Shuabby? Some insight would be lovely!

  • Hey! I'd just like a little bit of insight into this guy in my life now. It seems almost cut and dry how this is going to end...however, what I don't understand is where he's coming from and why he's acting the way that he is. I'm also a little lost as to how to proceed, as i THINK I know what's going on but I'm not 100 percent sure, so I don't know how to handle it. I don't know if I should make an effort to talk to him or if I should just let it all go.

    Thanks so much...I hope that wasn't too vague.

  • Hello Maria Ria

    Vague is what a psychic or at least this one can see past.

    You already know within yourself that this will not play out the way you had hoped it would. He is evasive and for a reason. You may just have to strong a personality for him and he wants to lead the dance.

    You will release him and in so doing will set yourself free to find a man which I feel is not all that far away from you . I feel a dark haired man that has his own business and he just may be April born so you two will butt heads but in a soft understanding way. He likes to gamble but I'm talking about life gambles and he wins a lot.

    Let me know when you have met him.


  • You know, if he actually lead it anywhere I would SO be up for him taking the reins. However yes, I understand he isn't really "there" yet which may be another reason he isn't doing much about things. LOL strong personality...SOOO true. I've really tried to tone it down for him, but like I said....he's slower then a dead turtle, so it's just impossible. There's only so much an Aries can rein herself in before she goes bonkers.

    I am very excited about this other man, though...and YAY, dark haired! I love dark haired men. It's funny i've never had much chemistry with other Aries, so I hope this one is different (or I guess its possible he's a Taurus?) I hate to sound superficial wouldn't happen to be feeling any....muscular, fit/really in shape vibrations would yah? 😄 Just curriouuusss...

    Anyway, in all seriousness, thank you very much for this. You've given me a very nice...settled feel. I am so sad to say goodbye to him, though...there is SO much I really like about him, I so wish it could work out...oh well.

  • Hey. I just had a random thought, and who better to ask then a psychic, right?

    Shuabby,do you ever get a sense from a person of how many times they've "lived"? Do you ever, actually, really see that? I was having a conversation with my dad about a lot of stuff, and reincarnation came up. And we were both wondering, it real? Cause there's a lot of proof that it is, but there's also all these big blanks that make it hard to totally believe it 100 percent.

    Sorry if thats random and unanswerable, but I thought I'd ask.

  • Hey, Shuabby!

    So, I just met someone and we're going on a date today. Is this the man you saw? He's light haired and is born in September though, LOL! So, maybe not. But it seems promising!

  • Hello MariaRia,

    I am so happy for you and I feel that you should give this fellow a chance as he seems to feel good in vibration at this time. Just keep your eyes open to the other man I meantioned in your reading. Faith has a way of always stepping in and leaving us with a choice to make.

    Loves Comes Softly


  • Hey Shuabby,

    Thanks so much for all your insight. Honestly, after the date I really don't like him that much. I'm going on another date with him, though, more out of this twisted sense of duty then from what I really want. I'm "young" so I should "have fun". And really, he's "nice" so I should "give him another chance." Sure. Why not. When I think about dating that guy, my next line of thought is "break up".

    I know you told me someone's coming, but it's getting very hard to believe that 😞

  • MarieRia

    Keep the faith and believe that special guy is comin maybe when you are not even looking for him to happen, he will be there.

  • Thanks, Shuabby 🙂

  • Hey Shuabby!

    LOL I'm so sorry for constantly checking in like this, but I met yet ANOTHER guy and I was wondering if HE is the one you saw before? I have no idea when his birthday is, but I'm actually interested this time hahahaha. Although, once again, he doesn't have dark hair. So maybe this ISN'T him?

  • Okay, I am molesting this thread hahaha.

    There's one thing I really need to know, though. Remember the guy I first wrote about on here? He's a Cancer, and totally all over the place. Well, he keeps popping up in my meditations. He'll always say he really cares about me. But, that he isn't ready. He won't go away, LOL. Even when I say things like "I'll believe that when I see it." I don't take him seriously because he never gives me real reason to take him seriously, but I really want to know why I keep seeing him and why he keeps trying to talk to me. Is it actually him, or is it my guides, or my subconscious...? I'd love help in understanding this.

    Thank you!

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