Clutter and negative energy

  • Perhaps I should clarify that, I do have tons of photos that need to be address, reorganized put in albums etc. But the family photos I was referring to are actually on display, my room is kind of like a gallery. Since in my home that is where I have my space and the things that are of importance to me. Although this is our home, shared, I still am very protective of "My things" since that is all that I can call my own.

  • Ibelieve!

    sock fairy! hahaha---I laughed so hard. I always said there is a parrallel universe somewhere with a kazillion socks floating around! Funny story---when I was younger during hard times one year I had to move in with my parents and my dad--God love him---was always complaining someone was stealing his socks. Of course my father never cleaned up in his life and dropped them wherever and my mom was a hoarder so I knew exactly where they where going. My father in the younger days was not a man you could argue with. This went on for months---dailly complaints that someone (my kids?) were stealing his socks--not a day went by without him complaining where are all his socks.?Finely--the smart as s Taurus I am one day I did nothing but gather every sock I could uncover and washed them all---I'm talking baskets of socks! Then I dumped them all on the dining table. It literaly covered the table and rose up like a giant sock mountain. He never mentioned socks again.. YEA the sock fairy owes me allright! When my husbands socks start not matching up I use them for rags and buy new ones---it's cheaper than looking for them! I'm not a hoarder so I don't get where they go---so must be another universe out there sucking up socks!

  • RC,

    I understand what you mean. I’m trying to get my own sanctuary together. So, I would say two things on that account.

    1, As you noted they are past relatives and you are seeking a relationship with them so you are widening those boundaries for a purpose. So that seems okay.

    2. They say your bedroom should never be used for anything but sleeping BUT since you use yours as your private living space, I would say it is more along the lines of having a studio apartment. So perhaps look at your bedroom as a fully functional living space and try to separate the “Bed Area” as the “bedroom” portion.

    You can work out and locate the individual spaces of the bagua for just that room and then use feng shui cures and tips for the associated areas based on the entry point.

    Here is a feng shui tip I found for Mother Daughter relationship help if you want to try it.

    Feng Shui says when there are issues between a mother and child then the mom should find a photo of the two where they are happy together. Put the photo in a wooden frame and position it in the 'Romance and Relationship' area (which is also the area accorded mothering energies) and place two pink candles close by. Every day for nine consecutive days, the mother should light the two pink candles for a few minutes. During that time she should visualize harmony and happiness once again pervading every cell of this scenario. She should hold the vision and the faith that this powerful action step will open her intention for healing to opportunities to accomplish just that. Placing an image or picture of the happy mother and child in a wooden frame and in the same 'Relationship' area of the child's room will also help. After nine days, mom can keep the photo in place but no longer has to inflame the situation. Soon enough the Universe will step in to mediate and mother and child will be have the chance to play, laugh and grow all over again!

  • Blmoon,

    That's too funny.

    I just went through the house and the closets for my black socks. I had about a dozen to begin with and ended up with only one. So I ws switching back and forth between the one black pair and the one dark blue pair to wear with my black pants and leggins (since winter was still hanging around and I could not switch to shorts yet)

    I even looked up in my son's room in case they ended up in his room. Well after 2 months I gave up and bought another dozen. I still don't know where the heck they could have gone to.


  • Ibelieve,

    Thanks for laying all that out for me. You know it's funny when I look at the relationship corner I have photos on the wall, my brothers, my cousins, daughter and granddaughter but the latter pics are with the cousins or on their own. Beneath that lies my dirty clothes hamper.....I'm thinking that is not a good thing. LOL

    I will re-examine my room from this standpoint and see where I might make some changes to improve things if possible.

  • Blmoon I love the sock story too, wow the imagery just makes you grin.

  • RC don't you get spooked by all thosevpeople watching you from their frames?

  • No actually it's kind of comforting to know they are watching out for me. I get spooked when I wake up and they are standing next to me. LOL

  • RC,

    Perhaps it prompts them to air their "dirty laundry" with you. I'm sure that's not exactly what your interested in hearing.LOL

  • Yea I was kind of thinking the same thing...... time to move the hamper I think.

  • Ok, question on the Ba Gua thingy. Align with the main entry... to each room or the whole house? And is that like you're standing outside the room, facing in? Holding it where you can read it? I've never been able to figure out these charts. (Probably because they're buried under PAPERS.)

  • There is a separate bagua for the whole house (it's an octogon) The one I posted is for use in a room by room basis.

    The bottom of the bagua is the entry to the room. (So you would be holding it at the bottom as you stand in the doorway facing into the room. )

    This entry you are standing in will be in one of the three bottom squares. Like if the door into the room is in the center of the wall then that is the Career Area, the dead center of the room is Earth and the opposite wall is the Fame and reputation.


  • I have rooms where the doors are at the very edge (bedrooms). How do you align that?

    And thanks sandpiper, I was going to ask the same thing about room entry vs house entry. 🙂


  • THANKS ibelieve! The octagonal chart was way too much for me. After 3 books I couldn't figure out how that works on a tri-level house! But I think I can stand in the doorway of a room and hold the other thing. Now I have a starting point.

  • YellowDaylily,

    If you are standing in the doorway and it is the left corner of the room then you are in the Knowledge area, mid point along that wall will be Health & Family and the opposite side of the entry is the Prosperity. If the entry is on right hand side then your are in Helpful people, then Creativity and Children and opposite of the door is Love & Marriage. The earth portion is always dead center of the room. Upper center is Fame area and lower center would be Career.

    Does that help?

  • Sandpiper,

    I'm with you. The octogon whole house thing through me off as well.

  • Ibeleive - it does - thank you so much! I was trying to center the door with the center blocks

  • I understand. I probably should have wrote out the whole thing the first time. I had someone show me and visuals are so much easier than the words.


  • Nah, sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees. 🙂

  • That's funny. LOL

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