• And are you? 🙂

  • LOL touchee I was asking you

  • Lol. Wise words from Badger to all who choose to listen I think. We must temper our aggression with compassion and be mindful of our opinions at all times.

  • Are there any aussie animals in the deck ? i havent had chance to go right through them .

  • I've just looked through my new cards I bought, they are the Power Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer, they are ones that Marc sudgested I get when I asked about them....I LOVE them, and these have 3 Aussie animals that I recognised, Koala= empathy, Kangaroo= gratitude and Opossum=Strategy....... 🙂

    Mags, I read on one the threads yesterday that you were concerned about hubbies job as he was waiting to hear news....I do hope everything is ok, and you get a good outcome, thinking of you my friend...

  • Hi Denise ,

    My hubby lost his job today they have been giving him a hard time for a while now as he sliced his finger with a circular saw at home and he had to take a few weeks off and that was a year ago so they have been giving him a hard time for a year now all becos he wont suck up to the boss he is a good worker whi never took a day off as i begged him many times to and this is how they repay him .Those animal cards sound intersting i have some stored away as well im not sure if they are the same ones will have to look them out . Thankyou for your kind thoughts

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Oh Mags....I am truly sorry to hear this, and believe me I do know what you are going through with how your hubby has been treated at his work! I too had similar situation with this with my late hubby, it was at the time of his illness and the complications that came with his diabetes, he had diabetic neuropothy (sp 😞 ... the sugar was attacking the nerves in his legs,he was in great pain a lot of the time and had to have time time off, they too in the end had to let him go, yes it was stressful for a while as he couldn't cope with the thoughts of not working, he had never been out of work all his life, it took some adjusting for the both of us really, but I have to say it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, it gave him the chance to do what he should have been doing and that is to rest as much as possible and put more into the spiritual side of things he loved, so what I'm trying to say my friend is, things may feel a little scary for you both at moment but I'm convinced all will turn out to be of benefit for you all....one door closes, let another door open with faith and seeing something beautiful behind it....

    I just stoped typing, I had an urge to pull one of the animal cards out for you, I've never done this before, and I truly am no expert, but what came out was "Elephant"- resolve, and at the bottom of the card it reads, "You will OVERCOME ANY OBSTICLE".....and that is how it written with capitals for the last 3 words!....How wonderful is that!! it truly confirmed my feelings of knowing you will be ok!!...

    Sending much love and a GREAT big HUG to you Mags


  • Mags, I meant to add that I think maybe our Marc can shed further light on the Elephant card for you, hope he see this post 🙂

  • Thanks Denise for your kind words and for pulling the elephant card for me wow that sounds amazing . I found my other animal cards they are called wolfsong cards by Lew Hartman have you heard of them before?

  • Your most welcome Mags 🙂

    I haven't heard of those, love the title of them, the wolf is a very spiritual animal isn't it, especially with the Shamans, funny thing is I have just made a start on sorting out some of my books in one of my drawers,(the clearing negative energy thread made me make a start..lol) and came across a book I bought about 4yrs ago called The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing, I absolutely adore crystal!... but I never got round to reading it, shame on me!...but then again there is always a reason for it, maybe the time for looking at it now is the best time for me 🙂

    I'm going to take a look at the wolfsong cards later, I feel a pull towards the name of them?...but for now I'm off back to tackle another book drawer and hopefully I will have more luck in being able to part with a few more, I only have 2 I could bare to let go of in the first drawer of many....lol

    Oh yeah! before I go I will tell you what card I drew for myself today the "Koala - Empathy" hows about that for syncronicity!....you were asking about if any Aussie cards are in your deck :)....thing is, it states at the bottom of the card "Speak less and LISTEN MORE"..... so thats just what I'm going to do, I'm shutting up!!......LOL

    see you later


  • Wow thats cool Denise these wolf song cards dont go into to much interpretations of the cards meaningss i picked you a card Blue heron and all it says is hope and positive attitude i guess you must have to use your intuition with them i suppose at least they are basic and simple meanings easier for me to understand not like the animal medicine cards that i have .

    Love and light Mags 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the card, it does mean a lot to me today, I really needed it, I was starting to have those, you know the little niggly doubts that creep up in the mind, feeling a bit down about...."will I ever get a home that I love and feel at ease in"....so as you can see the card is very appropiate for me :).... and it tells me "patients". I need to be told that often....lol

    you know what, I hope those big long legs of the Heron isn't telling me I'm going to land up in a Flat/Apartment....I want a Bungalow ;).....LOL

    right, my coffee break over!, I'm going to get back to my jewelery making, I got side tracked from clearing drawers of books my energies are bit scattered today!...lol... but I have also washed my ornaments from living room and put some love back into them 🙂


  • when you say bungalow do you mean its only one level high ? as we have flats over here that are only one level high and wow that sounds great that you make jewellery i would love to do that do you sell it at markets?

  • Hi Mags, sorry for late reply, I've been rushing around doing all sorts of stuff...lol...

    we do have ground floor flats but usually have one or many floors above... I've lived in one once phew! never again I just couldn't cope with the little kids that lived on the floor above me running around, the constant thud thud thud drove me to distraction, I'm toooo old for all that, peace and quiet is what I need now, so my Ideal home would be a detached bungalow on one level 🙂

    The jewelery thing is a recent hobby I just started, it can be very relaxing most of the time, I ended up with quite a few pieces though, so my daughter said why don't I have a jewellery party and get all my friends round to see if they want to buy it? obviously I was all for that, so she did, she sold quite a few things for me and bought back nearly £100 I was soooo pleased cos it gave me the chance to buy more supplies to make more :)...I've made a couple of Tiaras, they really are my passion, I love making those... so hopefully my little hobby can pay for itself now, she even came back with a few orders for me and one of her friends wants to have a jewelery party at her home for all her friends :)....so this means I have to pull my finger out and make lots more for the next party....lol

  • Please Pray for healing in my mind and body thanks

  • Hi Denise,

    That sounds wonderful and tiaras im sure when word gets out you will have many brides knocking on your door .I would love to do a hobby like that if i had time . I know what you mean about living below it would drive you crazy after a while . I m pretty lucky i live on an old estate in a 3 bedroom house and there is plenty space between us and the neighbours . If i bought a new house now they build them very close together with no land only house .Im glad ive got land for the kids to run around outside and play.

  • Hi honeyKat 4,

    Is everything ok ?

  • I wish it was mainly with being able to drive or go out without feeling like i cant breath mostly. I want it to leave it like a bad spirit or something I think.

  • Thats no good surround yourself in white light and ask it to leave you in peace . I dont know much about dealing with bad spirits but if you start another thread explaining whats been happening im sure someone on the forums should be able to help you.

    I will pray for you

    love and light Loap:)

  • Photos please Denise 🙂

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