What Is wrong with men now days???

  • I'm dating this guy and we see each other 1 time almost every week and now all of a sudden after like week number 4 he is starting to act funny by not returning phone call's till days later I know he has a girl friend but he got benifits and the sex is good and the conversation I think there is a little emotion in there from me what do you think?

  • I think there are more men than there are women these days and why settle on one when you can have 4? That's what I see in every man I have gone out with and I am in my late 40's! It's like a kid in a candy store, they want to taste all the flavors before they choose their favorite. By then most of them are not even slightly interested in a real relationship because they have gotten so used to just "sampling" the platter. And for me, once I find out I am not the only one in the relationship (i.e. another woman) with this guy, I do the walking. I just went thru this and caused a little hurt feelings but he got over it. It is also my opinion that we are going thru some evolutionary changes where relationships are concerned, and the standard is changing. I think this is all because our religious views of old are falling away and we have come to see that we can be together without the legalities of societal norms.....

  • I would avoid him like the plague. Don't settle for 2nd best. Date someone who is going to date and want just you. There's plenty of faithful men out there.

  • Hi, I agree w/Jakhk. Times have changed. They say 50% of marriages fail. I like to read religious articles. They say the family that prays together stays together. I say, if you want to stay single, pray. You really have to know what you are looking for in a potential mate and get to know people. I've also read that churches in Europe are like museums, there's not many in them. Relationships evolve so fast that they are also over very fast. My father would tell me to get to know the educational background and family. A good relationship is supposed to compliment us. Not be demanding, jealous etc....

    All this info may mean nothing to you, maybe just worried about this guy. My advice is to forget him if your looking for a serious relationship.

  • The very first thing that hit me when I read looney730's post was the sentence, "I know he has a girlefriend". Once again I have to come back to what I always say, if he is not faithful and reliable to the girlfriend you know about, why are you so surpised he is none of those things to you? I don't care what has happened to the number of men and women in the world, or getting back to the basics in terms of religion. For the love of God what is wrong with everybody, where have our morals, ethics, and values gone to. I'll tell you where, right down the drain. Some issues are just clear as day and we refuse to see the logic in them. Do not get involved with a person that is already involved with someone else.

  • He is having his cake and eating it and then got guilt

  • I can't agree more with you. Once they cheat they always cheat. It's just the way it is. It is really hard to find a relationship where they don't and if you have one you are very lucky and fortunate. Good luck though. Let him come to you if it's meant to be it's meant to be. If not forget it and move on.........seriously he's not worth it. That's the way I see it.

  • Sorry to interrupt, but I was in a 23yr relationship with my friend just recently when he chose to replace me with a younger 40yr old 2x married with 6 children cashier at Walmart because as he puts it when they spoke it seemed as though she knew him all his life and something inside him stirred up. He also said they are insinc. All they talk about is her problem with her husband, that her husband is mean to the non biological children. He then told me that his needs were not being met and he was unhappy. I asked him did he ask me if mine were. He said why did I not tell him. Hind sight 20-20, I guess when people had been in a long term relationship as mine, one tends to be complasant. I really did not think that he would ever go anywhere except beside me. Now I lost him for good. Is this something that the group could discuss?

  • Hi Turtlemayor, In the long run, I don't think this new relationship will last. Don't tell him, avoid him. I feel, when you cut the communication he'll realize HIS mistake. I just don't believe that you can fall in love by going thru the check-out line. Unless he's been checking-out, so to speak, for awhile. He's probably been disengaged for awhile. Might have been unfaithful before.

    It's going to take time. I think it would be in your best interest to move ahead and not get dragged down by this. Do anything and everything that you enjoy because in the long run it's not worth your precious time. You'll see how this will play out. You have to remember that he has a lot of history w/you. He won't forget that.

  • I want to say this to the ladies , You are looking at this problem inside the box. I want you to look at the long term effects for the men. First of all I believe it is all about the feeding of the ego. As long as the hairline is not receding yet, and the need for viagra isnt present. The men are going to think that the extended credit card (private part can do all the negotiating in to women's lives)

    Once the mileage starts kicking in from all the mixed energies of all the sexual relationships start clogging thier system and slowly shutting it down. Then They want to negotiate with you. Why! because there are less options. Now this is for the so-called players and flat leavers. I say wait them out hopefully the trailblazers won't come back with some sexually transmitted disease or damn near death. It is time for them to grow into men. The lesson is hard , but just make sure that he does not take you with him. This is why you leave the cheaters alone. The one with too many sexual partners . It is like a car with 100,000 Miles major repair are destined.

    Even if the mind does not accept the lesson the body will hold it. Guess What! Then they end up alone all the good times and memories that could have been given to a woman who had endurance and sticking power in sickness and in health until death do we part. He did not invest in so now the end justifys the means what was at to top now fell to the bottom. Do not wait find men that are mature enough and know of thier mortality. Not the eternal children that went from thier moms house to yours. Please forgive my non-punctuation , but I hope this has shed some light on what you are dealing with. Wait them out, find other options . It will not be long before this wave will pass. It is like time in an hour glass. Love your fellow sister Moouse

  • I was thinking the other day about online "dating" and making finding women easier and faster rate. There is no easy answer. I know a man who is married and has a girlfriend on the side yet he was out there online looking for more women. I am not saying all men are this way but I found the men I came into contact with are looking for women who need them or that they are less than them. I am independant, great qualities and everything I have is on my own smarts and hard work. I thought he would be proud of me for making a good life for myself and he wouldn't have all that pressure on him. I still can't figure out why my ex would want to parade around his welfare case girlfriend who looks like she just rolled out of bed with sand still in her eyes.

  • Lets look at the facts here. Looney730's man has disgraced his vows to his current marriage, went on and met you, then decided he did not want that either ,and left you alone and vulnerable. There is only one thing to do and that is to move forward with, passion, courage, and deciveness. Find yourself someone that is "available" and stay away from these married, unavailable men. I can't understand why anyone would want someone back after the mess they left for you to clean up. But, that's just me...

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