Advice please!!!

  • A co-worker and I started a relationship while he was married and I was in a 2 year realationship. At first it was just a physical/monor crush kind of thing, but after several months it turned serious. I decided to break up with my at-the-time-boyfriend and even though I didn't put any pressure on this guy he decided to file for divorce. They had been having problems and considering divorce for about 3 years, but have 2 kids so they hadn't gone through with it until about 10 months ago.

    I moved out of my ex's house and he and I were spending lots of time together and I met his kids and everything. Things were going great for about 6 months, we planned on getting married and having at least one more child. But then a few months ago he started having doubts about divorce and started feeling really guilty. He has put a hold on the divorce and he keeps asking me for a break. But every time we try to take a break, it only last a few days max before we are texting, then calling, then seeing each other again until the cycle starts all over.

    I know that his marriage will never work at this point. She knows about me and she knows we work together. But he's trying to be respectful of his 10 year marriage and his 2 kids and doesn't know if he can go through with the divorce. He loves me, but feels guilty being with me even though his marriage has been bad for years and I am 1000% ready and excited to accept his kids and take care of them.

    I am very spiritual and have also consulted several psychics, and everything keeps telling me to give him space and he will eventually finish the divorce and be with me. But it is so hard to wait! Especially since I know he loves me as much as I love him. So how do I give him the space he wants? He is worth waiting for, but it is very hard and makes me miserable to be without him.

    The thing with this guys is that i never really believed in soul mates until I found him. We try to stay apart and do the right thing, but are so very much in love. I have become a lot more spiritual since I have been with him becuase our love has awakened a new part of me. I feel like he is my destiny, but I am scared becauase I can't read his mind and I don't know what he will decide.

  • he will never leave his wife. You are wasting your time with him. You want this to be destiny this is why you feel he is some sort of soul mate. The cycle of breaking up and making up keeps repeating itself because you let it happen. He is happy having and eating his cake. he is a charming rogue. He is very good with words and is manipulating you. You say he is worth waiting for? How long are you willing to wait? He will not leave his family. He is terrified of change and would rather be with the devil he knows than take the plunge and start all over again in this case with you. His wife is the same. She will stay no matter what. He will continue to cheat on his wife with you and then when you leave with another. He likes it this way.

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