Clutter and negative energy

  • I can't see the room for the piles. It's a small room, and I"m actually sitting almost dead center typing this-in the 'health and balance' square. HA!

  • Sandpiper,

    That is also called the Earth area (Think centeredness, grounding energies)

    So let's see. You have balanced your piles. LOL

    Go clean out a single drawer and then maybe scrub down the bathroom.

    That should give you energy and time. The two most needed items for any big job.

    Then of course I should follow my own advice but I'm going for the week end. Hope I remember this come monday morning.


  • IBelieve I just browsed through your thread on aura pic and I saw that you were protecting your house. I was just wondering about it. I read somewhere that you cannot actually protect a house just the people in it. What's your take on that?

    As to the clutter challenge, still working on it, we chucked out some of the wooden panelling at the weekend and I swear it fought all the way to the door. Loads more to go. Put some plants in the living room too on my kiddies advice - they reckon they are always fighting and such because of the lack of green. At least that is what they said after I thanked them for being so good when we were out and asked them why that was not possible at home. My 8 year old asnswered simply there were no plants in the house to convert the energy to good air. My 8 year old.


  • Paddi,

    You and the white light can protect your home from negativity and negative people ABSOLUETLY! (Also look at the Polar Bear protection I wrote up for RC)

    Have you ever visited someones home and felt immediatly peaceful upon entering it. That is protection. It is not the person themselves but also the home. You can acheive this with chi as well and that is part of the de-cluttering you and we are doing. A good flow of chi (energy) also removes or shoves out bad chi (energy).

    As for your 8 yo, "Out of the mouths of babes!!!"

    Love it. I sooo have to get some plants for my home as well. Live and learn.


  • Today my granddaughter and I fixed the vacuum cleaner and gave the place a good clean sweep, man that felt good.

  • So this weekend I finally got around to getting my stuff I wanted off the old computor (so we can recycle it.)

    It was so old the processing speed was 33, ya know before pentium even existed. It had 4 mg of ram. (Before gig was ever thought of) and a 51/4 floppy (which really was floppy. LOL) as well as the 3 1/2.

    Yes it was a dinosaur run by DOS (there was no windows but it did have DOS shell) However...Does anyone remember word perfect 5.1 before they messed it up with mouse driven pull downs and cut and paste. (You never had to take your hands off the keyboard to edit! SO much faster) and Wolfenstein was on there. I thought just for sh*ts and giggles to let my 10 year old take a look at the game that started it all as far as continual 360 degree graphics.

    Well, he had a blast! and then my grandson (who is 13 and so into the new age of ipod and whatever the lastest game is) took a look at it and spent the next 2 hours having a blast as well.

    Now they want me to load this old game on the newer computer so they can play it some more.

    I also am trying to see if I can load and play the old Sierra Hoyle solitaire game pck as well. Used the whole screen intead of those tiny little cards that strain my eyes and soem wonderful game versions that I can't find anymore.

    Blast from the past!!!

    And I still have one more computer to go thru. It's a start!


  • WordPerfect was THE best word processor!!!! I am the queen of keyboard shortcuts even in this day and age, because of my use of DOS and WP

    Miss it soooo much, have never found a good replacement on Mac or Windows (and I rarely use Windows these days).

    I am dreading the loss of Eudora for email as well.

  • Yeah, why do they go and fix things that are not broken??? WP ruled!

    Yahoo now says I have to update to a new browser to keep my e-mail account. I don;t want to upgrade. Upgrades usually mean new things that make old things no longer work and then you're screwed. One of those "sorry about your luck but you needed the change"

    My answer is "I don't need the change everything is working the way I want it to right now!!!"

    Like the hardware store trying to sell me a whole new fill valve ($29.99 + plumber and two days time) for my mom's toilet when all I needed was a brass screw and a brass nut. (Total cost $1.18 and 1 hour 10 minutes time. The trip to the hardware store and back took 1 hour of it.) LOL


  • Actually I cannot remember the old computer programmes at all, probably because I never used them for word documents, I used to translate by hand back then, all manual and in the client's premises.

    Doesn't look like our hosue will be going on the market, the loss we would make is huge and even if we did it up and put it on the market when it picks up we would still make a huge loss. So we are stuck with it. The broker was a bit depressed though, I so felt his energy when he walked in and could almost pinpoint why, so I am taking a lot of what he said with a pinch of salt. but he is right, the house is in bad shape and needs someone to give it an extreme makeover, this is not something that feng shui can fix. it really needs work done to it.

    So now I will recondition myself to accept the fact that we are not going to be moving fast and will try to beat the energy out.

    xxto you all


  • Sorry to hear that. I guess all you can do "if you can't find the one to love is to love the one you are with."

    You can make a cave a loving home, it is about the energy you put into it. So if you can lay to rest the thought that it is temporary and have to put up with it and now just make it what you want. Let it serve your needs now.

    It's a nice thought and I am struggling with the same thing so I know your pain and how much it brings you down. It seems best to shuck it all but appears not the answer for either of us at this time. So I am going to try for lemonaide. LOL


  • LOL yes it will have to make do for now, maybe bit by bit it will become a home. All I need now is the active social life.


  • Here! Here!

    I with you 110% on that note!!!

    Love ya.

  • How is everyone getting on with their decluttering? We took all the wood panelling out of one room and I have just finished wallpapering it so proud of myself, hubby has gone off to buy the paint, it will be my eldest dauhter's bedroom.

  • Well my hubby has bought paint samples and thats as far as weve got there is that much crayon on my walls i dont even want to think about all the time its going to take cleaning them.

  • Got through a few more boxes on my end. Determined to not have boxes very soon. Need to get a bookcase and file cabinet before that is completely possible but hoping it will come in time.

  • I must admit I like that my decluttering is having a cleaning effect on my daughter and granddaughter. That is a nice side effect I guess.

  • Decluttering is hard for me...Packing stuff to move makes you realize just how much trash and just "stuff" you really have! It can be overwhelming, just don't really know how to get started and keep it up! Maybe it is because It feels weird to be packing and have nowhere to go at the present. Also adding to my burden is the lack of support I am getting from my family about buying a house. Such negativity! It hurts my feelings! Need to declutter my mind as well! Any suggestions about any of it?

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