Clutter and negative energy

  • I hoard books too, I have a problem but recently took most of the to work and left them, some I will never part with, cleaning makes room for good things to come into your life.

  • I thought I would never get rid of books either. But when cleaning the attic I found a ton that I had read years ago and really wouldn't read again. Many Harlequin Romances (they are so similar), and Readers Digest condensed version books. Donated them all - it felt great!

    I find I can get a lot done even in 15 min increments and it's not so draining.

    The shredding - yikes. That I do not like. Constantly changing the bag and shredded paper throughout the house. I can't wait till that's done with but I do get burnt out doing it. Emptied a big bag last night so I have to fill up another one.

    Bought a cool bromeliad plant a couple of weeks ago even though I have not come close to painting my LR. I think it will look great with the color I picked out for the walls. And my neighbor who is a painter told me over the winter he has a bunch of shade of beige in his basement, so I gave him two paint chips and hopefully he has something close to one of them! I think if I can get the bedroom going it will make a nice peaceful room for me - and a FINISHED room! I really don't want a lot of "stuff" anymore. Sounds crazy but it totally excites me when I look on a shelf and see something that belonged to the ex and toss it. 🙂

  • One Feng Shui book I read said to start with the bathroom. Another said the kitchen. If you can get just one tiny room done, it helps, and those 2 rooms tend to really shine when you're done (so I do those a LOT-HA!). Sometimes it's just one drawer. But I refuse to get outside storage. (Our neighbors are all jealous because we can actually park in our garage! I guess I should feel good about that.) But books? I've started marking the ones I want to keep the minute I finish reading them. The rest go. Eventually.

    It's the paper. I have a paper problem. Even after going paperless on all the bills and making a catch all file on the computer for scribbled notes and sketches on scraps. Even after shredding for days, and making binders for single pages from magazines. Stopping all the junk mail 3 times. Re-using cards as gift tags. Using reams of it for art classes. Burning it. Filing it. It's still everywhere. The poor TREES!

  • Yeah, my biggest problem is with paper. I't always all over the house and the junk gets mixed in with the important stuff and I end up going thru it twice or more. I started taking care of the mail as soon as it came it. Went well for a while and the next thing I know it's all piled again.

  • Paper paper paper.......

    I was good with my mail for 2 years and it slipped, ironically when I moved the shredder upstairs to work on the attic. Now I make an effort to go through it and just leave the stuff to shred in the bedroom where it is now. I can't wait to finish this project and put it back downstairs where it belongs.

    I don't get much mail at all and the paper still drives me nuts.

    I have to make an effort to keep my desk clean too or I always lose stuff I need.

  • My problem is with toys i have so many lightining mcqueens ,Thomas , carebears and my little ponies that i dont want to part with becos years ago i had this toy called the kenner family treehouse and my mum gave it away years later of course ,but how i would love to look at that toy again the lid of the tree popped up and it had dividers for the rooms and all the little people were inside with their little furniture it had an elevator and a swing even the dog had is own little tree kennel , . My daughter was given a fifi and the flowertots wateringcan house which is sort of similar i will never part with that .

  • Ooooooh books!! I have love/hate relaytionship with buying, reading them, but then it comes to "where the heck do I put them all? see, I just really really don't like the look of book shelves, they look so messy and untidy, especially if someone comes along and don't put it back in its proper place! I haven't used one in years...but, the problem now is a lot of the drawers in my house contain books, normal women have nice little sets of fancy underwear in the bedroom drawers, not me, yep, mine are stuffed with books and the underwear is all stuffed jumble up in one tiny drawer! really must sort all that out!! I bet there are many books in there that I could donate to my local Doctors surgery, they have like a little mini library and sell them on and donate money to charity....but Phew! reading this thread is sure making me lots of work to I'm SO grateful for it, after all it is for my benefit eh!, and like poetic said "cleaning makes room for good things to come into your life." ..... I'm all for that!! 🙂

  • LOL soo glad I am not the only one then!!! Paper oh my it is just pouring out everywhere here and then the kids bring all their works of art home from school oh my and they cannot be disposed of immediately...

    Mags I know exactly which toy you are talking about, have yu checked amazon to get a new one, your youngest would probably love it. We ahve the Fifi house too it is really sweet, we also have tonnes of Littlest Petshop and it is really collector stuff so that will stay with us until the girls have kids of tehir own. But nowhere to put it..

    Happy cleaning folks!!

  • Talking of the toys, I remember the tree house, I bought that for my kids in the 70's I think it was? it was so lovely, I enjoyed playing with that...with the kids of course ;).....

    My treasured toy as a child was a doll, she was a Rosebud doll (brand name) I Sooo loved the smell of it, I still remember what it was like to this day! she had beautiful blonde curly hair, but, my youngest sister decided at the age of 3 to practice her hair dressing skills and hacked it all off :)...I was devastated but I could still have the joy of the wonderful smell of her....but, my mother after a while decide to throw her away saying "you dont want this scraggy looking thing, I will get you a new one"....but it wasn't a sweet smelling Rosebud doll :(.... funny thing is every time I go toy shopping for the grand kids now I always make a bee line for the doll aisle, searching and sniffing all the dolls... the workers there must have thought I'd gone nuts! LOL...never found one though, wish they would bring those back...

  • Yes Denise it came out n the 70s i used to have this Princess Leah doll when i was 8 and i loved it so much i never took it out of the box for fear her hair might come out of those big bun things she used to have on the side of her head well i got my mum put it up high in the wardrobe and i forgot about her ,well years later when i was a teenager my little sister who is several years younger than me somehow got the doll down took her out of the box and pulled her hair out i was devasted oh well it taught me alesson toys are meant to be played with not kept in a box would have been worth a bit now.

  • I cannot remember what my favourite toy was, I was never given dolls or rather my stepmother filtered them before they came to me becuase she wanted me to be a tomboy.

    Just wondering, in the book I have about fengshui they say the bathroom is not important. But one of you say it is. Anyone know why it should not be important?

  • Boy I guess I really was the tom boy at my house. I had the matchbox race cars and hot wheels and the tracks to go down the hallway, we had a blast with them. I can remember getting Barbies and a Chrissy doll (her hair grew) as a kid but I think I preferred the Rockem Sockem Robots game, a new baseball, records, oh my I had quite a collection of 45's at one point. They are all gone now. You know it's funny I can remember even then paper was an issue for me because I kept everything my niece and nephew drew, my own sketches, my poems, writing story ideas, teen magazine articles and pictures I'd snatch out of them. Oh my this problem is now mostly old files and genealogy data that is disorganized but it is amazing to think back on when and how it all began.

    I never read you should start feng shui in the bathroom but I do remember reading about things to avoid, the mirror facing the commode being one of them and leaving the lid down so your wealth doesn't escape, the drains should also be kept closed or covered which with kids in the house sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. My only revelation on that is to think what a commodity water is to the human existance and so that relation is of value which we then place on money and the monetary pleasures we can afford by having it. Kind of a round about way of getting there but I think that may be the concept behind it.

  • RC,

    It's so strange that you mentioned Chrissy, with al the talk of favorite dolls I was just about to add mine. Also, she just came out in a discussion at my house.

    Me, my boy and my DH were watching a show and the mother on teh show was going on and on about her favorite doll as a child. My 10 year old boy was like "Oh please, get on with it, women don't talk about dolls." So I said, "Sure they do, I still remember my favorite one, her name was Chrissy."

    He looks at me with this realy dumbfounded expresion, and I say, "What?" (cause I really don't know why he is looking at me like that.) Then he finally speaks...


    Me and my DH burst out laughing. Now, mind you, he knows he was named after his dad, but he also knows Chris is my favorite name anyway.

    I'm like no, baby, I think she was my favorite because she had my favorite name. And please don't ever mention this in front of your friends, you'll never live it down!

    But inwardly I had to wonder if Chris is my favorite name because of the doll. I had never put the two together.


  • Paddifluff, the bathroom is tied into MONEY and self worth. If you leave the toilet lid up, you are flushing your money down the toilet. Outdated medicine invites sickness. Old toiletries are stagnant energy-stopping the flow of chi. In Feng Shui, the bathroom is supposed to reflect the state of your own self worth. At least, that's what I've been told by several experts. The kitchen is the heart of the home, is tied to family life, being nourished, and whatever you cook absorbs the feelings you have while you're cooking it. That's why the Chinese have 'kitchen gods', to watch over the family. I just do the Feng Shui thing for fun, because I have Chinese friends. But I really do feel better if these 2 rooms are spotless and shiny. (Not to mention ecoli, germs, all the logical things.)

    They're also the 2 easiest and quickest rooms to revamp/paint/decorate/clean (unless yours are huge-mine are tiny). So it's easier to get motivated to do them. Just a fresh set of fun dishtowels can shift it. Every time I tour a house, or go to an interior shop, I look at the bathrooms.

    And going over all the wood with Murphy Oil soap? WOW. You can use baby oil on all the stainless, and it repels rust and lime. A cheap vinyl shower curtain changes everything in an instant. Think 'spa'.

    Then there's the water aspect-dripping faucets=losing money. Our bodies are 90% water. Cleansing away the negative.

    I did have one major faux sponge painting idea that I didn't think through. I was going to do brown/beige in the bathroom, then suddenly got a visual of a chimp, flinging you know what. Not good. Went with blues instead, like water.

  • Wow Sandpiper thanks for the info, my bathroom is indeed not big and I also feel good when it is clean (actually it is due a go) but I did not know how important is is to feng shui. And the kitchen as well, our kitchen is falling apart, I know it is bad luck to leave any sharp knives around because the mother is in the cooker part or something like that, where the oven is that is also the heart (??) or something. maybe a new kitchen would put us back on track too...

  • I still am struggling to make my new home part of me (or is it me part of it?) But scrubing from top to bottom makes me feel more invested. (The only dirt/energies after is mine and my families which I am comfortable with. The energy part.LOL)

    Anyway, I have more to do and some is already due for a re-dop but I do remember at my old home, I scrubed the bathroom and kept it nice and clean regularly as well as the kitchen. With those two rooms being in good shape, I did not mind the mess in other ares so much. I know it would be wonderful to have all rooms as clean but those two were always on my mind as important. Maybe because as long as those two were clean stuff in the rest of the house was just dust or dry dirt (same as dust to me) I never let anything like mud or food go. Spills and such I clean up immediately no matter where they occur.

    So really I guess paper and dust are my two biggies.

    Also, someone mentioned childrens school papers and their drawings.

    I deal with the school papers in an organized manner but do keep everything until the year is over. But, drawings, OMG, its like a photograph of my son, how can I throw it away???

    I try to review at the end of the year and only keep those that are meaningful or really good but it is still too much. This one will take some hard thought and work.


  • Oh yes I keep some bits of work from all the girls, mostly the stuff they do at home though. I often think it is the teachers laughing at us parents when they send them home with stacks and stacks of scribbles and bits stuck together. I have a folder for each kiddie and a picture or two wanders in there now and again and the rest goes in the paper bin.

  • "I often think it is the teachers laughing at us parents when they send them home with stacks and stacks of scribbles and bits stuck together"

    You may have it right. LOL

  • Okay LMAO,,, sorry Keep the toilet down so wealth doesn't escape! Funny but then now that I'm thinking in the dream world s h i t is money. hmmm

    It's also fertilizer!

  • Oh, I just threw out old medicine. Sombody sounds like a hoarder..... Not judging.

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