Clutter and negative energy

  • Is it true that if you have a lot of clutter in your house and then clean it up that the whole energy of the house changes to positive? My kids and hubby and I seem to alwsys fall in to a bad mood and the kids fight like girls whenever we get back from anywhere-2 seconds in the door and they are scratching eachothers eyes out. What is up with my house? I would not consider myself a negative person but there is a lot of clutter.

  • I think this is more a belief or superstition than anything else? My mother used to say that the whole house needed to be completely clean from top to bottom, all laundry done, etc- before New Year's Eve, because this would prevent anything negative in your home from following you into the New Year. I have a very good friend who also believes this, and she is a very positive person. Myself, I haven't really stuck to this, but whatever makes someone feel good in their surroundings can't be bad, I say.

  • Clutter is expounded upon throughout many disciplines/cultures and as such has a basis in the human psychi.

    Feng Shui, chi, magic, old wive's tale, most religions with the throwing out the old and bringing in the new.

    It does come down to how you and everyone feels as to how much can be handled before it ballons into prompting arguments or an uncomfortable feeling. One can go too far and make mo one feel comfortable with messing it up on the other end of the spectrum.

    So I guess it comes down to where is the clutter and is it bugging everyone. Corners should be clean supposedly so the good chi does not get trapped in them and tabletops should be clear and balanced so we kind of get into hiding the clutter in a room or closet which is fine as long as everyone steers clear of it.

    Think about what it feels like on vacation when you enter a hotel room; it is clean and everything is in a balanced place with no extranious items. Then think how that would feel if you were to come home to the same thing.

    If it is something you have to do everyday and no one helps you, that is too draining on one person and they should all learn to do it for themselves as well. So maybe work on one room ask the others to take care of their own crap as far as that one room is concerned and see what happens.


  • Hmm yes that is what I am trying at the moment with the kids and their stuff. I studied a feng shui book and worked out where the centre of the house is and what kind of energy was in it and it was not so good even though most of the other directions are okay. But it is not possible to remedy the centre of a house or so the book says. So I wonder if that is why the energy here is always a bit suspect.

  • Usually they (books on shui) offer fixes like mirrors, wind chimes or crystal hanging balll (weren't you just looking for one of those? Hmm maybe intuition for this fix was prompting that thought?)

    Anyway I just read a weird thing the other day on a shui cure for the middle of the house from Ellen Whitehurst: "A Buddha statue can also be placed in the middle of the house or living environment in order to activate energies accorded to increased health and healing on every level. Buddha paintings and statues should never be treated as decorations or furniture, as they hold a sacred quality in and around them. Fat Buddha (often also called Laughing Buddha) carries a huge bag with him that promises to scoop up all your troubles, worries and woes and replace them with happiness and good fortune." It doesny have to be large but a Fat Buddha may be a good thing if you can find a place for him that works.

    If the center is an open space where you can place an object with out running into it you can hang/place it on one side and put a mirror on the opposite side to reflect it back to the middle maybe.

    I have problems with cooking/kitchen area and I ended up placing a crucifix over both entrances to it cause God knows I can use the celestial help in that area. LOL


  • I've got a permanent solution. Kid trading sorry couldn't help it roflmao

  • Ahhh Seehorse, at it again I see. LOL

    But you bring up a good thought/suggestion. I'm not advocating trading children but the exercise of thinking about it can be uplifting.

    I mean really, if you were given the choice in all seriousness, would one really trade their children for someone else'?

    It's sort of the old classic the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. So when you know that someone else's yard or job or children are going to be just as (or more so) much a problem/work as the one you have; is it not better to look on the brighterside of what you have? What are the good qualities of your grass/home/work/children that someone else may covet?

    Then sit back and go nananana, I got it and you can't have it!


  • HAHAHA Seehorse no way I would rather have the mess and extra work!!! Most of the mess in our place is old stuff that me and hubby have gathered over the years, both being uprooted and not really having a place to call home except where we make it, and that needs to be sorted out and chucked away but oh my what a chore. Kids stuff can get thrown in boxes at the end of the day and with 4 girls I have been getting extra mileage out of everything.

    Solution to your child trading Seehorse, make another one and then they will play together and leave you alone...

    Funny IBeleive I have one of those Buddhas in my house and never even thought about using it. I will see if I can find a good place for it, at the moment is is up on a high shelf gathering dust (it is quite small). And LOL crucifix in the kitchen...I have none of those in my house as for me they represent the repressive Catholic Church and all the taboos that were indoctrined in to us all as kids (well not me as I was brought up Protestant but my friends and of course a bit did rub off on me, hard not to). And indeed hanging crystal balls to split any negative energy, yes I was thinking about getting one.

    Thanks for your input!


  • Hey people,that was a joke. I absolutely love my children and wouldn't trade them for the world. That's why me and my wife work our ( know what!) every day, i work even on Sundays to provide for them, save money in the bank to put them through college even send them to more developed countries to continue their studies. So, a joke, ok ?

    As for your question Ibeleive, the answer depends on the particular children. If my parents had half the chance, i would probably be in Afghanistan a long time ago hahaha just ask my mother, she has so many horror stories of me to tell !

    Fortunately i grew up to be a restrained serious adult roflmao

  • I so get the repressive catholic stuff. My orininal thoughts were to basically bless the kitchen/food as I can't cook worth sh*t.

    But you know, perhaps I am due for a change in energy and the laughing Buddha could certainly be used in my home. I'll put out a thought for aquiring one and see what turns up!

    As for the one you have, yeah, dust it off and give it some due reverence.

    Hope your crystal comes to you just a fast!

    Blessings and good fortune to you.

  • Duly dusted and put up in a better spot just off-centre of the house, I will see tomorrow if there has been an energy shift. They say you should rub its tummy for good luck, I will give it a try.

    Seehorse we are all the same us parents, we would do anything for our little darlings and sometimes we really need to vent grrr completely understand where you are coming frm LOL. But it is funny to read your posts about trading know after I had my second daughter I got really bad PND and it was not recognised as such and somebody said to me I will trade you this for your daughter and I was so ready to trade. i felt really bad about it later of course but just at that moment I was not really in good form.

    xhope your Buddha finds you soon Beth and thanks for once again coming to my rescue!!


  • Thank you and you are most welcome. You already returned the favor with your enlightening thoughts and making me think of my own stale energies I have left in place too long.

    Here's to spring and maybe a little spring cleaning as well!

    (We got to open the windows today, so feeling a little brighter energy flowing through.)

  • Me again IBeleive, about your numerology stuff. Our company deals with financial stuff, doing the books for any company or private person who wants it, the logo is blue (and Shuabby said something about taking the blue out) and the name, am I allowed to post that here? Actually it is split in to various entities too many actually but all are service providers. And I am a freelance translator but I don't have acompany name or a website or a logo. Anyway what should I be looking out for? You have really gotten my attention. Does your knowledge also extend to numbers for houses? (our cluttered place...)

    I am SO looking forward to your reply!!!

  • Lets work on the business end first, okay.

    I need your DOB and your DH DOB and the full names both of you use for business (like if you use your middle name in it then it is important) You can email me with these and the company name at Ibelievenspirit on yahoo.

    If you dont want to give out your real names, I understand, I am a bit guarded with my own for professionall reasons.

    But you can just give me the numbers they translate to. Assign each letter a number based on where it is in the alphabet and reduce it down to a single number. (a = 1, s = 19)

    Same for the DOB except it is very important if the number just prior to the last single number reduction is an 11, 22 or 33 as those are master numbers and have increased significance.

    I'll be waiting for your info to get started.

    This is fun!

  • PS,

    If you don't use your middle name in the business DO NOT include it in the computation. But if you DO use the intial then that would be in the computation.

    Think how you and your husband sign doc's for the busiines.


  • HI Beth I will mail you the names because all the numbers boggle me.

  • Has anyone seen that show Hoarders? It scares the crap out of me, because I keep everything. I mean, we can still walk around in here and all, and there's no ancient pizza in the closet or animal feces. I don't save aluminum foil. But I'm an artist and I can't get rid of anything that could even loosely be termed 'art supplies'. I recycle cardboard, paper, everything. A friend of mine is half Chinese, and her house is incredible, so I know it works. I keep taking bags of stuff to Goodwill, and I'm not really bringing home anything. But I'm not even making a dent. I've actually decorated other people's homes. I spend out. I re-gift. I take pictures and donate it. I organize. But there's just a lot I need for my work, and no space. (I think our house was built by architecture students, a little wonky and no storage.) How do you Feng Shui that?

  • Hey, I'm an architect!

    But I know what you mean. I too save all kinds of craft supplies and I finally organized them in the basement. But before I moved in with my husband, I had a little cottage all small rooms and no storage. No attic and no basement, arrrg.

    I built storage. Over top of closets, lowered some ceilings in areas to create a storage space.

    Had those tables with the 3 legs and a nice full length cover. Under every piece of furniture. I'm sure the chi had a horrible time. Finally ended up with one of those storge places you rent.

    Maybe you can get one of those sheds for outside that they make with windows and all for a studio?

  • Sandpiper I feel your pain! My exh moved out over 2 yrs ago and I am still getting rid of his cr*p. I've filled almost 2 dumpsters and my dad helped me move over 2400 lbs of metal to the scrap yard last summer. I still have the 2nd dumpster. Nevermind all I've put in the regular trash and still get to the scrapyard almost every other week. Books and clothes to goodwill. I swear the house looks worse since I started deep cleaning the garage and attic! So frustrating. But I keep picking at it and I'm determined it will all come together. 🙂


  • Do you believe in energy? Anybody empathetic--sensitive will tell you--all places feel different--have energy. Yes yes yes, clutter chokes the life force out of a space--also the way you arrange things in a room---affects the flow of energy. Stagnation is real. Light and airy feels good--ALSO--if you shop thrift shops or buy second hand--I do---there is energy on items. I will often pass up a bargain on a nice piece because after I pick it up it will feel negative. Could be the previouse owner had anger issues--maybe fighting in the home or just a dark person or sad story attached. Hoarding is a manifestation of mental health so indeed there is a mind connection to clutter or it would just be a lazy thing--hoarding is a way of stopping energy---it smothers feelings. Clutter does affect your life. If every shelf is full you block the energy that attracts abundance---holding on to too much stuff can make you even gain weight---also clutter and chaos attracts lower spirits. Everone feels better after a good house cleaning--a good purging. Everytime I donate nice stuff--not just c rap---something nice comes my way. Clutter will cause depression---drain you. I can tell when my room is getting too cluttered because I'll start feeling tired when in there. Also how you treat your house does manifest in your life--the kitchen is the soul of the house. The bathrooms are very important. Too much furniture chokes the room and odd placed furniture---sharp corners should be buffered---avoid furniture blocking windows. Clutter is an energy zapper. Clutter will cause agitation when filled with too many people--because their energy gets trapped--so yes more agitation and fighting. Take the challange--purge purge purge---and give loving attention to neglected things and definetly do not keep broken things. Committ to this and share how it has changed your life. I'd like to hear your input!

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