Clutter and negative energy

  • I have old perfume too. Hate to waste it.

  • I'm that way with lotions.

    I buy them on the spur then forget I have them and they sit until they are usless. Pretty bottles, love pretty bottles!!!

  • Okay I confesed to book hoarding already, receipts, I still have my 18 year olds, preschool drawings, i realize I used to collect shoes, pretty shoes I bought because they were pretty and never where, I'll give them to somebody.

    We bought a huge King Size Bed and I know it's blocking the Energy in the room has to be, gotta look into that.

    I had a doll named Suzy (that was the name she came with) I loved her she was cute with a Pink body and white polka dots and she talked, she'd say "Mommy I want a drink of water." The water part was dragged out like WAAAter, so cute, my brother set her hair on fire and I never forgave him.

  • I also a make up JUNKIE! Gotta have it, the pretty colors, I collect wigs too.

  • Me too! Love the old fashioned bottels remember with the little ball you had to squeeze, when I went to see my Mom last year she had one, tried to swipe it but she wanted it.

  • I used to be a Avon Junkie but not anymore, I would order when bored. My husband said please, don't bring anymore!

  • Spell check please. geez.

  • When I was was a compulsive shopper I would go buy exspensive dresses just to have them and hide them in my kid's rooms, eventually I would give them to my Mom or someone, had to have them just in case I was invited to a Ball.

  • Okay, last one, I used to love Harlequin romances when I was a teenager, my mom called them Dirty Books. 🙂

  • Wow Poetic!! If you have old perfume bottles you should sell them on ebay. Hot items. Best with a bit of old perfume still in them.

  • " tried to swipe it but she wanted it. "

    LMAO! I can just see you doing this.

    I actually went through my esoteric books (cause I am getting ready for that godess grotto I keep talking about and they and my candles, don't get me started on all those and the incense) and love them as I do, I spent a whole week, going through them and weeding them down to what I really wanted. Like I would put one's I could not decide on off to the side, one's I knew I wanted back on the shelf and the ones I no longer needed or wanted on the floor to give away. Took about one day.

    I ended up with an entire table filled with books I could not decide on and spent the rest of the week slowly making real decisions.

    Toys are my sons problem. We buy a lot and he uses all of them. (Okay, realities are there are quite a few he has outgrown, but I make him go through them and make the decisions. I do not want to hear later on in life that it is all my fault cause I got rid of his toys behind his back. Not happening.

    I also seriously want him to learn not to hoard and how to make decisions and letting go. My own parents went through the depression where you could not afford anything and then the WW2 where you could not get anything and had to reuse/repurpose whatever you could. It left a big inmpression on them and they trained us the same way. All my siblings are dealing with this issue or semi-hoarding (nothing like the shows on tv but enough to know we are not getting anywhere by holding on)

    We still have to push each other to continue cause we get into it and then stop and by the next year have filled all the empty places with new stuff to get rid of. We all love "retail therapy" and we are working on releasing that as well. I use to say "If I was sick, I shopped and if I was depressed, I shopped and if I was sick and depressed; Major Appliances!

    But back to the toys. I do allow a box of "memory toys" to be in the attic but like his artwork box, it must be gone through each year to determine what stays and what goes. (We don't add another box) and then there are ones that are worth money (Like his set of thomas train toys). The rest are for yard sale, thrift store or donate to a school/hospital and the like.

    I do still have a bit of a problem with things that are only good for discard but have useful things on them like buttons or beads and cardbord backing from notebooks, arrrrg! I have a craft area and they get used for crafts (there is always school projects and me and my son work on them together as quality time.) but I have too much for even that and I am now storing them in their own containers for the thrift store donation. So anyone who does realtime crafting/sewing can put them to use.

  • Alright one more.

    I save the following e-mails:

    Funny ones

    sweet ones

    spirit and esoteric type messages and newsletters

    tips (household, feng shui, etc.)

    daily oms

    I even have a folder on (don't laugh) de-cluttering tips.

  • Oooo just reminded me of all the other stuff I have in an upstairs cupboard :(... looks like I will have to tackle all my card/scrapbook making stuff out now too, I started a scrapbook project when my daughter was carrying my youngest granddaughter, it never got finished, shame on me....shes nearly 6 too will be getting rid of all mine as I know I dont want to make any more of those, I have tons of cake decorating stuff too that needs sorting too, I havent used that either in a long time... but, oh boy I'm exausted today, I've scrubbed the bathroom till gleaming, cleaned all my ornaments and pictures in living room, sorted one book drawer out, made some jewelery and I really am p o o but I feel today has been very productive for me, I feel a lot better for doing all those little neglected jobs! :).... but now Im off to lay down and hopefully a peacful restful sleep!.... 🙂

  • 🙂

  • No paddi I want them, I have perfume that was brand new and the top got broken and I can't get it off, so what do you do with it? I would love to collect them.

  • Beth,

    Throw it out sweety, it wasn't meant to be.

  • I collect perfume miniatures or at least I did for a while but they are hard to come by. I even have a book somewhere on the rarest minatures. Must dig it out. Wow Denise you have been really busy. I was happy I got to scrub out the bathroom and clean all the mirrors in the house but that was about it for today...a little bit every day helps...the kiddie corner is tomorrow's job, a windowsill that is as it is quite wide and they have all their pens and papers there and now and again it needs to be sorted and dried out pens etc. need to be gotten rid of. They can help me do that. And the fish bowl needs a clean again. Another kiddie chore.

    xoff to bed after a bath in my nice clean bathtub.

  • I've talked to others who have clutter. At length. One person I know is definitely a 3rd generation from WWII and has far surpassed all the stuff his parents and grandparents had (generational). Another is surrounding herself with pretty things because her childhood didn't have them (lack). My Feng Shui friends seem to have somehow integrated the external things into themselves, so that the external doesn't matter. The items that remain in their homes are relevant on many levels, and usually part of their national culture. Monks in monasteries give away everything they own and have a bowl, beads and a robe. I even knew one woman who's mother bought another HOUSE to hide all the things she had bought from her husband, and you couldn't walk in there.

    If each item you own contains just one thought, either negative or positive, then that should be enough to make me insane. No wonder I can't focus. I think I just realized all my paper represents ideas, thoughts, things I want to do/make and don't have time. BINGO. I think I know what to do. THANKS EVERYBODY!

    And now that we've all cleaned our bathrooms and kitchens, we should be ready to tackle evolution of the species.

  • Its hard for me at the moment as the kids are on school holidays i have so many toys like i said i dont even know where to begin maybe thats a job for hubby lol may as well put him to good use now hes home .

  • Good idea, keep him busy. I really am sorry he lost his job. Will he get unemployment? I've been on it for a year now. Don't know how much longer but I definitely want to get the finished cleaning the whole house and rid of the junk first. It's so hard to keep up when your working and do other projects too. Somethings gotta give so things go to h*ell real quick.

    Less stuff, less stuff to take care of.


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