Can someone help me please?

  • I feel like I'm going around and around in circles and I can't move ahead in my life..I was laid off from my job last December, and was lucky enough to find a job with a really great company in May of 2010...I didn't have any experience doing anything in that field, so it really made me happy that they gave me a chance, and I hoped that it would work out. I tried my best, but I was let go in July, and have been looking for work ever since. My hope right now is to relocate from NYC to Philadelphia if I am lucky enough to find a the cost of living will be much lower and it will allow me to get my financial affairs in orders. I'm also beyond ready for a major change in all aspects of my life. I'm just trying to stay positive, and not fall apart- but its very hard..I'm not sure if I'm looking into the right options..anyone who can offer any advice would be greatly appreciated, and thank you.


  • Why Philadelphia?

  • I have visited the city several times- and each time, I did not want to come home.. I felt very positive and good when I was there- I actually felt happy. I'm not sure if this is just me trying to escape my problems- which I know you can't do- but the fact is, I am in a huge amount of financial trouble right now- and the city itself is close enough for me to have no problem returning to NY if I needed to see family, etc..The cost of living is lower compared to here, and it seems to be my best bet- if I can find a job.

  • Okay, that’s a good start.

    I believe if you stick to the good thoughts of your future coming to you and look into (do some research) on housing possibilities and job offerings in the areas you have abilities in you can start making those contacts that will bring it to you.

    Synchronicity has to have something to work with. The more you actually touch base with others in that city the easier it is for the connections to be made. Speaking to people about housing opportunities can lead to “Hey, I know this guy that works for such and such company and they are looking for someone with your experience. “ or “Did you try such and such, they could possibly use you with your skills.”

    Look at your skills, what you did previously, what you tried to do and what worked and what did not. See where they tie in to find what kinds of jobs you could be good at. Thinking outside the box is the way it is normally put but that concept is sometimes hard to explain. How else and in what kinds of jobs do your talents work? Where can you excel? It may just be something unexpected.

    But don’t shut out NYC completely while you search another city. Placing your focus in another direction may just open up the opportunities you were so worried about not finding there.

    Keep going in a direction and be open to what comes to you.


  • Thank you 🙂 I am going to remain open and just try to go where the universe steers me..I'm not closed to remaining in NYC, but in order for me to catch up on back rent and other bills I probably would have to work 2 jobs for a time...I'm perfectly willing to do this, I just want to start with one job at least ...LOL...Thanks again for your advice. 🙂

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