Really wanting some psychic vision......

  • I have been working for a company for 10 years and because of the type of work I did I am no longer physically able to do my job. I have been battling workers comp and disability for some time now. I just recently asked the company for a settlement offer so I can just be done with it all. I still need another surgery but am being denied that too. I am in the process of protesting that decision as well as some other things.

    Does anyone see me getting a settlement offer? If so will it be worth taking? I am feeling desperate and unsettled because of everything I have been going through even though I try not to. It is hard when my livelyhood is at stake.

    Thanks so much, van

  • Did you injure yourself on the job? How did your ill health result? If the company does not feel responsible, they won't want to pay.

  • Yes my injuries are a result of my job as an assembly worker. I have had 4 surgeries so far and am needing another one now. It is all under workers comp. I just thought with all the hassles it has been with everything that a settlement would take me off their books and I would be done with them as well. They are an extremely large self insured company.

  • Have you asked worker's comp about the delay? I feel someone is not doing their best for you.

  • And be careful with the settlement offer - if you show your desperation, they may underpay you. Be firm and stand up for yourself - don't settle for less than you deserve.

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