Blmoon-May you please give me insight?

  • I had a particular situation I dont want to discuss so publically because I feel I already know how I feel about it now but I was curious for your take on the situation-The situation is in my forum entitled Taurus Girl Calling Out to all Scorpios you can answer me there or here it doesnt matter. Thank you so much I really appreciate this 😉

  • You have come to the right place but you are not going to hear what you are hoping for. First, I am a Taurus--married 40 years to a scorpio--two scorpio children and very important scorpio relationships in my life. The highly evolved ones are a blessing to know---they are loyal and wise and always have your back. Scorpios hate weakness so you may not get a reaction over the small stuff but when it counts they are there first in line. I could tell you plenty "from my head" all about Scorpios--and the Taurus Scorpio attraction with all its challanges but it is not nessacerry because as a psychic I pick up you must let this one go. And, sadly for you he has another woman hanging on as well. He is giving in to his lower earthly desires---very instant gratification mode. Avoid any se xual" connection with him--even if just "long distance". You must aproach this like any bad habit---there will be discomfort--withdrawels but it will get better---move forward--a new attraction will appear--aug--sept. BLESSINGS!

  • I understand Blmoon and I kind of expected it Im not to surprised I been feeling as if I should let this one go because I felt it was awfully disrespectful and careless what he did to me. I've been hurt but still moving on with my life. And thanks for the honesty it doesn't matter what I want to hear. So was he playing me for a fool like he's doing this other woman?

  • Ive always known I should let it go COMPLETELY. Ive been in the process of coming to terms with it (finalizing my feelings and becoming indifferent to it) but I want to be done with it completly. I dont want you to think Im a mope though lol I have been doing SO MUCH BETTER since the breakup and looking forward to a very bright future according to all the psychics Ive asked even though Ive had that feeling for a while. Ive been excercising, dancing, getting back into writing my scripts and getting into modeling as well. Even though Im too busy to keep up with a social life adding on to the fact most of my friends are away, I know life is going to get better and better each day. Its when I have days when I think of him, I just start to think about alot of other things. The breakup mainly hurt me at first because we was finally coming together to move in ( we were together off/on 4 months physically in high school and 8 months long distance) and he was my first boyfriend and first love but as you said there are others! I cant wait to mingle I kind of admire my freedom lol

    Finally I have my final questions to ask you about the situation (since I want to stop it and be over this thing lol!)

    1.Was he playing me for a fool the whole time when we were long distance like he is doing this woman?

    2.Did he breakup with me because he was involved in criminal activity or just didnt care about me anymore?

    3.Do you think he would ever try to contact me (its been 4 months and Ive refuse to contact him since that day)?

    4.Do you think he still cares?

  • He's not making you a fool--he is who he is---you were not a fool---stay open hearted--it's on HIM. If you close up feeling your ego bruised you will miss the next man. He doesn't know what he wants--he is never satisfied so is always hungry--always searching outside himself--it causes his actions to be "superficial". AND the other woman--sometimes more--none of them are happy--they pretty much feel as confused as you. You will grow past this---and learn to spot his kind sooner but really there are no garantees people are who they say---even the best of us get fooled but it's their loss. Be kind to yourself---and in celebration of moving past him treat yourself to something special--even if it is only fresh flowers from the grocery store or a piece of good chocolat---a new CD! Treat yourself like the jewel he's too foolish to pass up. BLESSINGS

  • Lol I know what you ean especially about him not knowing what he wants (he needs to mature a little more) and my ego is sort of bruised but not so much any more Im learning to forgive and move on because by breaking up he gave me a life experience to learn and grow from and I must honestly say life is great. I think I just miss talking to him (he was one of the few people I talk to regularly) Most of my really good friends are busy with college and I get lonely sometimes and I notice thats when I begin to think of him. I think I just crave new expreinces people and variety but at least Im still doing well for myself not moping about him, I know I deserve more and its his loss not mine. He has alot more good things to remember about me than I do about him so thats great to know lol. On this note no more questions about him, even if he does pass my way ever in life I know what I deserve and need and it isnt him. Thank you so much Blmoon and thats crazy that I chose to ask you being that your a Taurus involved with a Scorpio lol.

  • Here is my photo if you ever have more to say.

  • You have a very bright aura! Emerald jewel. A very big heart--and you glow yellow about the throat--a gift for communication----you would do well in communications--some form of writing--grant writing could bring you money---poetry or journalism--even fiction would feed your spirit. You are a peace maker---yet very tough--get things done. Your passion and strength can match a Scorpio--but you must wait for the more evolved Scorpios to rise up to your level---there will always be an attraction to Scorpios--they are magnetic by nature and extra for a Taurus. You will do well as long as you believe in your jewel! As a pleaser and a peacemaker it is often a stumbling block to feel responsabil when things don't go right----you are a fixer. Letting go is your lesson right now---not being so stuborn. Stay busy with things that challange and feed your soul and by late Aug--into Sept---you will meet someone who will apreciate and bring out the best in you.. BLESSINGS

  • Wow right on point Blmoon Im very good at communications and art in fact my passion is screenwriting! I've always felt I have a very great positive aura about myself. (not being cocky) and alot of times remember me for many different reasons sometimes I feel my positivity even makes the worst of people have a slight second thought lol. Can't wait for august but I have other things to focus on before then lol. And I've always found Scorpios very fascinating and mighty attractive in fact most of my friends are Scorpios! I kinda hope another more evolved one comes along but hey anyone is welcome lol. I admire their passion and intensity because that describes me very well. I feel I have amazing connections with them.

  • Also, do you think Im going to have an amazing time in Miami I have a feeling I will?

  • And how do you think modeling will go for me?

  • Excuse me for butting in, but I felt like saying:

    Your focus determines your reality. If you want an absolutely amazing time in Miami, then focus on having an absolutely amazing time in Miami 🙂

    Also, trust your feelings 😄

    Love and light,


  • Aww Thanks Marc I will keep that in mind-now I know I will have an amazing time lol-after all life is what you make it! How've you been by the way :)?

  • I've been good thanks. Recharging my batteries after some amazing insight from the wonderful Blmoon!

    Oh and when you become famous, remember me, for I want an autograph hehe 🙂

  • Haha I will-I never forget anyone in my life every has significance including you Marc 🙂 and the famous thing is not too far away according to me and others who have given me insight including The lovely Captain and Blmoon! Thanks guys and thank u Marc! 🙂 glad to hear your alright

  • Hey Blmoon I was wondering if you see me being popular down in Miami I have a great feeling I will and what do you see iny future for modeling?

  • 🙂

  • 🙂

  • Will this wonderful guy I meet be my typeand alot better than this guy?

  • 🙂

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