Leo woman in love w a Taurean Man.

  • First off I would like to comment on all the good advice on here. Wow seems we have so much to offer one another with such compassion.

    My problem is this: I have been in a 5yr relationship with this man more off than on. He always leaves always has something to take care of that is so important. This time he has been apart from me for 7 months yet up until 2 weeks ago we were speaking everyday and night. He would tell me he loves me and he would say 'us' and when 'we' and all that to make me feel like we were still together yet there were no actions behind his words. All communication has stopped. Now I am confused about something since I am so used to his coming and going for years, why did he just cut me out of his life overnight? The real dilemma: why would he keep me in his life at a distance yet not be in my life physically? I really feel that we are soul mates and he has felt this way as well. We are in our early 40's. What should I do when he decides to get in touch with me and come off as if we have never been apart which is his usual way. I can take the real truth and perhaps it's what I need! He is a Taurus, moon in Libra, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Gemini. I am the Leo, and I really am to a fault, moon in Leo, Venus in Leo, Mars in Libra. Astrologically do we fit? Curious about that as well.

    Appreciate all the advice and much thanks to all who respond.

  • Have you ever asked him if he has someone else in his life? I would be thinking that he has someone on the side.

  • Wow, are we dating the same person? LOL. I have been seeing my Taurus man for 1 year and he's EXACTLY the same. Came on like gang busters in the beginning. When it got "steady", he backed off. Now it's the back and forth dance too. Tell me he loves me, then disappears for a couple of days or weeks. Then we'll talk morning, noon, and night for days or weeks at a time, but won't have sex for 2-3 weeks. When we do, it's extremely passionate and intense. He tells me he's commitment phobic. I know he can't handle emotions. They panic him. My advice, let him go and learn to make him priority number 3 or 4 in your life. Meaning, live your own life. Go out, date other people, study, travel, etc. If he's your soul mate, having a true friend is better than a part-time lover. It's not easy. But look at it this way. The universe brought you together for a reason. Find out that reason and learn from it and create your own beautiful life.

  • Wow...this is too much. I am a Leo, Cancer rising and Sag Moon and I'm dealing with the same behavior of My Taurus. Eventhough she is a female the basics are the same. She will call and tell me all the things she wants to do 2 me and I her and then when the time comes...Nothing..no call, text ...No Show. Time will pass and when the issue is addressed all you hear is i don't know what was going on then and "can we move forward". She is very material motivated so she throws herself into her work and if not that into her kids so if there is another relationship....I don't see how. I certainly sympathize and wish someone could help us out here....what iz it???

  • Very interesting. A Taurus woman friend of mine told me yesterday that that's they way SHE is. When Taureans are "in a mood", to use her words, they do not want to be with anyone. Doesn't mean they don't care about you or love you, just they are basically loners and need a tremendous amount of space. In your case, having been married to a Leo, and knowing them also very well, Leos need a lot of attention, are also relationship oriented (like us Libras), and can even be quite needy. From everything I've ever heard and read, Leo and Taurus are NOT a good combo. Your need for love and affection and closeness and their need for space and freedom do not bode well. But I understand, because I'm that way too. I try to use the time they he's "in a mood" to catch up on my own things and be with my friends and family, etc.

    Hope that helps clarify. It's always a choice we have to make. Not an easy one, though.

  • Hi I am a leo feline married to a Taurus. It seems that my Taurus is the total opposite. I am the one who has to push him away for space/time to myself. He is also so affectionate, I make him come to me. I think this is the trick with Taureans. When we first met 20 yrs ago, I was drawn to this Taurus because he had a great personality, funny as ****. I had no interest in dating him, as I was not sexually attracted to him. I was upfront with how I felt about him, I told him I just wanted to be friends, and he stated that was all he wanted as well. However, that wasn't all he wanted, he wanted to spend every waking moment with me, bought me gifts, which I always refused, because I didn't want to mislead him in any way. I enjoyed all of our time together as it was always fun, and we had the most intense conversations about everything. What also turned me off was the fact that he would brag alot, and I dislike braggers. That to me was a total turn-off. No matter what I did to push him away from being attracted to me, the more he wanted me. As time went by I eventually thought to myself as to who in my life treated me with respect, love and affection, and his name popped into my head. So I thought to myself, how will I ever know if he was the one, if I never give him the chance. So I gave him the chance and here we are today 20yrs later and married.

    Although I find he wants to keep me caged inside spending time with him, I realize it's just because he loves me so much. But I pretty much do call the shots in the relationship. I feel he is always so insecure with himself and that I am like a trophy to him, so he does treat me like gold. But I tell him as it is...if he is unhappy with me at any point to just tell me and we can move on in our own directions in life. I don't put up with his bully behavior, we reason on many things because that is what a partnership is about. But believe me he tries to control me in many ways. For instance I've noticed he always seems to dislike my friends, I make new ones and he dislikes them. I've come to realize he is jealous of my time with my friends, family, work, whatever. I told him life is about balancing time with every area of ones life...He needs to do the same...I can't always spend every waking moment with him. I get bored and that is not healthy for our relationship. I always encourage him to go out with friends, family, whatever. He needs the space too. As the saying goes; "absence makes the heart grow fonder." I think this is quite true for any horoscope.

    Everyone needs to learn about themselves first, what u want out of a relationship, and don't compromise, unless u are looking to the outside appearances. Sometimes what we are looking for doesn't always come in the pretty package we think it will. Sometimes someone will grow on you, and because of what gifts they have within their heart this will completely outshine the outter appearance. Plus you can alway help someone with their appearance. As I find leos tend to be trendy/stylish individuals. That's part of the feline allure.

    Connect first with the taureans heart, and don't even expect to meet up yet...give him and yourself some time, but stay connected by the telephone, emails, etc. You would be surprised at the results. Even if he keeps wanting to meet with you, don't...this will keep his attention to you, let him ponder over you. Let a few months go by...then call him up one day out of the blue, put him to the test to see if he is willing to drop everything for you that day. I bet he will. It can work between a leo and a taurus, but like someone once told me, you definitely have to get the ring in the bulls snout, and you will only accomplish this by holding back on the physical interactions. Only then will he completely be ready to work at a more solid relationship and from my experience, my Taurus doesn't even have a wondering eye for any other woman, he says I completely fufill his every desire, and you can too. Just make yourself believe that you are desirable, and act on that, and I don't mean by dressing sleazy and such. I mean to feel confident in yourself, you are a leo, you have a natural ability for feeling good and you are an asset to all horoscopes, we bring out the best in the others. We compliment and make the other horoscopes feel good when they are around us, people levitate around us the way the planets levitate in need of the sun. When you truly believe in the gifts you have, then you are capable of everything and anything. Not everyone will like a leo, because we can intimidate others. These individuals might not be ready for change, and you have to do things in smaller doses. Leo's are capable of adjusting quicker, we are passionate individuals, therefore change is a challenge for us and that is our driving force in life, whatever brings in the passion! Don't underestimate your power as a leo, and this might be my ego talking lol, but that is what makes every man attracted to you, and who knows what other prospects and opportunities will arise for you...good luck, pls follow this advise, u will see results, but do give it a month before you start to see results. Let me know how it goes..Take care of yourself, and everything else will fall into place.





  • Hello! Well we never did reunite permanently yet we kept in touch on & off. He was not with another woman yet at the time of my post. He is in a relationship with a woman that he told me was his 1st grade sweetheart. For awhile I was hopeful of reuniting together in love, now I realize that he was one of those soul mates that came into my life for me to learn something. Yes I did, now that I think back, "how could I love someone I never really had at all."

    Thank you everyone for your replies. Taureans are earthy, moody loving yet they love their things. Oh & so methodical. Faithful? When it's imp. to them. Double life? Most definitely! Depends on their mood, if they want you then it's all you, if not then your put away on a proverbial shelf.

    Not meant to offend Taureans just can't understand your way of living life, love and the need for "things" for comfort.

    Peace to all.

  • WOW! I'm a taurus guy and I wasn't offended so no worries.

    I might be able to give you a little bit of insight. I'm not sure how typical I am for taurus guys but I am very sensual. It's all about the senses. It's not about things themselves so much as how they make my senses feel. I like clothes that feel good against my skin or foods that taste and smell good. Music systems that sound good to my ears. It has nothing to do with how expensive something is but the experience it gives me. It's all about passion and passion is what drives me to do the things I do.

    Do I have a double life? No, but I do have secrets and someone has to earn some serious trust before I'm willing to share them. What about faithfulness? Absolutely to a fault...after a commitment is made. For a taurus that can definately take awhile to build.

    The problem is that we are passionate and practical at the same time. We can become swept away in the moment very easily but then afterwards our practical side throws cold water on us.

  • Hello all,

    Thank God I am not the only one having these issues with my Taurass. Was wondering there for a minute on rubia106 comment! Are we dating the same person? LOL

    Let me share my Taurass with all of you here, those willing to listen;

    My Taurass ( who is an ex right now ,who does not want to get out of my life but afraid of commitment, who resented it when I go silent on him for days but when he does that, it is okay and he acted as if it was normal.)

    • Loves all the finer things in life, his apartment is beautiful and well decorated. ( I thought he had Oprah and her team decorated his place!)

    • Dresses well, expensive stuff ( well, he can afford it with his good pay job)

    • Analytical thinker who always offer his help to others when asked. (willing to explain something for hours to those who is willing to learn)

    • Lonewolf, who lives by his own ideas and methods, without intrusion of others. ( STUBBORN, his way or the highway!)

    • Great support person, pulling the best out of those around him. (always there when friends or colleagues needed his advice and help)

    • Selfish sometimes, thinking of himself as the center of the universe. ( and he tend to forget that I existed in his life when we were in a relationship)

    • Very passionate and sensual lover ( don't expect a wild sex with this one but his touches!!! I don't need to go further into this)

    • Comfortable keeping distant and remaining somewhat separated. ( let me be in his life and shared his secrets with me but still can act aloof sometimes)

    -. Very practical and afraid of change ( need plenty of time to adapt to changes).

    These are the the traits I notice in my Taurass. Why did I fall for him and still loves him?

    His personality; well mannered, driven, knows what he wants, practical, loves all the good things in life, caring when he wants to be, faithful, his nieces and nephews loves to be around him, never forget to take his grandparents out for breakfast on Sunday mornings, never fails to buy my favorite ice cream and leave it in the freezer for me to find them, always put his arm around me when we sleep, enjoy my cooking, know when to tell me to shut up! (I am a Sags, tend to be loud and brutal sometimes LOL) etc.....

    What I used to hate about him?

    Stubborn! Too focus on his goal that he can appear cold and insensitive without realizing it. Afraid of commitment (which is why we broke up).

    Well, despite all these and even we are not in a relationships anymore, I still love him for the person he is. He is not perfect, neither am I. We are still friends. I tried many ways to make him hates me and cut all ties with me but he is very persistent on being my friend, being in my life. I can't get rid of him. That's the faithfulness right there!

    I am used to his hot and cold attitude now. I won't worry or feel sad anymore if he decides to stay away for days without a word...I will give him that space....I won't probe him to tell me if when he said that he has some issues to handle, I will wait till he is ready to share them with me. There is no point on forcing a BULL! Believe me, I am a Sags and I am a very stubborn person but I have meet my match now with this Taurass!

    Since the break up, I feel that we understand each other better now. I know when NOT to push his buttons and I know when to pull him near. He is not my priority 1 any longer ( even if he is, I will never let him know!).

    My advice to those who are dating Taurus, give them the space they need. They will appreciate that very much. Get a hobby! Don't expect them to do things the way you want them to. Don't tell them what to do.

    If the Taurus cares about you or if you mean something to them, they won't let you go. They will be in your life forever if you let them. They are a faithful creature. No matter how much commitments fears them, if they loves you, they will stay. Take things slow. Let them work on their own tempo to be comfortable with the idea that you are the ONE. Patience is needed here. It will get you nowhere if you want everything to be fast with Taurus. They need time to adjust.

    Just my 2 cents...some might not agree with me on this but this is my experience with my Taurass ( yeah my Tau A S S lol).

    All the best and good luck!


  • Amazing insight about the "Bull" well with all above said I now realize I am no longer in his life. It was that way for yrs. could not get rid of him. He fell in love with another woman, yet, did not let me go until a few months ago. I think he weened himself, see so he would not have any pain or the way I know him guilt. Thank you all. Taureans are very sensitive, yes lone wolf, not so sure about the faithful part. Depends a lot more on the whole astrological chart.

    Best wishes to all!

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