My question to Blmoon....

  • "Does he like you? It is his desire to keep you asking that question. Spirit shows me the word VULNERABILITY. Your energy is too revealing with him--he feels powerful next to you. This predicament keeps you tight lipped when you should be speaking up--asking questions--controling the conversation--LEADING says spirit. He is interested but his motive could be muddied by the power he feels. Reflect on other attractions in the past as it will help you to see a pattern. This is a good time in your journey towards healing to practice raising your vibration--holding onto your power--not give energy to this kind of distraction---fixated on this wondering is not empowering. Epect him to pursue you openly if he likes you--expect more from him--anything else inbetween is just toying with you---stealing your energy. Again spirit says--expect more for yourself. Blessings. "

    Blmoon...i feel like he did started to try to pursue me...but i kind of ignored him...its been a while now... ive started talking to him again,,,, and....he seems to respond like he used to...does he still have an interest in me..and if so what kind good or bad? During this time...ive heard many things about him and his personal life....ive heard hes going through rough time with the loss of a loved one and that he is not emotionally birthday is April 14.,,, his name is David,,,

    Thankyou so much 🙂

  • I pick up several layers going on with him. The first post you received, Spirit echoed his issues. There is his earthly issue---you say he is grieving. This is often very much a time of great challange. Grief is also a doorway to healing other issues. His habit of not being open to hurt or vulnerabilty. Often great greif is an opportunity to be "broken open"---can make a person more inclined to not waste time playing games--to understand the difference between the small stuff and what is important. This is no overnight process. You will see an up and down pattern. Try not to take responsability over his changing moods. He needs to move more towards opening outward--rather than manipulating others to come to him. If he aproaches you be genuine with your feelings--no need to play games or think stratagy BUT if he gets in touch--you respond great to see you lets do something and you have a great time then he disapears---you need to always express your feelings about that--the next time you meet up---say in a non confrontational way---hey, where did you go? And really listen to his answer and trust your gut--your gut will tell you the truth if he's being honest. Also, when you do hook up be honest with yourself as to how it feels--is he just hanging out--friends or is he showing signs of more because if a man is interested he will show iT. I don't think the timing is right to expect too much right now--the biggest message I'm hearing is to have Patience--I'm getting the month of July will have a clearer picture for you. Blessings PS--you didn't ask but Spirit advises you watch your health more closely--be kind to yourself.

  • Yeah i've been neglecting my health in so many ways lately...i need to focus on that...Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you so much :)Blessings;)

  • Argh! I'm growing super impatient.. i feel like he is in a way avoiding it me, have i in any way turned him away ? July seems so far this a sneak peak for the clearer picture i will have in July..."He is not interested in me"? Please help...

    P.S. i hate wondering and not knowing....guessing and guessing argh...

  • Hello ????? Anybody there?

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