Clutter and negative energy

  • ;)) what happened to your thread Denise about natural foods and remedies?

  • I don't know paddi, it just seems since I was away from the forums for those few months with my illness I came back here but for some reason I haven't felt inclined to start it up again, but for the life of me I can't think why I'm like this with it? mind you whilst writing that I just had a thought pop in my head that maybe I feel a failure in that after all the spouting I did about what does you good I still went and had my very near nervous breakdown, so perhaps I would feel like an hypocrite starting it up again?...

  • Oh boy don't think like that there should be noone pointing the finger and I am sure there are many who will benefit from your knowledge. There was another thread- lets teach eachother- which was also full of useful info that just died too, such a shame it was so good. MaybeI will find it and bump it up.

  • Healing Ways, I've noticed there's a lot of mental breakdown going around. And it seems to happen to those spreading the light. Think of all the people you helped. You didn't fail.

  • Thanks Paddi and HealingWays,

    I did not know about the head lice and flea. I no longer have a pet as my son is allergic but I use to hate putting those chemicals on my cat but I had one too many flea infestations and the chemicals to get rid of them were worse on all of us.

    As for the lice, I'm going to look into getting some for for our shampoo.

    I would love to see you start up your thread again, and no one including yourself should ever think it is hypocritical. We all make mistakes and we all have lessons to learn and we all go thru bouts of whatever be it depression, hormones and body changes or mind altering experiences (sometimes in order to get our heads out of our b*utts.) and yet if you only help one person in their time of need, it is worth it all.


    Of course, I should talk, I let my stones/crystal thread drift away too.


  • OK so I have decluttered the area of my house that I thought was causing the problems and I can still so feel the heavy weight of the house like the energy is not yet balanced. I think it is coming from the top floor. We still have so much wood panelling on the walls from the previous owner, it looks like a sauna and I think that there is too much of it. I must look for the remedy. And get rid of the books on the top floor.


  • I have a lot of wood too--it can get heavy. My husband doesn't believe in painting wood---but gave in some so I did compromise---let the ceder planks alone in the living room but painted the kitchen cabinets a bright warm cream--not too white. And the back room was also all ceder panaling-not the nice planks but just the paneling--We have excercise equipement there but the room had no energy--always felt heavy and dark---of course my husband thinks those kinds of feelings are nutty but boy I hated that heavy too much male energy no balance---so one day I just did it---went out bought this soft turquise paint and painted the back room---instant change of energy! Don't be afraid to paint paneling white or a warm variation of white.

  • Yes I have been threatening to do it for ages, even have a friend lined up, and even have it sanded down, it is so oppressive all that wood. And my hubby is like yours, doesn't know why I have duch a problem with it.

  • OMGosh, what is it wiht men and wood all over the place. I'm with you and I think that is the biggest problem with me and this house of HIS. It's not just wood (I do love wood when appropriate and in smaller doses) but the entire house is the sixties version of "early american" decore down including all the lighting. Arrrrg! w/the exception of the bedroom (no decore at all) and the basement nice light blue and light maple and pinkish beige floor. No wonder I spend all my time in these two areas. LOL

    Maybe needing the water elements to calm the wood, any takers on that one? And plants maybe??

  • I thought actually that fire was the remedy for wood and that you should keep a light on in that area, preferably red, or candles??? I like wood in small doses but this stuff is just awful. My remedy is going to be paint, I love painting. I would love to take it out but I am afraid of what is behind paint it is...

  • You know when I read "I thought actually that fire was the remedy for wood" I burst out laughing before I could go on to see you were serious. You can just imagine whaty I was thinking.LOL

  • Love the feed back--I thought my man was the only one with the wood hang up! BUT wood is masculine so figures. I laughed about that fire remedy for wood--hahaha! Yeah--as in burn it! Actually I love nice wood---have a round oak table with the big claw feet and love to just rub my hand across it at times---and my house is all cedar outside with stone accents---I have cedar nside with a huge stone firplace and luckily two windows that go to the floor as wood can really make a room heavy and dark. I have lovely lamps everywhere---use the energy saver bulbs and they stay on---if I leave my husband alone for awhile he turns lights off---I love my lamps and need my light and do not ever feel guilty. I just painted a little hallway near all the wood--deep vibrant red----funny, that I had no idea it could balance wood---I was trying to remedy the bathroom it leads to in the middle of my house---bad feng shui to have a bathroom in the middle---red is supposed to be a good luck remedy for many things--plus I put a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door and could feel the difference immediatly. Also, keep in mind the outside area counts as well----specially around the entrance. Red is supposed to be good luck for a front door and it's not good to have dead plants around or a tree diectly in front of the entrancce.

  • Thanks Blmoon,

    We have a red front door but until I moved in, I do not believe it was ever opened.

    We enter thru the back and so does everyone else as that is where the driveway is (busy front street with no parking directly across from a graveyard of all things but I don't mind so much as the neighbors from that area are quite quiet and ameniable LOL.)

    Anyway after I read some feng shui about front doors and using them, I make sure we do use it on occassion and I open it up during the spring summer nice temperature days as much as possibly.

    (My husband closes it whenever I leave the room.)

    But at least it is red!

  • Yes--I read that one too---that is not good not to use the front door but maybe the red helps remedy that.

  • Define "tree directly in front"! Inside or out? I have a Norfolk Island Pine that stays in the front hall, but it's to the side of the door. The inside of the door is natural and the outside is a dark red.

    I am determined to finish cleaning the upstairs hall today. šŸ™‚

  • I love tea tree oil myself I use a drop of it in my coconut oil skin concoctions and add it when I bathe . It's potent you don't need much.

    My daughter is a fume hater too. She has a fit if I clean her bathroom w/ bleach. She will not "learn" how to do it herself so I have to sneak in when she's out. Can you say premadonna...

    I guess I'm one of the "wood lovers" I prefer it to glass or anything metal. My house is full of it. I have 10-11 bookshelves. Now talk about dust! I don't care for paint except on walls if necessary.

    If I had wood panelling I'd not touch it either. Actually thought of adding wood paneling to my bedroom to give it warmth.

    I recently painted almost every room in my deceased aunts house for my cousins as they want to sell. Another thing I have no desire to do when I get home.ā§ But I do spend time thinking of domestic improvements. Often thats as far as I get. That seems to happen to me a lot since I'm DIY.

    I really don't like putting that chemical stuff on my cats either I've tried"organic" dirt and etc but doesn't work really. Plus it's messy. My cats won't sit still to be flea combed either.

    If the dead plants or trees in front of entrance is right I'm breaking all the rules..I have a huge honeysuckle that's next to my front door and if your wide it's hard to get in my house. I like it tho I'm much more the overgrown wild plant type vs "manicured" Since I rescued my abandoned kitten and she has "filled out" we call her buddha kitty cs she's a tubby one, my house plants have suffered. She thinks they are her playground.

    I have a buddha "lamp" in my living room that is one of the 1st things you see when you walk in thru my entrance hall. Small Quan Yin in my yard and Buddha again there. Ivy's hiding him tho!

    I have a lot of red and rust/red in my bedroom bot not in the right position.I would love to study Shui more another fascinating project. It is good to shake things up and move stuff around.I'm notorious fro throwing things in a box and stashing it in the garage. Cleaning before company comes ...I seem to just move my piles around...

    I trust everyone is having a grand wkend it's beautiful here!!

    Cheers P

  • It's raining here (the kids will play soccer anyway) but it ruined my plans for shopping, so I stayed in and did my sunday chores. Hoping it clears up tomorrow.

    I used to have a junk room where I through everything when I needed to clean "spruce" up the place and kept all my intended DIY stuff there as well. It was so burried I only ever ended up buying for the inteneded DIY and never actually got around to it. Not any more. Now I buy and do and no dumping grounds allowed. Well it's worth a try anyway.

    I've made good headway throughout the house in getting rid of everything (of mine or the kids at least) Even caught my husband removing some of his sci fi stuff from the top of the entertainment center to put away somewhere. I should look at it as a good sign or or something like that. I will too, but not tady. LOL

    He has an entire closet just for his old stuff and still hides things in his file cabinet and on top of an old desk. BUT he complained about my boxes I brought from my house. There was and still is no wall/table/area for my things I used to have around me (You know like family photographs) Every space is filled with his decorating and he complained about how worried he was I would make him throw it all out so I never touched it. THAT was my first mistake, give them and inch...

    Well, after I finish cleaning, I'm going to throw out all the old curtains and put up new ones. And then start putting my stuff or new stuff out here and there. I will have at least one wall for my family!

  • Thanks Paddi, sandpiper865 and Ibelieve,

    You've made me feel a whole lot better about the Healing thread and made me see it in a different light and I should be a little more understanding and not so hard on myself and let go of feeling a failure, I will start it up again when I get some new info on health benefits to pass on, and it will be lovely for others to add there health tips again too like we did šŸ™‚

    Many Blessings to you all šŸ™‚


  • Happy Sunday everyone, I actually didn't see the joke of using fire as a remedy for wood LOL our complete house is a wood frame house how I would love to burn it to the ground and start again...I removed the tree in front of our house as it was blocking the light, it was dug out and taken to a better place. And our front door is green with a lot of glass, so is the house and it faces south. I have to study my book again though to see what else needs a change. We painted all the wood in the hall a deep red as well. I want to put the place on the market anyway and I have managed nearly to convince hubby since it will take at least a year for it to sell, he wants to milk it as a rental accomodation when (whenever) we make the move. I want to get rid of the weight around my neck.

    BUT in the meantime we will rather I will try to get the energy right.

    Happy no cleaning Sunday ladies!

  • I feel like i want to take everything out of this house put it on the front lawn and start again my house is a wood frame as well does anyone know what it means when you constantly have spiders at hanging around your front door ?it seems that huntsmans(really big spiders) which scare me to death always congreate around there for some reason.

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