A reading about him please.

  • I wrote about a relationship that recently ended for me on the tarot board. I received some really good answers. Is there anyone that can tell me about how he feels now? If he misses me? If he regrets what he did? I just keep getting feelings about him. We were so close. Sometimes it feels like he is thinking about me but I just wonder if all that is wishful thinking. Does he want to come back? Any answers would be appreciated.

    Thank you all.

  • Simplyjustme,

    I know you are feeling overcome by your emotions right now but healing is a process and you need to give it some time. Try not to think about him so much - wondering what he's doing and how he's feeling - it will just prolong the process for you and it is counterproductive. Try to discipline yourself in living in the present moment instead of thinking about the past or wondering about the future. You ended the relationship with good reason. If he hasn't tried to contact you, then it's a form of self-torture to obsess about what he's feeling, thinking or doing. You left the ball in his court so respect yourself enough to leave it there and not chase after it.



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