Clutter and negative energy

  • Great Thread Sheelagh

    Im doomned then clutter everywhere dont even know where to begin sorting in out oh well hubby could be losing his job today so i will have an extra pair of hands to help .

    Love and light Mags 🙂

  • Loap,

    Thats looking at the silver lining, way to go!


    I so agree, since I have been off work, I have been going through everycloset and all the boxes I brought with me (and never got to put away) clearing out my stuff and his stuff, giving away, throwing away and I feel so much lighter but I got a little bogged down on the files.

    So now I am going through about 20 years worth of files, shreding and trashing and I'm about 2/3's done and hit a wall. It's not that I do not want to finish but I want to switch for a while. So maybe back to spring house cleaning (washing walls and everything) and then try the last bit of filing.

    My goal is, once I am done, I get to make over my little spot here in the basement into a goddess grotto just for me! Basement not my choice but what I can get. Need loads of plants for it and some water features. It is already a conditioned and finished place but needs life.

    So yeah, people join in then treat yourselves when your done.


  • I have 4 big toyboxes that are cluttering up the house ive said it a hundred times that im going to get the kids to clear them out can you image how much will be staying lol best i do it myself

  • Mags are you seious about your hubby? Oh boy.

  • Yeah Sheelagh they stood him down of friday and gave him until today to get union representation its not looking good i havent heard from him yet so i suppose no news is good news im on gmail if you want to chat

  • going on the laptop now Maggie

  • Maggie I send you and hubby hugs.

    Blmoon oh yes I will take you up on your challenge. i am also an empath and every time I walk through the front door in to our house I feel the weight of it, and I do not know if that is just me and my stuff or maybe also the weight left over from the past owners, I have always felt it. My biggest issue is that I look around and know it all has to go, but I just cannot find the energy to get started on it. And I am not good at getting rid of stuff, parting with it, because I might be able to use it...I have never liked this house, I did not want it but hubby got his own way since I was highly pregnant at the time and not given to arguments (first child don't want to have an argument etc.) and try as I might I cannot make it mine. So the clutter has to go first, then a bit of paintwork and then it is going back on the market.

    But I will do the clutter challenge actually that is a good thread topic, and let you know how it goes...

    And yes when there are 6 people in the house the energy just bursts out the doors and windows, I sometimes have to go outside to get some air.

    And IBeleive, I found my first crystal ball in the form of a clear marble when I was cleaning up the kids room, it is clear with a few splashes of bubbles it found my hand, I thought I had thrown out all the marbles because my youngest likes to try and eat them.

    xxto all Pad

  • I have a friend who is a hoarder and its very sad she has 2 boys and in her laundry there are girls clothes virtually stacked up to the ceiling the whole house and backyard are choc ablock full of stuff that she doesnt need she cant even open the windows as she has piles of stuff stacked in front of them . I understand what you guys are saying about feeling the energy i feel so closed in when i go there its a horrible feeling .

  • Thanks Sheelagh for the hugs he finds out tomorrow how ridicolous is that ? Im on gmail now if you want to chat

  • I've just found this great thread, good one Paddy! :).... I read all the posts and got straight on the phone to ask my Daughter to come round and help me sort out my upstairs, she say YES Mummy, next week, I'd forgot she has gone to stay with friends for few days,

    But I just don't have the strength at moment to do it on my own, I'm not an hoarder as such, I can't breathe either in a cluttered house, but because I don't often go upstairs(another story thats on another and no one else lives here I have sort of turned a "blind eye" to the dusting and proper cleaning of it, and it is now playing on my mind, it has to be done! so now I'm getting eager to make a start on it, I'm sure the stagnant energy that must up there is filtering down in to my living space?....

    Blmoon, I remember we had a coversation last year about feng shui and having purge's on clutter, if I remember right I think you was doing a lot of decorating, I remember you speaking of the bathroom and mirrors, am I right? if it was you I would love to know the outcome and it did change things for the better for you and the energy of your home:)....

    well, all this talk has made me want to make a start, only the little jobs I can do myself though 🙂

    So, rubber gloves here I come......well maybe after my coffee 🙂

  • LOL I made the first move of stuff this morning but I have to go and get boxes first...always some excuse...and I need a cuppa too...

  • yes--I did get rid of that mirror--that let you see yourself on the "throne"---my master bath is in my marriage sector--yes of all places! It did make a difference. I just got through redoing the room in my money section---it is so peaceful there! And I am tackling some put off purging in my own room--today!---I usually have this box system of filling a box on a regular bases----as I see items throughout the day or week then the box goes directly into the back of my SUV and when I'm running errands it gets dropped at the goodwill---I only donate good stuff and if I get too much stuff in my Suv in the back it means my groceries won't fit! So it's a self governing system for me. WELL I've had a very nice wicker end table too long back there and after reading the post yesterday just cut it loose to the curb with a prayer---that it please someone as a gift. So for those feeling stuck--just put it by the curb and gift someone. The motivation issue comes directly from the clutter--it zaps energy everytime you get near it. Often to get past that turning in circles heavy feeling of where to move or start I will get bunches of empty bins or laundry baskets and just start filling from the room that feels heavy---I put those extra things in the living room---which means they can't be ignored. Soon as that cleared room feels good then I can concentrate on what can stay or go knowing if something comes back into that space something must go. Then, yes I end up with these bins full in my living room--may give it a day but can't stand much longer---so then I donate most. So today I'm with you! I always call it pushing through the wall---like wearing lead boots at first! Keep sharing and I send everyone today a silent visual prayer to give them the extra ooomph---take it too the curb! BLESSINGS!


  • PS--I never wait for boxes--bags work just fine--donations don't know the difference---wrap things in that too small pair of pants that's been in your drawer five years now!

  • they censored the word visual? ha ha!

  • 🙂

  • Yep, I knew sleeping in would put me behind.

    Hi everyone, great topic, timely and loads of energy.


    Happy to hear of the crystal ball. And as part of this thread, see what jewles are hiding in your clutter rather than running out to bring more stuff home.

    I don't know how many times I find it easier to run off to the store to buy something that I know I have in the house but can't locate when I need it. That is so wasteful of time, energy, money and reasources and yet it happens and I do it.


  • 🙂

  • My kids think I have gone crazy. I have chucked out the rugs on the living room floor which are not good anymore with 4 small kids running over them and anyway we have a parquet floor which just needs a bit of attention. I have just finished scrubbing and polishing. They really think I have gone loopy. If I was pregnant I would call it nesting but I am not pregnant so I guess it is just called being fed up with the mess. My husband will probably call me crazy too though secretly he will be glad. He kind of prefers the sterile hotel room look. Not that I will ever want to achieve that look. I go more for the comfy lived in look.

    Blmoon, boxes for books I treat books with reverence even if I am giving them away. I hate giving away books and I have never once in my life thrown one out. I will donate them to the local library. The back of my car is now full of stuff for the dump tomorrow morning.

    I love a challenge...

  • THEY CENSURED IT AGAIN THE WORD V I S U A L---OH maybe because of that spam we used get everyweekend the goofy t a r ot site by that name---mystery solved!

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