• ok Marc....you ask for em!....lol

    You got em...... 😉

  • Ooops... denied all but that one....lol

    I try again 🙂

  • Wow, what stunning and intricate work! Very impressive Denise, you are clearly a very talented medicine woman. 🙂

  • looks like I can only do one at a time

  • LOL LOL.....................

  • Awwww thanks Marc....Im blushing now...

    Just a couple more then I'm done 😉

    off to have meal out soon, Sons birthday 🙂

  • Now that one has a native vibe to it. Me likey 🙂

  • It's took me ages to do the pics cos I first had to install the soft wear again on this new pc....

    and as you can see I'm no David Bailey with taking pics...lol

    see you all later


  • Yes I love that one too ....the beautiful feathers!!....:)

  • Oh Denise they are beautiful you are so talented .

  • Thanks Mags, I appreciate that :)....but you know the funny thing is I have been "told off" so many times from my family for not putting my "talents" (there words) to good use and make a good living from it, but I have two problems that have always held me back, Perfectionism and Confidence, ....I was the same when I made celebration cakes years ago for an hobby, people loved them and wanted me to make one for them, I used to feel so pressured when an order came in though from someone, I would strive to make it "perfect" and we all know really it just doesn't exist, I put too much pressure on myself and eventually I started to hate my hobby, it took away all the enjoyment from it....I tried to explain this to my daughter about not getting Too many orders for jewellery as the same thing will happen I know, and what happened, yep she bought me a few orders...lol..it's kind of mixed emotions, I was pleased someone liked them enough to order something but on the other hand I don't want to sit for hours on end "having" to make them...I really want this hobby to last and just make what and when I feel happy in making, and if selling bits and bobs brings in enough money to be able for this hobby to pay for itself I'm happy 🙂

  • Hey Denise ,

    Yes i agree with your kids why dont you open a market stall on the weekend are there any markets close to where you live ? or you could sell it on line on ebay or something like that your jewellery is beautiful i love it .I hope you are having a nice weekend

    Love and light Mags 🙂

  • Hi Mags, My Son keeps talking of selling it on ebay, maybe one day I will 🙂 but for now I'm enjoying just making it, and if he keeps on at me I will let him do it, he can do all the sorting if he wants....lol

    I'm having lovely day thanks Mags, it's still only 8.15am but the sun is shining, the dogs been fed and I'm eating my porridge with apple and honey....yum!

    what time is it with you Mags?....I don't think I will ever get used to all our time differences....lol

    love to you 🙂

  • Hi Denise its 8pm here and i am making chocolate cup cakes for the kids as they are on school holidays and they have been going down a little later than usual this cake mix is so nice i think ive eaten more mixture than i should have youd think i was one of the kids lol i just couldnt help myself.

  • aaaah that sounds wonderful Mags....precious moments indeed!! you are doing what we all need to do....and thats being "one of the kids" and be childlike in play....it can truly keep us young, funny thing is I got the "Dolphin" card this morning telling me to do just this very thing "Play more"....lol ...enjoy rest of the evening with the kids, bless em!....but don't forget to save me one of those cup cakes...Mmmm 😉

    oh, one more thing Mags, is it Monday the 18th with you now? thats something else I forget, we sometimes are in different days as well as times around the world aren't we....

  • Hi Denise it is sunday evening here we are 10 hours ahead of you guys of course one chocolate cup cake with sprinkles coming up .Do you have the animal medicine cards like Marc ?sorry i cant remeber if i asked that question before or not .

  • Hi Mags, Mmmm the cupcake was delicious! :)....

    it's ok Mags cos I can't remember if I answered that question either....what we like eh!....lol..

    I asked Marc to give me a few Ideas on what cards to get and I did a little search on the ones he gave me, the ones I chose are: Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer... those were the ones that resonated with me, I just love them and they came with a little guidebook too 🙂

  • They sound interesting im more into angel cards im trying to collect them from Doreen Virtue .

    I have so many cards and so littletime my 8 year old son picked up one of my tarot books and started reading it b4 and i thought maybe i should have started to learn it when i was his age id be an expert by now lol

  • I love angel cards too, I have the Angel insight by Christine Astel, really beautiful angel images, they have edged the outlines of the angels in silver, they were my most expensive cards and book pack, and I think one of the sets I have is Doreens, they are more like a "comfort blanket" type and not an oracle card, they are the ones I pick when I'm feeling down and they just make you feel...."yes, they are with me" :).... I have other cards like, Deepak Chopra's manifesting good luck, Sonia Choquette Ask your guides Oracle..... but speaking of Doreen Virtue earlier, Steven D. Farmer. who did the animal cards I just bought is Doreen's husband :)...I read about it on the back of the little booklet that came with the cards....I really liked that!...

    I know what you mean about wishing you had started earlier, I used to think that too, but I suppose everything comes to us at the right time 🙂

  • My aunt put it succinctly yesterday when I was talking to her about psychic abilities; "We're really sensitive before we're about 5...After that we get it knocked out of us and people criticise us for listening to things with our bigger senses. Then we learn again."

    I for one am certainly feeling like I am re-learning.

    Speaking of decks of cards, I am finally connecting to my Shaman's Oracle deck. I am so grateful that we have connected. I feel very honoured actually, I have such a deep reverence and respect for the spirit guides represented in this deck 🙂

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