Hi Daangala:-)))))))))))

  • Hi Daangala,

    Welcome back:-)

    Where have you been hiding you have been quiet the last few months, I like to read your posts an noticed you weren't around much.:-)

    Well now your back would you be kind enough to do me a General Reading Please:-)

    10/11/76 an see if I have much to look forward too for the summer!

    Thank you in advance.


  • Hey Jenxxx , hope you been keeping well 🙂

    April - Dec 2011 -- There is definitely some improvement in your finances and work environment... advancement and learning in work matters. By the end of the year you will have a better grasp of finances and feel more confident about your future in this area.

    You will be more active in pursuing what you want and if you go for it with an " I can do it" attitude you will succeed. I am very positive that you will start t reach your potential from this time.

    Blockages -- Living in the past. Holding on to old situations, life styles, thinking process that is not working for you. Appreciate what you have to offer. You need to KNOW that you have something of worth to offer another. Regrets are a waste of time. Holding to past hurts are a waste of time. Your life is happening NOW. Live it in the NOW in the present.

    While you are alive in this wonderful planet, you have the choice and privilege to be born again and discard from the shell you impose on yourself. On any given day you can be a born again and start fresh with no limitations. You just have to look at what you are not seeing. There are opportunities all around you but when you see in only one direction you miss them.

  • Thank you very much Daangala for the Reading, it has alot of good advice that most certainly is true, I am inbetween two jobs at present one job that depresses me but is a more secure income than my second job, which I work doing Holistic Therapies and get much fulfillment,i hopefully want to do this fulltime an maybe one day leave my public sector job!! Do you have any further advice on how I can make this work, I am networkjng and communicating an I am currently working with people with disabilites, which I really enjoy. Do you see anything that could help me or directions to follow to promote more work..:-) I feel things are beginning to change for the better, but also have a few financial worries pulling me back from making a fresh start in life.

    Thanks alot Daangala for your help once again.


  • Hi Daangala

    I would really appreciate some advice regarding my love life i am just so ooo confused....

    Ronald - 19.09. 1972

    Elena - 30.09. 1969

    thanks alot HUn


    i am tired of being in relationships that go nowhere!!

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  • Jenxx I think you should just follow your heart. Do what you love, learn what you love and you can't go wrong. What do you feel about studying? I keep seeing study around you.

  • caribchic are you completely over your past relationship? It keeps coming up as a blockage.

    I don't see you and Ronald working out... are you two on speaking terms at present?

    I sense a break or a pause in your relationship... like there is no connection between the two of you.

  • Dangalla ,,,can you tell me should i make move ?will he reject me or not 😕

    i'm 7.9 he is 18.5.

  • Nency , is he what you really want? Do you know him well enough to know that you and him would make a good couple? or is this infatuation on your part?

  • i don't know him very well, but we can try if he would like me 😕 .Idk

  • i have two accounts here, because off free coins lol.

    And i don't should i let him go, or not.

    Can you see my lovelife in near future, anybody there:/

  • Hi Daangala... could you please give me a read regarding my relationship/love future between myself 4/8/59 and man I have been dating 9/30/53...

    Thank you in advance for you wisdom... 🙂

  • Hi brightsmile. I did a reading for you a week ago. here ....> http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=13339&replies=2

    Doree i will get back to you as soon as i can.

  • Wow!! Daangala that was amazing yes we Ronald and I are not on real speaking terms right now....it's only 3 months ive known him ...met him at a wedding and he was all hot in pursuit then it suddenly cooled off cause i started having lots of doubts andmixed feelings and i told him at the time i Met him that I wasnt ready for a relationship and he sensed my back an forth so truth be told we dont seem tobe connecting right now cause i have all these doubts and like now I am trying to reel this Virgo back in like how it was in the beginning ie 3 months ago.... But that doesnt negate the fact that I am attracted to him alot even though we dont seem very compatible..... and yes !!!! u are right that i do seem to blocked from the last relationship.... im not sure if it is me ex husband (6 years ago) or the last bf which didnt work out. like I am sooooooooooo skeptical and unsure about any man that approaches me.... i just wanted to be sure about Ronald, so i can really open my heart to him, because I do sense that I can fall for him

    But yes we are not really connecting right now for the past 3 weeks or so :((((

    Pleasse help...... :((((

    is there another woman around ... he does have an ex wife in the US so she's not so much in the picture....

    what about marriage will i ever move fwd in my love life..... i amm soooo emotionally tired

  • caribchic you need to work through your feelings for your ex and let go and move on before you can start again with another. I don't sense another woman around Ronald but a relationship with him will never take off because subconsciously you are waiting for your ex.

  • Doree you will connect with someone either in a school enviroment or a work one. If you really like this guy go for it.

    I got some advice for you. 1) Try to imagine the kind of man you want for yourself,, his traits, character, morals, belifs... etc once you have a clear vision of this person they will come into your life. 2) Try to be more confident with yourself, by learning to accept and appreciate yourself more. You don't chersih what God gave you too much, therefore you seek others to do this for you. Love and acceptance starts with the individual first, then because of this you attract others to you.

  • thank you soo much 🙂

    i'm going on college in october, but i've been long for soo long ,i mean i never had no one ever

    so i just want someone even if he is not right for me 😕

    I like him , but i wann now will he like me back 😕

  • Hi daangala,

    No I haven't been thinking about studying or going back to college,

    what do you think that means?

    Thanks for all your help .


  • Daangala

    U have hit the nail on the head.... i just dont know how to move on from my ex husband ... i gave away my heart along time ago and not sure how to get it back to give to another :(( so i keep messing up any new relationships .....

  • daangala,

    I am not sure if its okay to intrude on to this thread?

    i was wondering if you would be kind enough to do a reading for me?

    My specific question is.... help me to understand the influences present in my relationship with T? My date of birth is 10/09/1977 and his is 21/09/1976

    but really my main issues are what is stopping me from moving onto the next phase of my life if you could shed some light or feel anything for me would be lovely x

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