Insight needed!

  • I need insight into a relationship I have been in. My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for 2 months. We've gotten really close to each other emotionally and physically. During our last conversation he told me what an amazing time he had on our last date. 20 minutes later he said that he wanted to slow things down and did a complete switch. It felt as if someone else was texting me suddenly. It has been 2 weeks. We tried to talk to each other last week but were not able to talk live. The readings I have had done have been all over the place. I'm confused. My DOB: 5/11/64. His DOB: 7/5/77. Thanks for your help.

  • Whit 30 years of relationship studies, your at a cross roads with this person, He is shifting gears and looking in a different dierection. listen to your heart and listen to the large change. He has another option and my have another person he is making a choice for someone else.In the short time you have been together he is unable to say in person what he truly feels. The unwriten rule speaks valumes. Dont spend much time you will heal move on...

  • Thank you

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