Relationship Advice PLEASE!

  • Thank you in advance for any imput you may be able to offer me.

    So I'm in love with this guy. But, I have no clue if I'm overanalyzing his actions and making myself believe he has feelings for me too or if he doesn't.

    He acts different with me. the way he looks, talks, and acts with me makes me feel as if my feelings are being reciprocated.

    However, we are both in a position that we are not allowed to express or discuss our feelings. So, subtle flirting is the substance of our relationship.

    However, in June, I am leaving the place we are both employed and I will be allowed my one oppertunity to confess my feelings and see if he feels the same way, so I can finally get some answers.

    I don't want to waste my time or breath on telling him how i feel if he doesn't feel the same way about basically I just want to know: how does he feel about me? is our relationship worth persuing or should I give up now? where is our relationship headed?

    if you need birthdays, here you go:

    mines: 9/25/1990

    his: 3/10/1983

    thanks a million. 🙂

  • An unusual mix results here from your friend's precise and direct energies and your more sensitive, diffuse ones. This relationship works best for friendship than for anything else. You have a social side which balances your primary need for isolation, and your friend has a strong need for isolation to balance his tendency to be in the public eye. Thus, each person has stengths that attract the other and lay a firm foundation for sharing in the relationship. Difficulties can arise because your friend prefers spoken communications and you prefer unspoken ones, but given time and the will to get along, you two may work out your differences amicably.

    In love, temperamental differences are more pronounced but still reconcilable. Your friend may prove overdemanding at times for yourself, who will often wish to be left in peace rather than give him the attention he craves. On the other hand, your inability to articulate your thoughts can prove quite exasperating to him. A love relationship or marriage here will suffer from indecision and procrastination - this relationship can have a certain comical charm for family and friends but can ultimately prove highly debilitating for the two of you.

    A friendship can be more relaxed in attitude. Humorous situation of all kinds attract the two of you, more often as observers than as participants. With your shared psychological awareness of human frailities, together you can gather funny material that will delight your friends and colleagues.

    Any type of relationship can falter here however if it falls into a pattern of your friend issuing the orders and you trying to follow them. But things seldom go right this way, either through your friend's rigidity and unreasonable expectations or your misinterpretation of his directives. Your extreme sensitivity must be handled with patience and understanding but your friend can sometimes lose both with you. Basically, it's not the best love match you could make.

  • thank you so much 🙂

    so can I ask you another question? If I may.

    would it be wise then, to tell him how I feel? does he have any attraction towards me?

  • What is more important to you - to know that he finds you attractive or to find a compatible mate?

  • haha I don't know. 🙂

    so basically, hes not compatible with me at all correct?

    but if he did find me attractive at least I would know I wasn't completely wrong with my thoughts.

    so, does he? ahha

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