Captain-In Need Of a Reading Please

  • Hi Captain I have had a tumultous relationship with my problem and he has had several bad experiences with his life especially with his family and the women in his family. I believe he has a lot of anger and resentful issues and has taken it out on my mother, me and my other brothers and sisters (Im the oldest) I curious to understanding my father and our relationship. He was pretty abusive to us in the past and we left the house months ago to be away from him and it is how I became stronger and built myself up as a person. I am May 6th 1992 9:28pm and he is June 24th 1973.

  • Thank you and I appreciate your insight! 😉

  • I meant to say my dad not my problem lol

  • 🙂

  • Asia, this is a very bad combination for parent and child. The emotional channels between you two are full of missed connections and are very clogged. Your father has little interest in providing you with the kind of sympathy and gentle understanding that you require, and he regards it not just as a nuisance but as a kind of soft coddling of which he doesn't approve. This relationship will only be possible if you have a shared interest such as art, film, sport, or music etc. Otherwise there is nothing here to bind you together. Your father is difficult to get close to emotionally, and would not have been a good parent even if he stayed around as he would have piled on the responsibility that he should have shouldered onto you and been very strict. Any sort of closeness or intimacy is irritating for him.

    Your father finds it hard to rise above the personal and cultivate the necessary stability to successfully travel his life path, because of his tendency to over-romanticize the world. He puts people on an unrealistic pedestal and then, when they let him down because they are after all only human, he retreats hurt into his private little shell. Love can make a fool of him, and he probably has experienced a number of disappointments in that area which have led him to shut down emotionally. He can come to see love as a messy dependency, a responsibility he cannot handle. He probably identifies and attaches too closely with his mother, making it hard for him to be a mature parent himself. He is searching for a father yet resists very traditional male attitudes. He doesn't know how to balance his caring side with his need to avoid getting entangled in other people's lives and his fear of being controlled by another person who is not sensitive to his needs. He must learn that he is complete without a partner and able to exist, function, and succeed on his own. He must strengthen his spirit, and consolidate who he is with what he wants to be. Professional success will build his self-esteem. He is highly sensitive and must acquire some objectivity, reality, and perspective so as to avoid disappointment over people and life situations. If he can avoid the pitfalls of cynicism, selfishness, and ruthlessness in achieving his goals and be more emotionally open instead ofbeing so self-protective, he will find both prosperity and fulfillment, possibly in an artistic or metaphysical sense.

  • Definetly right Captain! Me and my father only share some of the same interest but otherwise we definetly see things differently. He sees things his way and finds it very difficult to do anything else. His self esteem is built by others and not within himself. Unfortunately though, he is very cynical, selfish and ruthless and wayyyyy to sensititve to the point where he is so self absorbed and cares less about how he hurts others. He cares more about his immediate family (i.e, his mother, nieces and nephews) but doesnt know how to treat his own family.He doesnt know how to be a parent at all especially since he had a bad childhood with his mother but he will never admit she was wrong and always chooses her over us. As I talk to him now sometimes, Ive noticed he will probably never change because he's so selfish and self absorbed, he only sees the way we hurt him from leaving. Do you think he has the possibility of changing (sometimes I think bad things will happen to him)?

  • Everyone has the possibility of changing but first they must admit they do need to change. It unfortunately often takes some traumatic event to open our eyes to our faults.

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