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  • Dear BlMoon,

    I wanted to start a new thread so I didn't hone in on PisceanHealer's thread. Thank you so very much for your divine guidance that you received, for me. I've never had the opportunity to hear your Spirits' words and how thrilled I was to see what they had to tell me. It seemed like it was a stream of divine consciousness at work, with thoughts going a mile a minute, confirming and saying "oh by the way." And while some may be known on a prior life level (which my own consciousness has blanked out!), some were quite on the mark as you know.

    I do love the idea of healing. It all comes from when my own father had polio (before I was born) and was a paraplegic in a wheelchair. I remember wishing so hard as a kid that he could just get up and walk again. I had visions of myself just touching his legs, and voila! He would rise and walk. I now know so much more then I did as a child. But the deepseated wishing is there still for everyone. Instead of physical healing...which some are definitely more suited for than I am...I let my healing be more on the emotional and spiritual and inspirational side. The angels call themselves cheerleaders just now lol.

    And children. Oh yes, I know I'm a child at heart and will always gravitate to the children in a room full of adults. Every time. And you have just validated again for me, in human form lol, my purpose of leading children. Not from a school teacher point of view, but I believe from a writing point of view. Telling the parents. Helping the children. This may sound a bit out there, but I feel more of a connection to of all people Michael Jackson now that he has passed then I did when he was alive. Because he was for the children as well. No matter what the publicity was.

    Not sure who the Soldier of Justice is. I immediately try to use your description to be a older grandfather, etc. but no one comes to mind. I love his moniker though. And how comforting to know he is there too. I know Archangel Michael is there at the whisper of a "call" from me, so together, they have to be joined at the hip.

    I laughed at your mention of my feet. I spend a lot of time on my feet and some nights they just ache a lot. I got a little ball that you roll on the bottoms of your feet that dancers use. It kind of hurts actually to use it, but it does press perhaps on the accupressure points. No worn out shoes but definitely worn out feet. And I hear you on the water. Diet. Singing. And even dancing. My youngest (turning 9) has the Just Dance Wii game and I'm in there with her at least trying to bust a move lol.

    I could go on. But thank you. Genuinely. And I don't know if you want to know what your angels have to say to you...but I'm most happy to let you know. They say all they need is your permission!

    Angel blessings dear friend, and thank you.

    Miss Beth

    PS: If you ever get a msg from my son Ryan...not sure that you can, but if you do...tell him the book is for him and ask if he's okay with it. Thanks!

  • you have my permission to give me a message. The Ryan question--brought laughter--as in "who's idea do you think it was?! Been there--all the way. BLESSINGS.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Sorry! This got lost in the shuffle. Is there a way to find postings easily on this site? I've tried searching but many are not discovered.

    Thanks so much on the Ryan question. That's my boy. Always the jokester with a big smile.

    A tough emotional book to write...yet one that has healing in the messages. I will send you your angel messages in another posting!



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