Tarot readers, please help me! I'm at a crossroad.

  • Thank you for your input!

    I'm currently at a crossroad with a particular relationship. I'm in love with a guy and I don't know if he loves me back. Do you think we have a future together? does he have feelings for me? I need to know so I can either move on with my life, or continue pursuing him.

    my DOB: 9/25/1990

    his DOB: 3/10/1983

    thanks a million. I really need some clarity in this situation. 🙂

  • Are you two in an actual relationship or are you friends.? Because I am not picking up a romance here.

  • we are not in a relationship...but I want to persue one. what do you think? 🙂

  • basically we are friends but I sense some tension between us and alot of low-key flirting. I'm confused as to what message he's trying to send me. I care very much about him and I want to tell him how I feel, but I don't want to ruin anything. He's a very subtle person, so I have no clue if I'm overanalyzing his actions.

    I just want to know if I'm wasting my breath telling him how i feel, or if he even feels any romantic connection with me.

  • I find life is not a game of chance, when it come to being friends or lovers at times we have to understand it's eather real feeling's or fantascy dreamed up in our minds. Real love is a true feeling we have no doubt when it's real both side act on it without wonder. Just being friends is just that and to many push the boundary limits and many time we loose wanting more then the other can give, So i ask you a question is this a real friend you value or just fantacy?

  • I understand what you are talking about. It makes sense. However, we are currently in a positijon where neither one of us can express our feelings: so even if he did like me, he technically can't show it until 2 months from now when I leave the place we are both employed.

    I have this gut feeling that he cares for me by the way he looks at me, talks to me, and acts around me. He's a different person with me than anyone else and I see it. He wouldn't be acting this way with me if he didn't care.... At least I hope not.

    I just need to know if I am right about this intense feeling I get from him because I feel very stronglythat I am right.

  • I find relationships at work dont work out for the best, sence you are leaving it may work out most times they end porly then your stuck passing each other, why are you leaving and whats the issue you have and dont you see each other after work?

  • the policy is no relationships allowed. So, in reality, neither one of us has cofessed of feelings or even discussed them, because (well, at least I do) we fear that we would get in major trouble, and risk losing our jobs.

    I'm leaving for another job, so this is my one oppertunity to tell him how I feel, and I want to do it whole heartedly and express everything.

    but, since we aren't allowed, we subtly flirt. We don't want to risk it.

  • I wish you the best hope you have something to look forward to after your move, it's sad to not know for sure what awaits you after do to the inability so share time..

  • thank you 😄 I hope someone here can offer me some tarot advice so I won't be so in-the-dark about what's going to happen

  • This is a good balanced friendship. He is the more settled, more grounded one and for some reason he is unwilling to fall just yet. Past hurts? Something is blocking him from love. The most I can see happening here is a fling. Then the complications will start...There is potential here but both of you would have to want the same thing/commitment. Both of you are not on the same page that is the obstacle. you both better suited as friends. This is just what I can see. You know him best, maybe you should just follow your heart and just tell him how you feel. See what happens. You never know, there is potential but the energies have to come together and work together.

  • thanks 🙂 can I ask you a couple more questions?

    So does this mean that he has some attraction towards me, or is he just completely unwilling to fall for any girl?

    and why are we on different pages? is there something I'm missing?

  • So does this mean that he has some attraction towards me - Yes he does.

    and why are we on different pages? is there something I'm missing? Because he will not give you the commitment you will desire afterwards.

    because he will not give you the commitment you will desire afterwards.

  • so he does find me attractive? thats great. thank you.

    and well, hes not willing to commit because he's scared correct? I want a long term thing, he wants a fling?

    sorry ahha!

  • Not scared. Just not willing to commit. I don't think he wants a fling, IF you initiate something then most probably a fling will occur. By fling I mean you both get intimate but then one starts to back off. In this case it will be him since his cards are more grounded. Basically he knows what he wants, he has a plan in his head and nothing will derail him because his thinking is cemented. Your thinking is more emotionally based , you are not using logic. So I don't think you even if you want a commitment or a fling. I think you just want him.

    This is the lesson of the Chariot. Once you get what you want what will you do with it. In this case getting your wish is only the beginning of the challenge.

  • Okay. So basically, he has his life-plan in his head, and in his opinion, a girl like me isn't meant to be in that plan? He just enjoys looking at me? He logically doesn't think we will work out?

    has he even thought about being with me? or did he some how create his own life-plan in his head after he got hurt by his other relationships?

    haha I'm so confused. I apologize.

    So basically, what does he want?

  • "So basically, what does he want?" From the reading I did I got that he is happy being your friend.

  • thank you for your input.

    Even though I'm disheartened to hear this, I will continue to persue this relationship and tell him how I feel, no matter the outcome. I care too much to just let go, you know?

    thank you.

  • I am sorry if it disheartened you. This is only what I tuned into. Who knows maybe I am wrong.

    Pursue it and see where it goes, I also think that is the best choice. I wish you luck. 🙂

  • I think you have a plan in mind to get closer to him or get him in your life but the cards indicate that it could backfire maybe because where you are both working at the same place. I think being a Libra & Pisces it could be a very fleeting passionate romance or even a permanent thing but you would have to go cautiously as the cards indicate as well he comes up as a King of Swords(Reversed) which is a cruel and ruthless person as well flighty and moody as well. He likes you or is more attentive one day and not the next. I think this man has hurt you in the past so I would wait to see what happens after you leave for another job. See if he still pursues you, see if he likes to be the "pursuer" instead of the "pursuee" As well the 3 of Pentacles(Reversed) indicates some of kind of trickery or disloyality on his part. I hope this is helpful. Send back your feedback, I would liketo know how it works out.

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