• Hi Denise ,

    I was really enjoying our chat on CWBs thread so i thought i would start a new thread for us to have a good natter on thankyou for chatting with me over there my heart is still heavy with sadness for the poor creature but nothing can bring it back now i hope there is an animal heaven and its not fretting over its unborn ,lets hope they dont die as well oh how even more hearbreaking that would be ive just realised something i shouldnt be sending any energy to those creeps i should focus on sending all the love and peace and protection to the littleones and the daddy . oh the water works have started up again its so not fair .anyway looking for to chatting with you regulary

    Take care Denise lots of love and light 2 u Mags 🙂

  • Dearest Mags, I am really feeling your pain and heartache over this, I know how bad it made me feel to have read it, my heart ached so much....the insanity of it all!! so it will be so much harder to handle having actualy witnesing it, I so want to give you a hug, and I really hope you have someone around you at home that understands your feelings over this tradgedy and can offer a little comfort.....

    and yes you are right, it is best we focus on the healing and protection of daddy and his eggs, and as hard as it is please try to not focus at all on those, those (I'm finding it difficult to put a word to them) who did this, you see I worry that if it is true that what we wish for others comes back to us, and I certainly do not wish for someone with a beautiful heart as you to suffer anymore, lets try and put ALL our thoughts and energy into helping create a good outcome for daddy and his young, I'm convinsed the nasty culprits will definitely get what they deserve in time, it makes it easier for us to know and see justice will be made, and I hope you do get to see this being done, but like I said, for now just try and find someone close to you to have a conversation with over this and get that BIG hug from them, and know my energy will be there with them in comforting you too....

    SO much love and healing to you Mags, will chat with you again soon on here, it's an healing in it's self just getting our anger and hurt out over these sick things isn't it, and then we can move on to doing what we know in our hearts whats best....healing!! ourselves and others



  • Sorry Denise i didnt actually witness it i heard it on the news omg if id have witnessed it those you know whats wouldnt have known what stuck them im not a violent or nasty person but that would have driven me to the edge you are right its not good to send others negative engery in anyway i dont want the karma that might come back im praying tonight for forgivness for doing that and i will harness my energy in to the right place . thankyou for your kind words they mean a lot .

    take care lots of love Mags

  • I'm so pleased Mags, thats why I worried about you if you had witnessed it cos I know it would have sent me over the edge too, I just KNOW though you will be ok my friend, there will definitely be no karma to come back to you, you just reacted as all us humans with hearts would, it is only the "focus" on something for a long period of time that causes the problem, you and I my friend realise things very quickly, and once we get our "human reaction" out, we calm down enough to know where our healing energy should go eh!.....I feel very blessed to know this fact 🙂

    love to ya Mags


  • yes your right Denise i feel alot calmer towards the situation now i think im in a better frame of mind full of less hate it was radiating off me i need to surround myself in whitelight and rid myself of this feeling, but there is no way that i can rid myself of the sadness my kids are all tucked up now so its a good time to work on getting those positive vibes back its been lovely chatting with you i hope you have a nice day im off to bed soon for a well earned rest

    Take care Lots of love MAgs

  • I've loved chatting with you too Mags, hope you have a wonderful nights sleep wrapped all snuggly with your healing Angel...night night my friend/sister 🙂


  • You reacted honestly Mags, nothing at all wrong with that. The Universe knows your intentions probably before you did. Remember Crow's medicine of (Sacred) Law. You embodied this law with your outrage, you called the shots as it were and now you have left it to the Universe to mete out justice. And it will.

    Don't fight your tears, they are cleansing and healing and will pave the way for those positive vibes to return.

    Love and light my friend,


  • Thanks Marc and Denise

    I was filled with all pent up negative energy on the weekend and then there is another story of a man who was sentenced today after throwing his 4 year old daughter off a bridge in my state and this bridge is a big one not as big as sydney harbour or anything like that but its still high i think she fell 60 metres to her death poor darling what horror and the terror her last thougts must have been well that ******* got 40years that has made my heart heavy today .

    Marc there is a swan medicine card i havent been able to do the cards the last couple of day because of fear it would come out and start me off all over again .

    Love and light 2u all Mags:)

  • Hello Mags,

    Swan's medicine is grace. It is urging you to accept gracefully what is happening to you. To go with the flow. You are going through a transformative and healing process. Feel the anger, feel the fear, feel the (out)rage and let the tears flow. There is no shame here, there is no weakness, you are not letting yourself or anyone else down.

    You may feel like the ugly duckling now, but by going through this process you will emerge as a beautiful and graceful Swan.

    Love and light to you,


  • Hi Marc,

    What a beautiful and very wise explanation you gave to our Mags....

    I think I go "overboard" in trying to not get angry or upset most of the time, but with your insights to Mags I too am begining to realise I maybe by trying to suppress them too much in lots of ways! I am doing more harm than good to myself aren't I?......


  • I am the same actually. Whenever I get angry or frustrated I feel guilty about it immediately. I too am learning that it is fine, it's understandable. It's human.

    If it's a recurring frustration then yeah, it's something you need to address, as the Universe is telling you this is not good for you.

  • Hi Guys its happened again to a kangaroo wtf???????? Sorry to be so depressive wont go into the details for fear of losing it . What a schocking world we live in full of morons grrrrrrrr

  • Your not being depressive Mags, your reacting this way because you have a heart and care!....It is the ones who hear of these things and don't care that worries me, you know the ones who would just shrug there shoulders and say "its only a dog,cat,bird" etc etc....they are the ones who truly need to wake up and start loving caring for every single living thing on this planet!!....yes, It is time, time to wake up and live from the heart!.....and my heart is with you Mags on feeling so sick and tired of all the pain that is given to animals, and humans by the "dead hearted ones out there" my heart aches to think that humans can be capable of carrying out such acts of violence!...it makes you question if they are human at all eh!....they certainly don't behave with what I see as a human with a heart stands for!! 😞

  • Thanks Denise for your kind words aparently theyve got the teenagers who killed the swan im so happy i hope they get more than a slap on the wrist though they need to learn by this so they never ever hurt another living creature again .

  • Thats really good news Mags....your right, more than a slapped wrist is needed here!....this is definately a case of "Nip it in the bud" to make those so and so's really understand they just CANT do those sick acts ever again!! I just hope they will get to a point where they dont WANT to hurt another living creature again out of compassion for them and not just out of self presavation eh!


  • i agree Denise I agree as i typed in about the swan in my area it came with with a heap of swan killings that happen in the uk one of them was the same wouldnt leave the nest poor things they need more protection i wish they would hide their nests in ther scrub or somewhere out of sight from these nutters .

  • Aaawwwww Maggie you are such a caring person to get so upset about these animals. My brother is the same (the one in Ireland). I am sure these people will get their just rewards. And they say anger is a waste of energy but it is very hard to remember that when there is steam coming out your ears. Hope you are okay.


  • Thanks Sheelagh i cant believe the amount of animal cruelty that ive been hearing lately its so upsetting to think that there are creeps out there who do this for the fun of it .

  • Mags, I too am raging today. About the denial and the lies and the ignorance coming out of Japan and with nuclear energy in general.

    Bunch.Of. Morons.

    At this rate we're going to have to invent a new scale of nuclear disaster alert levels 😞

    Let's all channel our inner Badger medicine today shall we!

  • Marc I read on a website today that drew the badger as my daily card - are you sure you are fighting the right battle?- is what it said

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