Am an available 'guinea pig'

  • Anyone wishing to use me for practising their readings upon are more than welcome..........

    Any questions need answering just please ask me and shall give you all prompt and honest feedback.


  • hi 🙂

    I need help. I'm interested in this guy (3/10, 1983) and hes flirty, but very subtle with it. I want to know if i should continue persuing him, if he has feelings for me, and if our relationship will go somewhere.

    my DOB is 9/25/1990.

    we are friends but I want to know basically if this is going anywhere. He confuses me and I care about him alot. what do you think? is he just messing around with me?

    thanks a million. if you need more info, just ask

  • DaniBo am sorry but you misunderstand. I'm not a reader but volunteering to any readers that wish to practice on me particularly if they're just starting to read the Tarot.

    Hope you get some answers soon x

  • oops my sincere apologies 🙂 hope you find answers too!

  • Thanks Dani

  • Hello, I would love to give you a Tarot Reading, just ask me a question. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Thank you Contessa. I shall leave the decision to you whether you want to do a general reading or you can give me an answer to this question............ Is true love for me imminent? If you choose to do the reading relating to my question could you please give as much detail as possible Contessa. Thank you so much - I really appreciate this and of course I shall respond forthwith with my feedback

  • Sorry it took me a bit of time but I wanted to give you a really good reading. So here goes:

    You ask “is love imminent for you”, yes but I feel it may take time for you and that you need to enjoy life, by taking time just for yourself. I think you feel you need to have someone around or you need to have love or be in love. I see that maybe you want to go back to someone you were with before but is NOT good for you. Could be the man you are with now or have been with is/was full of grandiose plans and ideas. Although he could be very impatient and impetuous, running after the next/newest shiny challenge. Perhaps, your self-esteem is low. So, take some time to contemplate what it is you really want and who you want. I have seen it many a times, love seems to land on your “doorstep” when you are not even looking.

    When I read your cards, correct me if I am wrong but I feel you have suffered incredible amount of loss & heartache. Perhaps you have been through a couple of separations/divorces. I feel being a Sagittarius that you love to have love or be in love. Sometimes I think you think with your heart and not your head. You love the swirling passion of new romance, being swept off your feet and actually just plain old-fashioned romance. You need to be reminded that although you are moving in the right direction you need to learn from your past trials and struggles. Perhaps you are feeling trapped in one form or another of a relationship, perhaps not love but some kind of legal battle so watch your money wisely. Since I do see good things on your job/career horizon, perhaps some kind of travelling is going on there and I think maybe that you might meet someone that way.

    Hope this helpful, let me know.

  • Hi Contessa and thank you so much again for your time.

    Not sure about the needing to take time part. A bit of my background if it helps...... Twice married and yes the second split almost destroyed me - took a long time to feel good about being alive again so you're correct with the heartache I've encountered. That was over 6 years ago and I have spent the majority of that time dating and actually enjoying being single. I moved from UK to live in Egypt in 2009 and then moved to Dubai. I would say it's probably over the last 6 months that I've felt ready to settle down and again and start sharing my life with someone. Am now tired of being alone and believe me Dubai is a very lonely place if you're alone. I have no intentions of returning to an ex which in my case would be my second husband. Thankfully I am well over him. I need to emphasise though that I don't want a relationship for the sake of it - I would rather spend my duration alone than with someone I felt was second best (sorry not meant to sound haughty). I do know what kind of man I 'd like to settle down with and the vision is rather nice to say the least 😉

    Many thanks again Contessa. I hope I've managed to reply as best as possible. If there's anything else you wish to add from what I've discussed then please do.


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