Tarot reading anyone? Please

  • I'd really appreciate a tarot reading. I'm not certain, I'm getting the correct cards, would like a confirm, please! It would be Karmically kind! 😉

    no names...05-24-71 (b) and 07-16-72 (g)

    what does he think of me, what will happen and what should I do?

  • In some cases which for the most part is ( MOST) cases people don't need readings to know the truth. Listen to your instincts about this. You know the answer to this. You will let go when you start to listen to your head and gut. Until then you will be a slave to torture because you don't trust your own judgment and don't love yourself enough to know when to 1) let go 2) move on 3) put your foot down.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you so much

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