Getting numbers for a numerology reading ?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have a question here about numerology?

    Do you get the numbers for the reading from Birthday, full name, zodiac sign?

    For example My birthdate equals out to 3

    My name equals out to 3

    My zodiac sign is the third in the constallation which is also 3.

    therefore would my number be 9?

    Is it just the birthdate only that is read as a number? Then I would just be a 3. Same with my name if it is my name that is only used for numerology then it is 3 again.

    A long time ago I had a reading done and the reader did come out with the number 9. I do think she included my zodiac sign.

    Are there other numbers to use as well with the birthdate and name?

    I am really trying to figure out how all these numbers come to be. I have read some things about how to do it on here in this forum. I find it confusing. I would think it is a very simple cut and dryed formular to figuring it out. For example just add up the month date and year of birth. Take that double digit for example 12 then just add the 1+2=3 there is your number then look up the meaning of what the number 3 means. If I just use the 3 from my name and add the 3 from my birthdate then am I a six?

    See why I am confused?

    Thank you all in advance for reading my post. I do hope some answers.

    Your friend,


  • Hi it is me again, I should have asked this with my post. Seeing how all my numbers add up to a 3 then would my number just be three instead a 9? I thought about that today maybe because all the numbers are 3. Then I thought what if someone's numbers are different and not like mine adding up to the same number then the numbers would not be the same at all.

    Anyone really know how to calulate the numerology numbers? I would really like to hear from you all.

    I am really wondering as how this really all works. Master numbers what are they? Why and how are there master numbers?

    Thank you all in advance

    Your friend in numerology


  • More than you want to kow but I have this work sheet which explains a lot and I'll see if it posts correctly and then you can do internet search for the various terms or look up what they have here.

    The work sheet only includes 11 and 22 as master numbers but most now concider 33 a master as well.

    Numerology Work Sheet

    This worksheet is designed to assist you in organizing the various elements that will be used in producing a numerology reading.

    I. Your Life Path Number is ____:

    Add month of birth + day of birth + year of birth = Life Path Number

    When you have added each of these numbers in your birth date together, if the total is more than 9, add the two numbers together until a base number of 9 or less is achieved. Exception: do not reduce the number 11 or 22, the master numbers.

    II. Your Expression Number is ____:

    Your first name: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    Number value for each letter*: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __= ______

    Your middle name: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    Number value for each letter: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __= ______

    A 2nd middle name: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    Number value for each letter: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __= ______

    Your last name: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    Number value for each letter: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __= ______

    The total number value of your name (your expression number) = ______

    When you have added each of these numbers in your name together, if the total is more than 9, add the two numbers together until a base number of 9 or less is achieved. Exception: do not reduce the number 11 or 22, the master numbers.

    • number values:

    AJS=1 BKT=2 CLU=3 DMV=4 ENW=5 FOX=6 GPY=7 HQZ=8 IR=9

    III. Your Soul Urge Number is: ___

    Your first name: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    Number value of vowels only: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __= ______

    Your middle name: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    Number value of vowels only: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __= ______

    A 2nd middle name: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    Number value of vowels only: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __= ______

    Your last name: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    Number value of vowels only: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __= ______

    The total number value of vowels (your soul urge number) = ______

    IV. The Pinnacles

    The first Pinnacle:

    day of birth_______ + month of birth________ = 1st pinnacle ________ (reduce number to

    single digit or master number 11 or 22): ________

    The second Pinnacle:

    day of birth_______ + year of birth________ = 2nd pinnacle (reduce number to

    single digit or master number 11 or 22): ________

    The third Pinnacle

    add the first pinnacle ____ + the second pinnacle ____ = the third pinnacle (reduce number to

    single digit or master number 11 or 22): ________

    The fourth pinnacle:

    The month of birth _____ + the year of birth _____ = the fourth pinnacle (reduce number to

    single digit or master number 11 or 22): ________.

    V. The Challenges

    The first Challenge:

    Difference between day of birth ___ and month of birth ____= 1st Challenge _____

    The second Challenge:

    Difference between day of birth ___ and year of birth ____= 2nd Challenge ___

    The third Challenge

    Difference between the first and second challenge = 3rd Challenge ____

    The fourth Challenge:

    Difference between month of birth ___ and year of birth ____= the 4th challenge ____

    Timing Pinnacles and Challenges:

    The first pinnacle and challenge begins at birth. To calculate the end of the first pinnacle/challenge subtract the Life path number from 36. The result is the end of the first pinnacle/challenge.

    1st pinnacle/challenge begins at birth and ends _________

    The second pinnacle/challenge begins the following year. This pinnacle/challenge ends 9 years after the ending of the first pinnacle/challenge.

    2nd pinnacle/challenge begins ______ and ends _________

    The third pinnacle/challenge begins the following year. This pinnacle/challenge ends 9 years after the ending of the second pinnacle/challenge.

    3rd pinnacle/challenge begins ______ and ends _________

    The fourth and final pinnacle/challenge begins the following years and remains to the end of life.

    4th pinnacle/challenge begins at _________

    VI. Special Traits/Intensity of numbers in the name

    List the number of time that each number is used in your name:

    _____ 1s in name; average is 3

    _____ 2s in name; average is 1

    _____ 3s in name; average is 2

    _____ 4s in name; average is 1

    _____ 5s in name; average is 4

    _____ 6s in name; average is 2

    _____ 7s in name; average is 1

    _____ 8s in name; average is 1

    _____ 9s in name; average is 3

    VII. The Personal Years

    The day of the month birth occurred (reduced to a single digit) ____+ the month of birth (reduced to a single digit) ____ + the year in question (reduced to a single digit) ____ = the Personal Year (reduce number to single digit): _____

  • Thank you Ibelieve,

    The formula is not as cut and dryed as I thought. Wow it is then extensive calulating. I will copy and paste your explanation into my word program and then give a go at a search as well. Thank you again for your reply.

    If you Ibelieve or anyone else has any more in put by all means please share it.

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to read and post all information.

    Your friend in tarot,


  • Your welcome,

    The most important one is the birthdate number for life path and the birth name for Soul Urge but I put in the others in case anyone wanted to do more indepth.

    There is also Karmic debt and if I find a calc for that I will post it later.


  • Hey Ibelieve, have a question for you (it has always kind of "bugged" me!)..

    With regard to my first name and calculating my expression number, soul urge number, etc:

    When I was born, my mother had three names in mind. She still had not decided on a name when she was leaving the hospital with me and they told her in the elevator that she had to choose (for the birth certificate) or she could not leave. She chose and told them verbally. This particular name can end with either an 'i' or a 'y'. The 'y' version was put on the birth certificate. My Christmas stocking for my 1st year has this spelling (with the 'y'). My mother says she never intended to spell it that way, but I think she just changed her mind due to the stocking 🙂 Anyway, she then changed it to the 'i' spelling, which I have used all my life. HOWEVER, since my birth certificate has a 'y' that is how some of my legal documents come through.

    So should I be using the 'i' or the 'y' when calculating my soul and expression numbers?

    Also, what about people who get married? Maiden name or married name?


  • If Y is being used as a vowel ( the 'I' sound ) then it is usually substituted as the number for an "I" in the calculation. So use the i in your calculations.

    Use your birth spelling for legal documents (for legal reasons) or legally change your name for the i. But for the numerology it will not matter as the y is a vowel use anyway and should be substituted as if it were an i.

    As fo married name. Your personality profile does not change just because you get married and/or change your name.

    If on the otherhand, you do not believe you fit your profile (and purists will kill me on this one) and you wish to change it for who you are (see other thread I answered yesterday) or your new married name fits you better, then use it!

    My basis for this is...some people change gender because they do not fit the one they were born with. I truely believe that some people are supposed to change their name or gender or anything else that makes them more comfortable with who they are. That the trials of being forced to live a certain life and then stand up one day and choose to live it differently is part of their path. With astrology well you were born the day you were born but there are always rising signs and other factors that revise the sun sign influence in your life, so we may all understand why we may or may not match a particular sign. (me and my older sister share the same sun sign and could not be more different in lifestyle) Numerology is a very nice tool but there are limitations any time you try to fit a square peg in a round hole. If the discrepancy in the numbers helps one to change their name for a better fit and they move on in a much more comfortable way in life, then that is a great use for it.

    Don't get me started on the new trend in scheduling the birth of a child. The either schedule for induce or schedule a c-section. If it is neccessary, that is one thing but when it is scheduled for conveniance, exactly how do you determine what the day would have been??? At least by inducing, the kid has a chance of making it longer and comming out when he choses to.

    My own child was born by emergency c-section after 24 hours of labor which was induced because I was over a week late. The doctor sceduled the inducment for Wednesday afternoon and figured I would have the baby sometime on thurs. Well, by thurs afternoon and near the end of labor there was a problem and I was rushed into surgery.

    Here's the deal. Many times, a child will wait for the full moon if it is near the birth time. (don't ask why but it is true) anyway, the full moon was to be that friday and I kind of think that was when he wanted to come out. However, that friday was the 13th! (Not that I care, I kind of thought it was neat for friday the 13th on a full moon and 2 weeks before halloween)

    But I really think the doctor did not want it to be on friday the 13th for the normal (for this country) adverse connotations. (like if there was a problem, somewhere they may think it their fault for scheduling it on that day)

    So one of these days I will look into the astro and numerology for that particular day and see if it fits him better. LOL

  • Here's another neat story.

    My father was born on the 13th of june.

    The small town doctor, who in those days did not file birth certificates right away (usuallly once a month) wrote down the 12th as the birthday cause he did not want the child to end up having a birthday party on a fridaythe 13th or the stigma that would go with it.

    My father and his parents did not care and always celebrated on the 13th.

    But in record terms my father would have been recorded as living one day more than he was actually on this earth however...

    When he died, the paramedics were not clear on the phone with his current doctor so when me and my siblings showed up at the funeral home on Monday to make arrangments, the director asked whether he died on Sat night or Sunday morning so the doctor could file the death certificate. (I hadn't found him unitl sunday around 1 pm)

    Now the paramedics were pretty clear with me that it had been in the very early morning hours of sunday morning so I told the director this. He then said, okay Sunday Jan 4th. I got very still at that point and all my siblings did as well. Then everyone started jumping in with excuses like well it was probably Sat night like right before going to bed, I'm sure it must have been Sat night, maybe round midnight but definitely still Sat. None of them had been there with the paramedics and up until this time I had been the one to talk and lead things but now I just sat there silient. The director finally sat and looked at me to explain as he wanted me to explain what was going on.

    I looked him dead in the eye and said. "Up until the moment you stated the date none of us had realized that yeterday was my birthday Jan 4th.

    Without missing a beat. He wrote on his piece of paper and stated clearly for all, okay Sat Jan 3rd it is!

    Now I don't know how often this sort of confusion occurs and I had never heard of any one's family who got to chose between dates and had it not been for the fact that it was my birthday, none of us would have cared what day was put down.

    However in the scheme of things regardless of a decision by his doctor to record his birth a day early 68 years previously, this misunderstanding between the paramedic and the doctor and my birthday caused his death certificate to be recorded as a day early.

    His actual time on earth matches his recorded time.

    Weird and freaky but true.

  • Hello Ibelieve and watergirl,

    Ibelieve, if I understand this, the single digit from the calculation of the birth date is the life path number? The single digit from the birth name is the soul path number? I have see posters talking about the double digit number I E 33/6 is this meaning the 3+3 = 6?

    I always use my maiden name to calculate the soul path number. With that I only use my middle name. I also have a confirmation name but I have never used that. If I do then the whole number would change. Maybe I will try that.

    I am very interested in the Karmic debt number. It Seems like I have a big debt to pay as my Karma stinks. It just seems to all come to me without me even leaving my house or associating with anyone. You can understand my interest.

    My life path would be a 3 as my birth date adds up to that.

    My soul path is also a 3 as my name adds up to that without my confirmation name.

    I am taking it as for my soul path that I have been here 3 times. So the old sayings are third time is the charm. Or three strikes and you are out. Ha Ha funny isn't it.

    Well you all have a great day,

    Your friend in tarot,


  • The birth date should be reduced down to a single digit for everyone BUT...

    If the number reduces to 11, 22 or 33 before the last reduction then it has special meaning as a Master Number which is how one gets the 11/2, 22/4 or 33/6. It does not have to do with your name at all in this case but ony the birthdate.

    Always use your full birth name (see other specific posts on "if it never fit and you want to change it, be my guest and do so")

    confirmation names, married names and name changes only matter if you want them too and you are the one giving meaning to them.

    I still haven't figured out how the karmic debt works, but I will let you know when I do.


  • Good morning all,

    Here is my birthdate numbers added up. month date year =84= 12 = 3. I am not sure if the 84 is a master number or any special number like that. Same with the 12. I would say then if I have done this correctly that I am a 3.

    Name numbers first name middle name maiden name =21 =3.

    The place of the zodiac sign for example mine is the third sign in. We do not use that number at all?

    We do not add the name numbers and the birth numbers together right and then lets say for it would be a six. Each one has a specific meaning? For example if I was doing a reading for someone I would tell them the name is their soul path and their birthdate is their life path. Are there any other paths used with numerology other then the ones shown in the work sheet that you posted here? If I just add up the year that I was born and nothing else combined with it. I get a 9. then once I add in the day and date I get the 3. I was looking at section V. of your work sheet. First challange is a 0 Second is a 12 reduced to 3. Third section would be a 3 as well.

    I think I will have to get a book on this as this is way more complicated then I expected. I do not know what the vowels are worth or what each letter of the name is worth. I find that work sheet very interesting. From what I have read in the past about numerology you just add up your birthdate numbers and reduce it down to the single digit and that is your number. Same with the number for the name and like I said in both cases mine comes out to a 3. Now I do not know if that is a good number or a bad number and what the meaning is. I will have to reseach that one at another time.

    Well thank you very much and you all have a great day.

    Your friend in tarot


  • Hi all I found this here on this site. Karma reading for numerlogy.

    One would have to pay for it or sign up for a new web site to get it free.

    What I read there is that you use the time of birth as well as the birthdate plus the place that one was born. Now if I just use my date of birth and time of birth my karma number would be an 8.

    I am not going to do this reading as I do not have it with in my budget at this time to afford it. I am also not going to sign up to the other recommended site that if I choose something from their advertizing section I will get it free. I just find that Karma reading very interesting give it a check and see how it works. I am by no means suggesting that you buy it or use any other means to get the free reading. I just saw this and thought I would show you some info about the Karma reading.

    Your friend in tarot,


  • Thanks for the info TQoW,

    ) site and along the left side is a list of free resources. Under "Other Oracles" click on the numerology and enter your info. They give you an entire reading. Free

    Here's some number associations for 3:

    Number 3

    Positive Traits: Optimistic, Verbal, Creative, Expressive, Sociable, Happy, Amusing

    Negative Traits: Superficial, Non-communicative, Boring, Deceitful, Whining, Gossipmonger

    General Description:

    The number 3 represents optimism, energy, imagination and fun. 3 is the number of creation. There is an indefinable power behind a 3, which allows the bearer to create things and solutions heretofore unknown. 3 also represents a number of profound triads including: Past, Present, Future; Mother Father, Child; and Birth, Life, Death.


    Tarot: Empress

    Astrology: Jupiter, Gemini,Venus

    Rune: Uruz

    I Ching: Pi

    Tree of Life: Binah, Understanding

    Hebrew Letter: Gimel, Lamed

    Shamanism: Dove

    Element: Fire, Earth

    Alchemy: The four elements

    Aura: Pink, Blue and Gold

    Color: Yellow

    Gemstone: Topaz

    Crystal: Galena

    Months: March, December

    Week Day: Wednesday

    Lucky Numbers:

    Flora: Daffodil, Orchid, Rose, Mahogany, Redwood


  • Ibelieve

    Thank you so very much for posting the information about the number 3. I am so surprised to see a site that I am familiar with. The e-tarocchi . I lost that site information a long time ago and could not remember the correct name. I am surprised that site is still around. I have been there long ago. How many times I have thougth about mentioning the Gong Hee Fot Choy chinese card reading here in this site in my post Did you know. My goodness. I had a complete set of Gong Hee Fot Choy years and years ago. I found that set to be so accurate it was unbelievable.

    I am going to check the numerology section of that site. I think that is the site I found information about my Chinese zodiac. That is the site I found out that my Chinese zodiac is a snake. Ha Ha oh my goodness. I will have to read it again and see what that says as that too was so long ago.

    Thank you again Ibelieve if I could rate you on this site I would give you a bunch of Beneficial ratings. I wish they had that system here because there are so many on this site that are so informativie as you are and as you have been.

    Blessing to you 10 times and may all your happy wishes come true now and always.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • WOW,

    Thank you x 10! I can use the blessings and the luck.

    I love the site. (I also love this one as well.)

    I seem to roam around but I find that I tend to land in the place where I can match energies to those who need it or a timely bit of lore, or even as in this case a reminder of something once held. It's not always the case but I love it when it works out. Synchronicity, oh yeah!

    Perhaps it is time for you to play with those energies again.

    I love the animal spirits and mahjong oracle.


  • Hello again Ibeleive,

    Well I went on to that site and did the numbers. I am a 3 alright. The gist of the reading was to get my creativity side going and start creating. Well I guess I better get out my old sewing machine and get working on the old sewing projects that I have not finished. I guess I better finish my Harry Potter scarf I started that on the first book. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.

    The other thing was I am to be healing people. Well that is true as for the past several months I have had to take care of several different ones because of serious accidents. I am not a nurse I am just the one to apply the topical medications and get the coffee and food and see that all is comfortable. The next thing was sacrifice to sacrifice my needs for others in need. To place everyone else before myself. I do that anyway and have all my life. I figure in another life I must have been a queen so in this life time it is for me to be the doer for others. So nothing really new there. What struck me was I have to make these sacrifices for the well being of humanity. I do not know about that it is just for those around me. Also that I speak from the heart yes I do that. I even write from the heart. I may no longer have the strong vocabulary that I once had but I still manage to get my point across. I guess in this life time I am very humble.

    My karma numbers where 1 thru 9 because of lots of zeros. My karma is of free will. Most other numbers were zero. I saved it and it is extensive but that is the Gist of it. Than I did a few card reading and just the usual, gloom and doom. That is one reason why I stopped reading my own tarots. It was all very interesting and thanks again. Oh I looked up the snake and that was really very good. It was interesting as well.

    The reading for that spoke of intuition and friendly and happy and that I mostly go with my own instinct. I do that I always weigh the pros with the cons. Well there it is my life path my soul path and whatever other path I am on. I better get a good GPS if not then I will use the old bread crumbs so that I do not lose my way.

    Thank you ever so much again and my all the blessing you have received fill you with the very best of good luck and good times. Thank you so very much for staying with me on this. You are a very great and kind person.

    Your friend in Tarot


  • The Queen,

    Bless you for helping others in your way. And never discount what you do. Making others feel comfortable and treating them to those small favors is HUGE! It's nice to have a doctor and nurse take care of your medical needs when your sick or hurt but the ones who brought me food, coffee, a magazine or a pillow just for my comfort were always the ones who made me feel deserving of kindness. THAT made my day!!! And remember the attitude of the patient makes the biggest difference in the body's healing process.

    You stated: "The next thing was sacrifice to sacrifice my needs for others in need. To place everyone else before myself. I do that anyway and have all my life."

    Sacrifice for others is a good thing, but you must take care of you as well. If not, you will continually wear yoursefl out to the point where you are too weak to do anyone any good.

    Spirit wants you to take care of you as well. You are special and desrve it. Do please treat yourself as a Queen sometimes. So, I'm just going to call you The Queen from now on to remind you!

    I used to take Sunday evening as me time. I took care of all my responsibilities I owed to others during the week and and treated myself on Sunday eveing from about 6:00 till bed. Nice bath, reading or a chick flick, cup of tea and silence. (that sort of thing)

    I lost my timing some years ago and now I can't seem to figure out how to fit it in. I did try the hour a day thing just for me and well, life kept getting in the way so I could not save a specific time everyday and next thing you know, I forgot about trying and lost it again. I miss it and I know I need to do this for myself in order to stay fully centered.

    So, I'm going to complete my de-cluttering and spring cleaning and then, I want me time back in my life. One special weekly several hours just for me!

    Love to see the Harry Poter scarf when you get it done.


  • Hi Ibelieve,

    It has been awhile since I have been on here. Thank you so very much for the information and suggestions of relaxation. I have a game that I play on my computer for relaxing. I take that as my free time. I try to get to play when all the chores have been done and everyones needs are taken care of. I also take some free time to lurk around this site and take a look at what is being posted. That does not take that long to do so it just gives me a break.

    I have new plans to start crafting again so I will see how I progress on that. I do know it will take a while to complete some of my old projects. Thank you again for all your replies to my thread. You have a great day and I am sure you are a mom. Here is to us moms on the forum Happy Mother’s Day.

    Your friend in tarot,


  • Good Morning,

    I have been doing some research on this and found out how to accurately do the numbers turns out my Destiny # is a 9. My life path is#3 and my Soul path is#2. No master numbers in my chart.

    My special traits are#5. My Challenges are 1st is a 0 second is a #3 and third is a #3. My inner dreams are#2. My Planes of Expression is average to strong. I am creative and grounded and balanced. For this year I am#7. Next year looks better for planning what I wanted to do for the past year. Last year would have been#6 and next year is#8. On that note means I will have to wait one more year. This took me two days to work on. The one thing I found interesting is that according to this information my intuition is strong. I just wanted to catch you all up on what I have been doing to find out how to do numerology.

    This was my first time charting it out and found it most accurate and interesting. I also find that different information has different meanings of the numbers. Depending on where you go to get the information some of it might not make sense or apply to you and you are left questioning that source of information. From my experience of working with this source and information it made more sense to me.

    My next challenge is going to be handwriting analysis. I have seen information on that as well and look forward to see what my signature reveals about me.

    You all have a great day and see you all around the forums.

    Your friend in tarot

    The Queen of Wands.

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