Tarot interpretation 4 card spread

  • Hi I have a 4 card spread on whether i will concieve in the next 3 months and I need help interpreting. Can anyone help???

    Card 1 (Past) - Knight of Pentacles

    Card 2 (Present) - 9 of wands

    Card3 (future) - The Moon (this one I an having particular problem interpreting)

    Card 4 (outcome) - Ace of cups

    Any info would help me greatly....thx!

  • I believe the answer is "yes."

    Knight of Pents - planting the seed

    9 of Wands - waiting and unsure

    The Moon - femininity and mood swings

    Ace of Cups - the "seed" of a new beginning

    Keep trying to plant that seed - looks like you will be successful 🙂

  • thank you watergirl! When I had them read the reader was a novice and got a little perplexed by the moon card for which she thought I may have some issues in concieving soon. Thank you so much for your post it has made me feel better.

  • Hello,

    I couldn;t help but to notice that you yourself is too tryig to conceive and that you do tarot cards. Would you be able to do one for me as well? Sorry.

  • Hi there! I wish I could help but I have never read tarot cards for someone. A friend of mine read these for me and she was a bit of a novice so I figured I would ask someone else what they said.

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