But the reason I an here now is that I ran across feng shui tips for selling your home and thought you might want it.

    House for sale

    Philosophy says that if you're trying to sell your house, the rooftop becomes a critical place to engage other sorts of potentially successful energies for that same intent and goal. The secret Shui says to position a spotlight somewhere in the back of your yard so that it's facing the back of the house. Then, once affixed, adjust the angle of the light so that it faces or spots just above the roof illuminating the space for sale. The idea is to light the way for sellers to beast, um, I mean, beat a path to your door. I'm pretty sure they'll come calling up the front walkway, though. Just be sure to have the front light lit as well to complement and activate all the seller's Shui you can.

    You also might want to try a few more Feng Shui ways to sell your house. Placing a 'For Sale' sign directly outside the front door with a picture of a bird carrying the sign in it's beak symbolizes and activates your wish to fly away while bringing someone new into your old nest.

    The third piece of secret Shui says to write the address of the house for sale on a piece of paper and fold it up. Then throw it into a body of slow moving river water and walk away without ever looking back, the exact same way that we should leave anything negative in our past.

  • Wow thanks Beth I will do the third one tomorrow, we have a lot of waterways here in the area and one is beside the playground I take my 2 year old to. And I actually have a broker coming tomorrow to evaluate the place and the company name is Vlieg which means fly and their board is a bird with outstretched wings. Funny, I postponed all the other evaluations to mid May so we could make the house sparkle but something made me keep this appointment. Hmmm.

  • Wow Paddi the tips are a flowing. Good for you. Nice collection of info everyone.

  • That is just tooo serendipitous to ignore!!

  • Healing Ways

    "I had been feeling "lighter" not just in my mind and thoughts but in body too"

    -I don't know if it's instant, but if we are what we think, then maybe keep checking???

    Clutter is also a way of protecting yourself. Like a barrier. But it walls you in and you don't face the fears (thanks, Captain!). (I'm speaking from experience here.)

    I also had a neighbor who's child had an arsenal of weapons that he always aimed at our house. Steel tipped arrows, golf ball through the window, pellet guns, baseballs, footballs, and I just kept returning them and asking that he aim the other way. I ended up 'loving' them 500 miles away to another state.

    Oh, and you can also clean windows with Bounce sheets!


    I BURNED my old journals in the grill (they weren't for anyone else to read). Took all day. Scattered all of my thoughts to the winds. It was fabulous!

    And for all those who are overwhelmed like I am, just start with one spot. One drawer, one shelf that isn't packed full leaves room for the chi to flow.

  • Yes, yes, Paddi I will read for sure! šŸ™‚ I could do with those tips too you know! Just that yesterday when I read your post I kicked myself for not having seen it earlier. I just feel its necessary for me to share my learnings with people so that it will help them too as and when.

    Glad you are motivated to start cleaning.

    In relation to my own experience I may add that I have always found housework and cleaning up a huge chore. Similarly dealing with emotional issues. But ever since I have committed myself to facing reality, my issues and resolving them I do not find housework a chore or keeping my physical space clean and uncluttered a chore. I realised really an inside out thing and not really discipline or laziness as my parents had brought me up to believe. I love the person I am becoming...

  • Sandpiper,

    I sure will keep checking the weight release, I like to use the word "release" instead of "loss when I remember to cos, what do when we lose something?, yep, "we search for it again", and I sure don't want any released weight back...ever again! I must say I believe it will start to release, because I no longer need "protection" by keeping the extra weight on anymore, and with the added bonus of releasing rubbish from the home too, how could it not release eh! šŸ™‚

    sorry to hear you too had problems with the neighbors, but love the way you "loved them 500 miles away".....good one šŸ™‚

    I spent the whole of yesterday clearing out every cupboard and storage room with the BIG help from my rid of SO much negativity that had never been sorted from the day I moved to this home, I never had chance to at that time as it was a very turbulent time then, and as the 6yrs rolled by I just didn't have enough strength to tackle it...but now it's done and last night I felt so exausted but very happy and "lighter" šŸ™‚

    thank you for the windown cleaning tip, I will put bounce sheets on my shopping list šŸ™‚

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