Can anyone do a reading regarding my mother and I?Thanks!

  • Hi, I would love a reading regarding the relationship with my mother and I. Her DOB is April 13 1954 and my DOB is March 12 1985. I am know a grown adult, however she is still very over protective of me. I feel like she lives just for me and doesn't really pay attention to her own life. The neediness can be overwhelming at times. Maybe a reading can help me figure out what is the best way to deal with this situation without hurting her feelings. I do love her so very much. Thanks!

  • This relationship is often a naive, even childlike one in which neither party really cares to understand the other at a deep level. Productive relationships are often rare in this combination since the two of you can lack emotional, spiritual or physical maturity. You two are often able to make objective and accurate psychological assessments however, permitting valuable insights. Like the child who saw the emperor naked in the fairy tale, you two will maintain an atmosphere of honesty, although not always of comprehension or sympathy. You can however form a fast friendship with admiration for each other's talents and abilities playing an important role. You both have far-reaching ideas, but your mother is more concerned with her fellow human beings and society as a whole, and you with philosophical and more universal concerns. She may see you as an idealistic dreamer, taken up with cosmic, New Age or fantastic pursuits whereas you may see her as involved in messy interpersonal and idealistic endeavours that don't enhance her personal growth. She may not have much sympathy for your tendency to sink periodically into lethargy or self-pity and to be unable to help yourself. You may also be a little jealous of her ability to attract followers and fans or for being 'famous' in her area. She has no end of ideas but may be unable to put them into practice - this is where you can help her. You probably have better financial judgment and can generally know where money is well spent and where it is wasted.

    It's all right for you two to retain your childlike openness with each other but you must try to deepen your feelings. Develop a more mature and equal relationship as friends, rather than parent and child. Lessen infavorable comparisons, and share and accept.

    Your mother has a deep fear of abandonment that has probably plagued her through her whole life from childhood. She fears that if she doesn't show an interest in you and your life, you will dump her. She may even be trying to give you the attention she didn't get herself as a child. Despite any outer facade of "I can do it myself", inside she is a weeping, lost little child all alone and abandoned by her parents. If she doesn't have work or activities of her own in which to get deeply involved, then she turns to others and gets involved in theirs. She needs to feel needed, to have something in her life in which to pour her passion, enthusiasm, and dedication. You may have become her 'work' and mission. So try and get her interested in something other than your life if you want her to be less clingy - maybe suggest some sort of course or study for her, or some community project or activity that she can throw herself into.

  • Hi Captain. Thanks for the reading. I think your right on when you say she's trying to make up for what she feels she didn’t get as a child. Hopefully I can convince her to take up sometime of hobby to fill her time.

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