• Hi hope all is well now Denise i wrote on the have a chat thread about Dianas dress i was watching a documenrty on hers and Charles wedding when she pulled up at the abbey and got out of the coach or whatever she was in that dress looked in need of a good ironing someone should have went over her with a hand held steamer it was made of tafferta do you know does taffeta crinkle easy?

  • Hi Mags, sorry for late reply, been doing LOTS an LOTS of de-cluttering, my daughter came to stay with me and helped, we got through SO much, it was all stuff that was never really sorted when I moved to this home, as things weren't good when I moved here, on verge of seperating with ex, my youngest daughter was due to have a baby etc etc...so a lot of stuff was just dumped in storage cupboards...Jane kept saying "I can't believe how disorganised you have become since moving here mother!!"....we threw out loads of stuff....YAY!! it sure feels good....Oooo what a blessing Jane is :).... I couldn't have done all that on my own, I was SO exausted, but happy last night....lol

    I remember with shock at the state of Diana's dress when she got out the carriage....lol... the only time I ever wore taffeta was when I was bridesmade to my eldest sister when I was about 5yrs, I don't remember much at all about the material....I wonder if we all looked "crumpled" when we got out of car....lol...but I know for sure I would never wear that material for anything special I maybe go to in the future..... 🙂

  • Hi Denise ,

    Sorry that i havent gotten back to you sooner i hope all is well its great that youve had your daughters with clearing out the clutter i dont wven know where to begin in my house maybe one day when all the kids are at school i will be able to combat it i just cooked a fish dinner and didnt enjoy it dont you hate that when you go to all that trouble of cooking and it turns out like that ? Are you doing anything over the easter break? I must say that i didnt really like Dianas dress that much and that train how annoying would that have been i bet she couldnt wait to slip into something more comfortable .anyway i hope you have a lovely easter

    Takecare love and light Mags :0)

  • Hi my lovely friend....YAY! I'm back online again, hopefully it won't crash on me again before I finish writing this....lol... Phew, I've had no end of problems with it, I'm hopeing it is this retrograde thing and should all settle down very soon, but as it stands at moment I have no sound either? even though I have just put new speakers on??? but my Son is coming to take a look at it again tonight to sort out the "teething probs".....just incase it's not the mercury thing 😉

    I'm not doing much this easter Mags are you?....well apart from eating just a little chocolate 🙂 but thats no different for me, I think I've been blessed that I'm not a chocoholic cos I would be far worse off weight wise if I was, and that would be a disaster, I have quite a few pounds to release as it is :)...I'm with you on the Diana dress thing, I didn't like it either, I thought Sarah Ferguson's looked better when she married Prince Andrew...but just my preferences though eh! 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely easter weekend too Mags, 🙂

    much love and joy to you!!


  • Hey Denise Happy Easter

    Im just chilling out at home we were going to go somewhere i said to hubby lets go away for 2 nights come back on tuesday but we couldnt decide on where so i guess we are staying put and we wont get into anywhere anyway i have carrots and milk put out for the easter bunny . I totally agree i loved Fergies dress it was georgeous i have to google what year that was , what about Camillas headpeice when she married Charles that was unusual ,those awful spammers are on again poor Michael Jacksons copped it this time good on CWB shes on to them with her spammer thread . I hope that you get your computer fixed soon this retrograde has thrown alot of things out of wack i had my ipod plugged into the computer and accidently knocked the plug out and its running slow and freezing up all over the place and im not sure on how to fix it i dont want to delete off all the music what a nightmare, anyway Denise hope you have a great easter and eat plenty of chocies its the one time of year we are allowed to

    Take care lots of love Magsxx

  • Hi Denise ,

    I hope all is well i just loved Kates dress it was absoultey breathtaking, she is so beautiful and what a georgeous couple they make .LOVE LOVE LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Diana would be so proud.

  • Hi Mags,

    I have to apologise again for my late reply!....I'm still having major problems with PC, I was without it all day yesterday, it was just starting to run smoothly and I was getting used to the new format and when I awoke yesterday morning....dead as a DoDo...my son came up last night to take a look at it and says although hes done a lot of upgrading and putting on on new software it is still a quite old PC and the actual parts are starting to go, it needs a new fan now? and maybe other stuff soon? but hes took it home with him to hopefully sort it and get new parts...Oooo hope it don't cost too much....lol....but seriously it's trying my patients now, I rely on PC to keep me sane! 😉 and I do all my banking and getting beads etc for jewelery, Daniel has given me his little lap top to use for time being, and when I say little I mean Tiny!! it's not that much bigger than a book ...lol....I can hardly see anything on it.....Ooooo me don't like this...LOL, so if I'm not on much please know I'm not ignoring anyone, it's cos of my PC probs... 😞

    But good job for Royal wedding on tv to watch yesterday! and yes she did look so beautiful and not over the top, very elegant!!....but a tiny part of me wished it was over the top, big sparkly princess stuff! and huge bouquets....lol...lets face it if any one should have looked like a fairy princess it should have been her, a real one!.....lol...

    Much love to you Mags....and in our Markie's words! ..."Create a Good Day"!! ( I love this little message:)


  • Hi Denise ,

    Im sorry to hear you are having computer troubles i just bought a mouse for my laptop as the button on the computer is becoming loose and its the best thing that ive ever done i wished i done it sooner now if only i could stop my ipod from freezing up thats a whole other jerry springer show lol. I totally adored Kates dress the only thing i would have like to have seen was a bigger bouqet and her sister in another colour as i feel white is only for the bride and for her sister to have also been holding a bouqet as well the same size that kate had., other that that except for the queens miserable face (dont mean to cause any offence ) everything was beautiful .I hope all is well yes and isnt Marc and Markie both a breath of fresh air on the forums i love it create a good day take care lots of love and hugs Mags xxx

  • Hi Denise

    i hope all is well and hope to see you back on the forums soon

    Lots of love Magsxx

  • Hello my friend,

    Its great to see you back on the forums i pray for you that you are regaining your strength.

    Lots of love MAgs xx

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