Clutter and negative energy

  • I will say it felt REJUVENATING to walk down my clean upstairs hall this morning when I got up. 🙂

  • LOAP-we have a huge problem with black widows! They like cool, dark, moist places. Ours are in the rocks around the bushes, and hang onto the garage door and the underside of the garbage can. Anywhere condensation accumulates. We usually find them in the morning.

  • Hi Sandpiper,

    with little ones im ok its just the big ones and huntsman can grow as big as an average male hand to they frighten the life out of me even though they are harmless its just the look of them

    is the blackwidow poisious ?

  • I used to have black widows and brown recluses all over the place. I was bitten by a black widow and ignored it for a while and it got infected to the point where I was almost hospitalized. Sooooo painful! Brown recluses are more poisonous than the black widows so after that incident - and I apologize to all the people out there who object - I HIRED AN EXTERMINATOR!!! I have the outside of my house power sprayed every other month and now I never see a single spider anywhere...

  • oh i dont blame you WG id do the same i wouldnt take any chances we have the white tail and redback spiders over here that are very piosonous as well my friend was hospitalized with a whitetail bite it had crawled into a pair of rubber gloves that she had hanging over the tap to wash the dishes they get into the weirdest places .

  • Yuck we only have harmless spiders in Europe, I think

  • Oh this is SO my least favorite subject.....I really do want to respect them and not have to kill them, but, me and spiders just dont belong on same planet and like paddi said I don't think we get harmful ones here, but knowing this still didn't stop me from buying a sonic type of device I plugged into the mains, I don't get so many now and I suppose the odd one or two I do get must be deaf or don't feel the vibration of the deterrent, but only just last night I saw one crawl up in a little crevice in the dado rail....right next to where my head would be when, and sorry, (Marc will hate me for what I did)....out came the vacuum and up it went 😞 I wish they would stay safe and KEEP OUT of my home....

  • Well I don't want my kids to grow up scared of them so I have started catching them and throwing them out the window or door but still... and it must be a girlie thing because they all squeal in terror at the tiniest one.

  • Good for paddi!....wish my Mother had done this, I perhaps wouldn't be as bad as I am if I hadn't witnessed the reactions she 🙂

  • And now if I may, I want to SHOUT from the rooftops the blessings that have started coming in for me in this short space of time I was inspired by this thread to "clean and clear" the negatives away....

    Yesterday lunch time I was sat at my pc for about 2 hrs watching an inspirational video when I heard my young next door neighbor shout me, she told me her and her partner had been out tidying their front garden and decided to do MINE as well!!!....I was in absolute shock, for one, no one outside my family has ever done anything like this before for me, they plainly and simply did it from their heart...I can't tell you the big impact this has had on me especially as the young lady had SO many problems when she first moved in next door, very aggressive toward everyone, but over the last year or so I have seen such a beautiful change in her, she still gets very nervous and has many phobias, but she has changed so much, and the evidence was in the beautiful act of kindness she did :) truly has lifted my spirit to see this lovely young lady starting to feel happy herself!!.... and I'm definitely a very happy bunny to have witnessed it :), the cleaning and clearing is creating wonderful events for me!! 🙂

  • Oooo I hasten to add that they didn't feel the need to do it cos mine is a real mess!! no it doesn't, LOL, it's just the usual spring tidy up we need to do, sweeping dead leaves, taking out the first flush of spring weeds that popped up etc, just needed to say this....LOL

  • Lots of sound advice on the Montessori thank you all very much. There is an alternative school in the town near my brother which I checked out before and will do again, it holds to the curriculum as laid down by the board for primary schools in Ireland but it is free to do it as it pleases. It is also a small school which is good for my kids. But then we were wondering if we should go to Germany first to save some money. And then we were talking about when we are in Germany and we both looked at eachother and said oh but that just does not sound right. anyone want to tell me what to do? I am so confused. heart in ireland, head in Germany.

    Better go and unpack the shopping it is a beautiful day here, sun is shining, house looks really good from the outside with all the palnts growing and the bushes sprouting leaves.

    The royal wedding, can't wait. Great entertainment. i wish them both the best of luck. I wonder if it a bit presumptuous of Kate to try and take over Diana's role. She will never ever do that. But I wish them both the best of luck. Mags hope you are feeling okay today.

    xxto all PAddi

  • Oops sorry thiswas meant for the chat thread

  • Hi Sheelagh,

    Im much better thankyou and im feeling all cold when i read your post again so it must be germany is your house that you are living in yellow brick? im seeing this and it looks fairly modern there are flowers out the front so i dont know if this is your currant house or the new house coming ,I cant wait for the wedding i hope the queen will smile on the day without cracking her face lol .

  • Okay, back to spiders, sorry.

    I am quite squemish around them. I have gotten over the smaller ones and try to just chill but the big one's, definitely glad I have a husband around for that. He takes them outside for me.

    I know they eat other insects which is nice and they are supposed to be a good sign so I do try to leave them alone (as long as they are not posionous).

    On a different note though, we have ant problems occassionally. Last year though I started a visualization and meditation to connect with them and make an agreement.

    They stay outside my home and are free to wonder around the yard but the inside is mine.

    Then while thinking this I invisions an invisible barrier surrounding the perimeter of my home. I actually start at one point and think it all the way through to that meeting point including the patio, deck and front porch. They actually stayed away from inside last summer and its about time to refresh my agreement with them.

    So you might want to try this with those big spiders and include you entrance walk as well as house. Just connect mentally and ask them to keep to their space and leave yours alone and then thank them.


  • Natural Pest Control

    I edited out portions that kill the populations, you can look those up yourself, not because I am totally against it as I feel it is necessary at times but because I do not feel right passing them along to others. From if your interested.

    Not everybody likes cucumbers. You may be interested to learn that ants hate cucumbers, especially cucumber peels. You'll especially appreciate that fact if you want to get rid of them. Just spread some cucumber peels - the more bitter, the better - where ants enter your home and they should get the message. Consider cucumber the "anti-welcome" mat for ants.

    Cucumbers are one example of natural pest control. It's using natural and generally non-toxic ingredients to repel or get rid of bugs including ants, wasps, mites, moths, flies and other insects.

    People are slicing up cucumbers instead of spraying Bug-Be-Gone because they don't want toxic chemicals in their homes or in their garden sheds. There is growing evidence that synthetic pesticides pose a health risk to humans and animals.

    For those willing to invest some time and effort at crafting their own remedies, we've gone on to list a variety of remedies to help you battle pests on the home front and in your garden.

    Barriers act like barbed wire to keep crawling pests, such as ants, out. These include garlic - grind it up with water and apply - cayenne pepper, cinnamon, powdered charcoal, bone meal, talcum powder or chalk. Keep in mind that different pests have different aversions, so you'll have to see what substance works best with the ones trying to sneak into your home.

    Another way to think of barriers is to grow certain plants around the periphery of your home. They not only look nice, but will also deter pests. Plants known to repel ants and aphids include: spearmint, peppermint and pennyroyal.

    You can use the same trick for fly control. Just substitute the above plants with mint and basil which repel flies, but smell good to humans.

    Boiling water is excellent for ant control or if you see where they are creeping into your house, squeeze some lemon into the hole or crack.

    Barriers also work for snails. They dislike sand, lime, copper or ashes, so use these borders to keep snails away.

    Cloves smell better than moth balls and are a natural deterrent against winged pests. You can also create a water trap by filling a small basin with water and leaving a night light suspended over it. Moths will be attracted to the light and will end up crashing and burning and falling into the water. Add a little dish soap to break the surface tension of the water.

    Corn Gluten Meal may not sound very appetizing, but it's a natural, preemptive strike against weeds. Apply it early in the spring before weeds sprout. Corn gluten meal is a byproduct of the corn milling process and is a natural fertilizer.

    Grind rosemary leaves into a fine dust and sprinkle it onto your pet or its bedding to ward off fleas.

    Ivory liquid dishwashing detergent can act as a natural insecticide. Dilute with water until it is a 1 or 2 percent solution and then spray on plants.

    Need neem oil? Neem oil - made from guess what? - neem seeds, prevents fungus growth, and repels and kills insects, including mites. While it fights many scourges, it's nontoxic to birds, mammals and most beneficial insects. One word of caution - it can sometime affect bees so use it as a spot treatment to minimize contact. Neem oil is usually sold in a concentrated form, to which you add water.

    Fruit flies are wine connoisseurs. Okay, maybe they are not wine snobs, but they have been known to quaff a few drops here or there. They particularly like Chardonnay or so we hear. Use that knowledge to your advantage: fill up a saucer of some cheap white wine and add a little detergent to it. Leave it around for the flies to sip and die on. This solution brings knew meaning to the expression "rot gut."

    You can even make your own fly paper. Boil water, sugar and corn syrup together. Spread the extra-sticky mixture on brown paper grocery bags and voila you have your own fly paper which will trap flies.

    For mosquito control the aged old custom of burning citronella candles will help repel the pesky critters.

    To get rid of slugs and snails, invert a flower pot near a shady plant. Use a stick to prop up the flower pot or place on irregular ground - whatever will give enough of an entrance way for slugs and snails. They will crawl under the rim to avoid the heat. Check the flower pot at the end of the day and remove the slugs and snails.

    Vinegar is a great herbicide. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar - white is best since it won't stain, you certainly don't want to use expensive, aged Balsamic vinegar on weeds - and spray the vinegar on your unwelcome flora on your porch, patio or back yard. It's one of the few things that will work against noxious weeds such as Canadian Thistle. All vinegars are diluted, so try and buy the highest concentration you can at the supermarket.

    Using organic lawn fertilizers will not only keep it green, it will make it healthy and more equipped to defend itself against weeds and pests. Organic fertilizers, such as bat guano, grass clippings, alfalfa meal, fish emulsion and worm castings, work well.

    While natural pest control products are a step up from most commercial insecticides, you should still be restrained about using them. Don't just leap at something that cures the symptom - look for the underlying or root cause and seek a solution for that problem. Overuse can end up creating new problems - getting rid of one pest in exchange for another.

  • ibelieve - some hiking friends told me to hang a Bounce dryer sheet out of my pocket to ward off mosquitoes. IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM! Thanks for all the other tips!

  • Oh, and Healing Ways, did you weigh yourself? I'm still trying to figure out if Feng Shui makes you lose weight! I am convinced that the chi you stirred up had an external effect on your neighbors. My mother's family is from deep in Georgia, but it's amazing how many of their 'old wives tales' correspond, or are identical, to what my Feng Shui friend tells me!

  • Yeah, never discount those old wives. They were a smart bunch of cookies!

  • Hi sandpiper, as soon as I read your post to me I went straight on the, I had been feeling "lighter" not just in my mind and thoughts but in body too, but sadly, I'm exactly the same, but just saying that is an achievement for me cos I can put on weight like no other, I've only got to look at something and put on a pound... maybe, the evidence of feng shui may start showing up soon and my extra weight will start to melt away :), what a fantastic thought!!

    But what you said about the chi and my neighbors has made me think back to what my Son said to me about a year ago when I was telling him how much things were calming down with them, the dreadful heartbreaking rows, so bad that Police had to intervine... I used to hear day and night had almost stopped, he just said "Mum, I think all the things you are doing and studying, sending love out to the world, working on energies etc is having an effect on the neighbors too"....I just said "Really?....... why I was surprised to hear this I will never know, it just never occurred to me before. I can be so dumb, lets face it all our thoughts and actions affect "all" don't they, in more ways than we know, after all we are all one! 🙂 ....and in this case, just by sending love and healing thoughts through the walls of mine to them has given me evidence of this.... it really spurs you on to "create a beautiful earth" for us all eh! and now after almost a year of hearing no upsetting rows, silence is golden! literally....but the best ever heartwarming thing for me is to see them working things out and are happy :).....and they are expecting twins!....blessings indeed!!

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