Should I move on?

  • My boyfriend and I of five years broke up. It's difficult to move on, everyday I try to find that inner strength and some days are good, while other days are difficult. Can anyone help me? Should I move on...or is there a chance?

  • Hi

    You - the Star

    You show - 10 0f swords

    You hide - King of cups

    At your feet - the Devil

    In your head - the Death

    He - the Strength

    he hides - Knight of cups

    He shows - 6 of cups

    At his feet - 7 of wands

    In his head - 9 of swords

    Join - 6 of wands

    Separate - Hanged man

    Blessing - Queen of cups

    Your trees - 5 of cups + page of wands + 4 of wands

    His trees - High priestess + 3 of coins + the Chariot

    Your result - Ace of swords

    His result - 7 of coins

    Resume - 3 of cups


    You are the Star - lonely woman. Your Star goes to King of cups .. You hide that you still love him he is your loving man. You still keep a hope for him in your heart, this love to this man is sacred. You show 10 of wands... You show that your hopes are broken.... There is no developing of your story... You have stopped, closed ... you're fixated on this man ... There is the degradation of your feelings ... You must stop....

    At your feet the Devil... You should stop to think of this man and hurt your heart... This man is look like gigolo...

    lets see... what about him....

    He is the Strength... WAW .... Sexual man who separated you.... His Strength goes to his 6 of cups. He shows that he broke with the past... BUT DO NOT CRY... The Strength is very interesting card. It means break and join at the same time. It means that you have separated for forever... He will appear in your life soon... But think... think very well if you need him and you will take him the same he is in future. The only thing he has an interest ... is sex... His Strength goes to Knight of cups... it means that he hides that he has found young woman - lover.

    What joins you is 6 of wands... from your side it means false hopes... From his side it means that his way to you back is very difficult for him now. What separated you... is Hanged man - betrayal... and Queen of cups is object of this betrayal...He is in relationship now...

    Your trees tell us. 5 of cups _ page of wands + 4 of wands... that you are disappointed. Your life has lost its sense. you are very attached to this person. And step by step you are loosing everything good that could be in your own life. You need to build your own happiness. Give up!

    His trees - High priestess + 3 of coins + Chariot... he is going to go somewhere. he is going on the road... And I suppose he will meet another woman there. He is not going to stop.

    Your result. Ace of swords - "difficult victory". Yes you need to survive this time and try to gather your thoughts and your body to move on. You need to care of yourself.

    His result - 7 of coins... he has some problems... may be even with health. Some troubles are waiting for him in his life. From other side he will worry about you and sorry a little bit.. But I think it will be late for him, in any case there will be another meeting between you but everything will depend on his wish,,, unfortunately not yours, because Resume card is 3 of cups... man will decide...

    In any case. I took some additional cards for you for future,,,

    Very positive.

    The Sun + th Knight of coins + the Tower (King of coins + 2 of cups

    You need to do something... may be even to be sank to your job... Because your job will help you to break everything was in your past bad and get good profit and begin new life (the Tower) and more over, through your job or may be other friendly contacts you will meet soon NEW MAN... may be it will not be love at first sight.. but gradually you will understand that this man is very good for you and can be your firm shoulder for life.. He will be older than you but more positive and even more rich.

    So... Move on... Do not loose yourself! Good luck!

  • Thank you, he has a way of manipulating me. I still feel hurt by him, and can't get him to be honest about wanting to be with someone else. Does he still love me? I hope he realizes that I am a good person......

  • You will meet another man very soon... Sure he considered you like a good person. The problem is with him not with you... He loved you and felt to you sexual attraction but now he is on his own way. You need to gather yourself and move on,,,, When you meet new man you will change your opinion about your previous one. Do not think about him... Think about yourself and your future, it will give you many positive chances.

  • I know. I guess the hard part is sharing a dog together. Hard to avoid him. He continues to play the victim role with me and blames me for everything. I guess, after so long....I started to beleive it was my fault. I don't know if I truly love him anymore, or am I afraid to move on.....

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